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David Cross: Crane



  • Mantis : [they stand outside a ship run aground in a desert after Masters Bear and Croc ran in]  We gotta get in there.

    Crane : But Master Shifu said...

    Mantis : You're seriously afraid? Even Master Chicken's going in, and he's a *chicken*!

  • Crane : [Crane is flying, with Mantis on his hat]  Wings of surveillance!

    Mantis : Why do you do that?

    Crane : Do what?

    Mantis : Just 'cause you say "wings of" before something, it doesn't mean that you're doing a special move. It's like me saying "antenna of power!" or "thorax of... making sandwiches!"

    Crane : Wings of disagreement.

  • Crane : Master, what are we going to do?

    Shifu : *You* are going to find out where Kai is. Follow the trail of those jade creatures but do not engage For with every foe he faces Kai becomes stronger.

    Crane : Why me? Is it because I asked?

    Shifu : No. It is because you can fly. Go

    Mantis : Should have kept your beak shut!

    Shifu : And take Mantis.

    Mantis : What? Oh man, is it because I...

    Shifu : Yes.

  • Kai : [to Crane]  Your chi is strong, just like your friend,

    [brandishes Mantis talisman] 

    Kai : the bug.

    Crane : Mantis!

    [tries to attack Kai but is overpowered] 

    Kai : Don't worry, little birdie. I'll put your chi to good use: destroying the Jade Palace and *everyone* in it.

    Crane : No!

    [kicks barrel at Kai, then flies off, but is caught] 

    Crane : Wings of... Regret!

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