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Season 3

1 May 2014
The Dog Thrower
Lonely Jonah walks his dog Floppy in the park, where he is surprised to see a crowd of people fascinated by a charismatic American, who throws his own dog in the air and catches it. Not to be outdone Jonah joins in with Floppy. However a journalist puts the American on the front of the local paper, calling him an abuser of animals and he is interviewed on television, where he blames Jonah for his actions. Both become pariahs but, encouraged by the sweet Jessica, decide to get back to dog throwing - though Floppy lets Jonah know of his disapproval by nipping him on the...
8 May 2014
Nosferatu in Love
In a fit of rebellion against his director which masks his own dark demons, a tormented movie actor (Mark Strong)starring as Nosferatu runs away to a nearby small Czech town when his young wife leaves him, teaming up with a local petty crook with unexpected, absurdest consequences. Loss and failure find their way to a redemption of sorts for both of them.
15 May 2014
The Cruise
Hairdresser Jacky Shepherd has booked herself and her husband Andy on a cruise to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary but he is not keen and demands that she cancel. A suspicious Jacky follows him as he goes to see a young woman and suspects he is having an affair but it turns out that the woman is a therapist trying to cure his phobia of sailing after he was traumatised by 'The Poseidon Adventure' as a child - and the cruise is on after all.
22 May 2014
Policemen Guv and Armani patrol nocturnal London in their car, discussing recipes and Guv's errant wife. They encounter abrasive colleague Madison who wants them to take a drunken teenage girl Hayley Rolls to the police station and charge her with disorderly conduct but, learning that she also has amatory problems, Guv feels sorry for her and takes her home. After encountering a young drug pusher they meet Madison again, who insists they arrest Hayley. Guv refuses but Armani reluctantly takes her in.
29 May 2014
Strippers Badger and the androgynous Fox, who poses as a boy, have kidnapped Ezra,a punter who injured one of their colleagues and have him prisoner in a hotel room. However their boss Mrs Dalloway rings to tell them that they have erroneously abducted Ezra's identical twin Jacob, who has the mind of a four year old. Badger wants to dump him and run though Fox feels sorry for him and, whilst they are arguing, their prisoner takes action of his own.
5 Jun. 2014
Space Age
In the future Earth is overpopulated and, rather than end their days in a retirement home, elderly astronauts Dudley and John travel trough space in search of a distant planet to colonise. Dudley wakes John from hyper-sleep to take his six month shift as sentinel officer but John is perturbed that Dudley has been teaching their logically-minded computer Iris human traits and his fears are justified when Iris's desire to live forever sends the ship off course. Though the pair get it back on track their worries are not over when they get a message from their mission ...
12 Jun. 2014
Harassed single parent Rose leaves her three children with her mother before arriving late at the social services department where her dependable colleague Al has been covering for her at a case conference on a drunken foster child. Al is constantly at loggerheads with pedantic colleague Nitin, a former policeman, whilst having to make allowance for dim temp Nat, who takes everything she hears literally. Meanwhile Martin, a social worker who was let go with mental problems, finds his way into the building and busies himself answering the phones. Unfortunately, after ...
19 Jun. 2014
Young Chloe lives with great grandmother Alice, whose husband was missing, presumed dead in World War II. When a military officer visits the house Chloe is afraid that she will be told that her soldier boyfriend has been killed in Afghanistan though the news is that Alice's husband Anthony - or A.J's - corpse has ben found after sixty nine years, perfectly preserved in Iceland. The two women travel to Reykjavik where Alice identifies the body, and also gives Chloe advice based on her own experiences.
9 Jul. 2015
King for a Term
In 1980s Hackney nine-year old Akuna's proud father sees him as the next Eddy Grant, but Akuna is asthmatic, which means he must attend a special school for children with disabilities and before long he has fallen foul of sadistic teacher Mr Grimme, who labels him Asthma Boy. Akuna however, with the help of a cheeky Scots fellow student, soon leads the rest of the class into humiliating Mr Grimme, making Akuna King for a Term

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