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Season 2

Phil and Sam are presumed dead, killed by a car bomb, but are on a witness protection scheme in Texas, working under assumed names. Unlike Phil, who loves it, Sam is homesick and wants to find out who tried to kill them. Learning that his mother is ill Phil agrees they should return and are introduced to sinister Carlos Espinosa, who gives them new identities. They leave work one step ahead of Marat's vengeful brother Yuri, who is out to get them but they are arrested at the airport.
White Mans
Arrested at the airport the pair discover that Espinosa has used them as drug mules and they are sent to a penitentiary where Sam attracts the attention of a tough inmate. Agent Miller agrees to release them if they testify against Espinosa but the drug lord sends his lawyer to tell the boys that they are doomed unless they help find the whereabouts of money stolen from Espinosa by serial killer and white supremacist Nathan Cross. Having obtained the evidence from Cross, who is killed in a prison riot, the pair are rescued , they assume by Espinosa,but the rescuers ...
23 Dec. 2014
Action Mans
Flown to Slovenia Phil and Sam realize that their rescuers are terrorists who have mistaken them for the bomb makers who occupied their prison cell before them. They are forced to infiltrate a laboratory to steal deadly chemicals but, after a shoot-out among the terrorists, manage to escape, along with the chemicals and Nathan's glass eye, which has a code written on it disclosing the whereabouts of the stolen money. Pursued by surviving terrorist Khalil they manage to board a train and make it to France but, with no passports, are not allowed on the cross-channel ...
Wise Mans
The lads hi-jack a plane, parachuting out over Kent and hitch-hiking to Bracknell where they make contact with MI5 boss Cox, giving her the chemical weapon. Khalil follows them in a stolen boat but is arrested whilst Sam is confronted by Dimitri, who admits that he planted the car bomb in revenge for Marat's death but he is shot by the police. Phil is tracked down by Esposito's lawyer and gives him the glass eye but Esposito is later arrested by agent Miller and Phil, reunited with his mother, proposes that the reward money goes to his Texan girlfriend Rosa. Sam is ...

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