Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) Poster

Bryan Cranston: Li



  • Po : Who are you?

    Li : I'm Li Shang. I'm looking for my son.

    [everybody gasps] 

    Po : You lost your son?

    Li : Yes. Many years ago.

    Po : I lost my father.

    Li : I'm very sorry.

    Po : Thank you.


    Li : Well, good luck to you.

    Po : You too. I hope you find your son.

    Li : And I hope you find your father.

    [they both walk off, everyone facepalms] 

  • Po : [Mr. Ping has stowed away in Po's travel bag]  Dad?

    Li : [thinks Po is talking to him]  Yes?

    Po : [sternly]  Dad...

    [opens the bag to find Mr. Ping inside] 

    Mr. Ping : Yes?

    Po : What are you doing here?

    Mr. Ping : What am I doing? Getting a backache! Did you have to step on every rock?

    Po : No, I mean why are you here ?

    Mr. Ping : What was I supposed to do, huh? What if the pandas don't have food you like? You're never gonna be able to save the world on an empty stomach. I consider my presence mission critical.

    Li : Oh yes, about that. We can't share the location of the village with others. So...

    Mr. Ping : Oh, you think I can't keep a secret, huh? I raised Po for twenty years before I finally told him he was adopted.

    Li : Seriously?

    Po : Yeah.

    Li : OK, I guess it would be cruel to make you fly back.

    Po : [amazed]  You can fly?

    Mr. Ping : I'm a bird, Po.

  • [from trailer] 

    Li : [wheezing]  I am your father... Why're there so many stairs?

    Mr. Ping : Why is he breathing like that? It's creepy!

  • Li : [to Po]  You must rediscover what it is to be a panda!

  • Po : There's no way I can stop him!

    Li : Unless you had an army of your own.

    Po : You don't even know kung fu!

    Li : Then you will teach us.

  • Li : Panda's don't walk. We roll!

  • Li : You have to come home with me.

    Po : What? To the secret village?

    Li : Yes, son. You must rediscover what it is to be a panda. You have to learn how to live like a panda. Sleep like a panda. Eat like a panda. Those 103 dumplings? I was just warming up.

    Po : I always knew I wasn't eating up to my full potential!

  • Li : She was the total package: smart, beautiful, tremendous appetite

  • [Li reveals a secret lift to the Panda Village] 

    Li : We're pandas! We don't do stairs!

    Po : I have waited all my life to hear those words.

  • Li : I lost you once. I am not going to lose you again. I can't.


    Po : You just did.

  • [last lines] 

    Li : Well done, son!

    [Po smiles, and guides everyone to flow their chi] 

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