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Season 1

12 Apr. 2012
Kaoru Nishimi moves to his uncle's house in Kyushu and starts attending the local high school.
19 Apr. 2012
Kaoru finds that playing jazz is a lot harder than he expected.
26 Apr. 2012
Someday My Prince Will Come
Kaoru decides to help Sentaro get together with Yurika, and at the same time distance him from Ritsuko.
3 May 2012
But Not for Me
Sentarou and Kaoru get a gig to play jazz for American soldiers. Sentarou tells Kaoru about his past and family.
10 May 2012
Lullaby of Birdland
Kaoru and Ritsuko are unable to look each other in the eye ever since he kissed her on that snowy night.
17 May 2012
You Don't Know What Love Is
A new school year starts and Kaoru and Ritsuko are in the same class but Sentarou is in another. Matsuoka wants Sentarou in his band as a drummer. Kaoru, Ritsuko, Sentarou and Sentarou's family go to the beach.
24 May 2012
Now's the Time
Things get awkward between Kaoru and Sentarou. Sentarou finds out where Junichi is. Kaoru and Ritsuko are picked to be members of the committee for the festival.
31 May 2012
These Foolish Things
Sentarou and Kaoru find out why Junichi was gone. Yurika starts visiting Junichi. A flashback shows what happened to Junichi.
7 Jun. 2012
Love Me or Leave Me
Kaoru goes to a Christmas party with Matsuoka, Sentarou and Ritsuko go to a Christmas mass at their church. Junichi decides to leave to Tokyo but Yurika doesn't want him to go although she doesn't tell him that.
14 Jun. 2012
In a Sentimental Mood
Sentarou finds out that Yurika has eloped. Kaoru helps Sentarou with his make-up exams. Ritsuko visits Kaoru when he's sick. Sentarou's dad is coming home.
21 Jun. 2012
Left Alone
Sentarou's going to leave but Kaoru stops him. Sentarou's dad comes home. Kaoru and Sentarou practice for the school festival and decide to have Ritsuko sing for them.
28 Jun. 2012
All Blues
Sentarou has left, Kaoru and Ritsuko don't know where he's gone. Kaoru and Ritsuko finish high school, Kaoru goes to a university in Tokyo. Eight years pass Kaoru has become a doctor.

 Season 1 

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