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Dustin Hoffman: Shifu



  • Shifu : If you only do what you can do, you'll never be better than what you are.

    Po : But I like who I am!

    Shifu : You don't even know who you are!

  • [from trailer] 

    Po : Master Shifu? Good time, bad time?

    Shifu : Time is an allusion, there is only the now.

    Po : So now is a... good time?

    Shifu : Oh!

  • Po : [Shifu has made a flower bloom with the power of chi]  Woah! What was that?

    Shifu : That was chi.

    Po : Wow! What's chi?

    Shifu : The energy that flows through *all* living things.

    Po : So you're saying if I-so you're saying if I teach, I'll be able to do cool stuff like that?

    Shifu : No, I'm saying if you teach, *I'll* be able to do cool stuff like that.

    Po : Oh.

    Shifu : Mastering chi requires mastery of self. Oogway sat alone in a cave for *thirty* years, asking one question: who am I? Who am I? I'm lucky if I get five minutes before you interrupt...

    Po : Aw, so now I have to sit alone in a cave for thirty years?

    Shifu : Eventually. After you master teaching.

    Po : Teaching? There's no way I'm ever gonna be like you!

    Shifu : I'm not trying to turn you into me; I'm trying to turn you into you.

  • Shifu : Time is just an illusion, there is only the now.

  • Crane : Master, what are we going to do?

    Shifu : *You* are going to find out where Kai is. Follow the trail of those jade creatures but do not engage For with every foe he faces Kai becomes stronger.

    Crane : Why me? Is it because I asked?

    Shifu : No. It is because you can fly. Go

    Mantis : Should have kept your beak shut!

    Shifu : And take Mantis.

    Mantis : What? Oh man, is it because I...

    Shifu : Yes.

  • Shifu : I am not trying to turn you into me, I am turning you into you.

  • Shifu : You must take the next step on your journey, from warrior to teacher.

    Po : But I'm no good at it!

    Shifu : You're terrible at it!

  • Shifu : [searching through Oogway's scroll library]  There's so much wisdom in here, I can't find anything!

  • Shifu : Behold. All of the answers will be found within.

    [unveils scroll] 

    Shifu : What? It's blank? Are you kidding me? Not again.

  • Shifu : [Kai is destroying stone statues outside the Jade Palace]  I will not let you destroy Oogway's memory!

    Kai : Why not? He destroyed mine.

  • Shifu : Before the battle of the fist comes the battle of the mind... then the dramatic entrance

  • Shifu : Oogway, forgive me.

  • Shifu : Kai. Kai. Kai. Nope. Never heard of him.

  • Shifu : The student has truly become the tea - Wait. Where did you get that?

    Po : Oh, this. Oogway gave it to me in the spirit realm.

    Shifu : Ugh, of course he did.

    Po : I think I mastered Chi.

    Shifu : Oh, of course you did. Can you teach me?

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