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Sex & Nudity

  • Later seasons have more frequent use of nudity, most of which is pixelated. However, the pixelation frequently does not do much to obscure the image.
  • Sexual content and dialogue throughout. Eric repeatedly appears naked throughout the show, with a black box covering his privates and rear. One episode features a scene shot at a nudist colony, with all the nudity censored.
  • In one episode, Eric masturbates while interviewing a guest.
  • In one episode, Eric has sex with a woman. The two are fully clothed, but the scene is performed in an overly graphic fashion.

Violence & Gore

  • Strong violence in nearly every episode. Eric receives a large amount of physical abuse both from others and from himself. There is blood shown on many occasions. In one episode, a wrestler repeatedly and intensely punches a man in the face. In one episode, Eric's body is sliced open and his heart is pulled out.
  • In season 2, there are some instances of overly graphic violence. Eric is repeatedly shot until his body is literally chopmeat. In two episodes, Eric's head explodes in slow-motion in an extremely graphic fashion. (Hannibal's head explodes as well in one episode.)
  • In one episode, there is footage of a woman defecating into a cup and two women licking it. The footage is pixelated, but you can still tell what's happening.


  • Strong bleeped language. The s-word is used uncensored a few times in Season 2. Season 3 contains more uncensored profanity than previous seasons. Later seasons also contain occasional use of racial and ethnic slurs (N****r, K***s)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Eric smokes a bong in front of a police station.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most of the show. It has a dark and unsettling/disturbing tone.

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