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Season 1

24 Jun. 2013
The Blackout Cometh
A massive blackout leaves Jason and Maggie unable to settle an argument without the aid of the Internet. Mark has to race against time to save six months worth of thawing frozen food, and win back over the neighbors who have turned against him.
1 Jul. 2013
The Internship, Relationship, Friendship
Maggie convinces Mark to convince his sex buddy to get Maggie an internship at a sleek marketing agency. Meanwhile, Jason has to recruit Bea and Simon to take on Gary Breakfast in a bar trivia championship.
8 Jul. 2013
The Wind Beneath My Wingman
After running into a college friend, Jason revisits his vision board and decides to take one last crack at his passion for music. When Mark is having a hard time picking up, he decides Simon might be the perfect wingman.
15 Jul. 2013
The Pot and the Pirate
Wanting to keep up appearances as the young, hip couple, Jason and Maggie agree to score pot for their suburbanite friends. A new job forces Mark to visit his doctor after fifteen years only to be diagnosed with scurvy.
22 Jul. 2013
First Contact
A new girl moves into the building putting Mark and Simon in competition to be her first contact. Jason and Maggie meet a new couple friend but worry they might want to be more than just friends.
Penis Face Cat Funeral
Jason runs interference when Mark wants revenge on a guy (Jerry O'Connell) who humiliated him in college. Simon challenges Maggie to a day of not laughing at other people's misfortune just before volunteering her to help arrange the funeral for one of Bea's beloved cats.
5 Aug. 2013
When the question of kids comes up, Jason and Maggie don't see eye to eye. Mark tries to teach Simon a thing or two about going to a club.
12 Aug. 2013
Sunday Brunchy Sunday
On an epic quest for brunch, hunger creates cracks in friendships and makes mountains out of molehills as Maggie wonders if Jason cares enough about what she does with her life, and Jason worries that Mark has replaced him with Simon.
19 Aug. 2013
Mo Money, Mo Problems
Unintentionally wearing a suit causes Mark to be mistaken for a functioning member of society. Jason and Maggie decide to take the plunge and get a joint bank account, but they first have to deal with Jason's banking history.
26 Aug. 2013
Mark helps Jason deal with his confrontation issues while on the search to purchase a video game. Meanwhile, Maggie's best male friend is staying over and she questions his intentions for the first time.
2 Sep. 2013
Fade to Blackened
Maggie deals with an emasculated Jason after he discovers he's incapable of handy work. Mark attempts to 'fade out' a girl he thinks is too nerdy for even him.
9 Sep. 2013
Daddy Issues
When Maggie's dad comes to town, Jason and Mark vie for his attention but discover a secret he's been keeping in the process. Meanwhile the new, hardworking waitress at the bar quickly becomes Maggie's nemesis.
Save the Date
When an old friend and former neighbor is getting married, the gang goes into full wedding mode, and for Jason, that's avoid the topic of marriage mode. Maggie has a meltdown when she has emcee duties thrust upon her at the last minute. And Mark's past with the bride puts a snag in his plans.

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