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Enjoyable mindless entertainment and a fun ride!
TheTopDawgCritic2 June 2017
This was surprisingly and unexpectedly much more entertaining than I expected! If you're looking for an enjoyable funny 'Netflix and Chill' type movie to watch on a lazy day, this movie will not disappoint!

To be clear, it's not a suspense type thought-provoking psycho- thriller drama, nor a top notch comedic production, but just simply an enjoyable mindless comedy that will entertain.

The comedy was a little overboard at times, but there were *some* LOL moments, and I caught myself having a permanent smile throughout most of the movie. It was stupid humor but it was executed properly. Casper Van Dien was surprisingly comedic, and although Eddie Griffin seemed a little too much next to Blake Freeman's somewhat stale comedic performance, the three together made it work! Jon Gries was on point as the psycho marine. There was a decent story-line. The location setting was great. There's some action, suspense, gore, eye-candy, and pretty much all the elements to make this one of the more successfully entertaining B grade action/sitcom attempts I've seen in a while.

I'm sure there will be other reviews dissecting and over-critiquing and low scoring this movie, but in my opinion, it was just simply an enjoyable, mindless form of entertainment with some hilarious characters and over-the-top comedy.

Enjoy it for what it is, a fun ride.
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Goofy loser comedy which progresses to inane
shakercoola17 July 2018
An American action comedy; A story about three American guys who venture to Columbia for a dollar reward with the aim to capture America's most wanted criminal. The film starts well, establishing the characters, and there are several instances of genuine amusement. Unfortunately, it then descends into a cramming of drug-addled inaneness, racial crudeness and silly, predictable encounters with dangerous 'Scarface' typed narcotics criminals with no real menace. It transforms from funny buddy comedy to juvenile caper.
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Thin story done badly
jasonedge812 April 2019
Not a great story and not a great script. Relies heavily on profanity, tripping, stupidity and chicks with dicks to get the laughs (and there are a few sprinkled throughout) but overall there are better ways to spend 90 minutes. Watch as a last resort or when you need to get off to sleep.
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Too sour to work
Wizard-88 September 2018
The makers of this movie might have gotten a little inspiration from the 1981 movie "High Risk", though this movie is played more for laughs and does go in its own direction eventually. But the movie doesn't really work with whatever angle you view it in. More often that not it has a somewhat mean-spirited tone, with graphic violence and a hostile attitude that make it hard to embrace the movie as a whole. That includes the humor as well. While there are a few mildly amusing jokes here and there, the humor as a whole seems written, performed, and directed by angry people. The script also has problems beyond the uncomfortable attempts at humor. There are a number of moments in the movie where linking footage (or entire scenes) seem to be missing, leaving a number of plot points quite confusing. It's all topped by a very obvious low budget, making the entire package come across as a cheap quickie. Watch "High Risk" instead.
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Dull, tasteless load of crap
zcars-8219522 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Quite shocked based on ratings just how poor this is, had certainly expected better. But when the movie ignorantly uses Andres Escobar just to get a cheap Pablo Escobar reference in it kinda tells you how much the barrell is being scraped. Was it shocking taste or were the filmmakers so unaware that Andres Escobar was not just a Colombian soccer player but a soccer player who was murdered for scoring an own goal which eliminated Colombia from the World Cup in 1994?! I certainly suggest you find a better way to spend an hr n half that's for sure
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A modern slap-stick comedy
dugmuzz-0612423 May 2019
I really don't understand why this film is surrounded around so many negative reviews? It's not meant to be taken seriously! The film itself has a solid storyline from start to finish with the filming leading on for a follow up film. The acting is food, its also action packed and the spoof comedy will have you crying with laughter. I would definitely be watching the follow up film if one is made
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Brainless, but at least it keeps its direction
feyipuk22 July 2018
The first scene of the movie has the three main characters cowering for their lives, while being shot at by attractive, leather clad lady, holding two silenced machine guns. The film then goes into a flashback and about twenty minutes (all the bits before they get off the plane) later I'm wishing they been shot and the film had ended there. The plot is far fetched; an average guy, whose life is not going anywhere, takes his two best friends to Colombia and convinces them to take on a drug boss , without much of a second thought besides the Money.

OK, they did a lot with a small budget. I can't imagine a well known actor like Danny Trejo came cheap, the location shots are well put together and the action scenes do flow well. The supporting cast make this film: Ashley A. Thomas (Maria Garcia) and Jose Yenque (Juan Garcia) play the roles of a sadistic drug family well, while Gabriel Pimentel and his Hotel associates add a touch of surrealism that seemed to be improvised in parts. The manic Marine - which all films where Americans looking for support in foreign countries need to go - is suitably crazy, with a satirical edge.

For me, the constant swearing and racism did get dull, to the degree it got batted away as tourettes at one stage. The main characters keep thinking they're in Mexico, not Colombia and half expected one of them to echo Johnny Depps line from Once Upon A Time In Mexico to Trejo: "Are you a Mexican or a Mexicant". He probably would have pinned them to the wall with a massive knife for saying it!

I watched this on my phone, while heading to work, and it helped pass the time, but I doubt I'd sit down with friends to watch it again.
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VIEWS ON FILM review of All About the Money
burlesonjesse520 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Behind two weeks of plain old procrastination, I finally decided to view 2017's All About the Money. "Money" chronicles three, penniless washout guys from Los Angeles. After hearing about a $25 million dollar reward involving the capturing of America's most wanted criminal, they eagerly venture to Columbia, South America to try to get the job done.

In "Money", Blake Freeman directs, co-stars, storyboards, and partners in writing the screenplay. Yeah it's a mini ego trip for him and he makes sure that his film veers far away from taking itself too seriously. All About the Money sans an MPAA rating but it's surely a hard R. Yup, this is real cockamamie stuff. It starts off as this year's Half Baked while giving us loose end side characters and two, suitable flashback excerpts. "Money" then turns into an aping drug movie with a final shootout sequence blatantly reminiscent of 1984's Beverly Hills Cop.

Now "Money" does have some humorous moments courtesy of funnyman Eddie Griffin. If ever a flick mixed sketchy laughter and drug lord prudence, this would be it. "Money" also drags at times, features out of place narration by a snobbish bloke (Stephen Stanton), and contains a certain level of improvisational annoyance. Mean-spirited, demented, and racially skewed in its approach, All About the Money gets points for originality only to gather grounds for deserved, direct-to-video enhancement.

In cessation, Blake Freeman shoots "Money" as if it's for his own pleasure, his own sufferance, or his own, mocking amusement. I'll give the dude smug credit for squeezing everything he can out of what is probably a diddly-squat budget. There are great Columbia locales, fantastic Colombian babes, quick pauses of hailing gunfire, and plenty of Scarface citations. However, after seeing "Money" with its ode to loser lyricism and its failure to apologize for its own, fanciful nature, you'll realize that it's vapor-ed, disposable material. A better title would be All About the "Mindlessness". Rating: 2 stars.
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Funny Movie with a couple Low dull moments, but the Hi keeps it going!
First off I'll start this off by saying its not your funny big budget movies like American Pie & Superbad. Its a small budget movie that does a lot with what they had. You can tell in the begin the actors didn't know their characters very well, but somewhere around 20mins into everything changes. The movie creates these characters and their very funny to watch. They're dialogue facial expressions and everything start to work out. And you start to fall for the characters. The story at times feels like its making fun of fast & furious where it doesn't need to make sense but its a fun ride. And that's exactly what this movie is.

I hate spoilers so that's why I didn't mention the movie much, but the only thing I'll say is you gotta push through the first 10minutes a bit. You'll enjoy it in the end.
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Good overall film
algerian_scotish5 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It's a good all around light, comedy, action sort of film, it's easy to get into and kicks off pretty close to the start which is good and doesn't drag on to start.

Only negative part was at the end when the grenade was thrown into the back of the truck, Garcia was then pushed to near the truck but nothing happened with the grenade, was actually waiting for the consiquence, other than that great film.
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A Pleasant Surprise - Very clever and funny
timothygartin18 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I had no idea what to expect on this movie. A friend chose this one for us to watch. I laughed a lot which I don't usually do in comedies. I thought it was original and well acted. The main characters had a good chemistry. The laughs were clever and frequent.

The other surprising thing is that the movie is very violent and gory for a comedy. I liked this as well because it contributed to the original feel of the movie.

This is the best comedy I have seen in a while.
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