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A load of tosh !!
lennydixie20139 May 2013
This programme was publicised on TV trailers as a 'do not miss'; how wrong they where! Also I was drawn to watch this programme because Anna Friel was in it, but from the start to finish I still could not make head nor tail of it, apart from the part Anna played, she had a thing about shoes. If this is a taster of the 'Playhouse' series I think that will be the last one I'll be watching. Now I know why this series was consigned to sky arts channel.... If anyone else could explain what the story of Pavement Psychologist was about, please enlighten me. Furthermore, Anna seemed to be the only one that was doing any creditable acting in it. It was a waste of her talent and I'm very surprised, after she read the script, she agreed to take part in this ( there is only one word to describe it) farce.
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