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When All Your Friends Are in Relationships

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6 Jan. 2016
What's Inside Donald Trump's Pockets?
Donald Trump shows what he has in his pockets.
7 Jan. 2016
If People Were Sentimental Like They Are on Facebook
Looks like it's time for yet another unwarranted acceptance speech on Facebook.
13 Jan. 2016
Netflix Introduces "Cringe-Watching"
These shows will make you want to "Netflix and Kill Yourself."
15 Jan. 2016
I Want to Believe... In a Good X-Files Reboot
Good reboots are basically paranormal phenomena. Pat and Siobhan investigate the mystery behind the revival of The X-Files (1993).
19 Jan. 2016
What's Inside Adele's Pockets
Adele shows us what she has in her pockets.
1 Feb. 2016
What's Inside Bernie Sanders' Pockets?
Bernie Sanders shows us what he has in his pockets.
4 Feb. 2016
No New Mikes in 2016
We already have too many Michaels.
5 Feb. 2016
Stop Making Guns So Sick
In order to make guns less popular, we need to make them look less cool.
9 Feb. 2016
Why Are My Nipples Pixelated?
A woman goes to see a doctor after finding a strange alteration on her breasts.
11 Feb. 2016
Don't Pay Your Student Loans
Think of all the things you can do with that money instead.
16 Feb. 2016
Please, Dear God, Give Leo the Oscar
Leonardo DiCaprio really deserves an Oscar now.
1 Mar. 2016
Superman Hates Ben Affleck as Batman
Superman freaks out when Batman's true identity is revealed.
11 Mar. 2016
What's Inside Hillary Clinton's Pockets?
Hillary Clinton shows us what she has in her pockets.
30 Mar. 2016
Magic Schools Sh*Ttier Than Hogwarts
You may still qualify for a wizarding school, but it may not be as great as Hogwarts.
31 Mar. 2016
The Girl Who Makes Every Disaster About Her
She's a survivor, she's not gonna give up pretending she was actually involved in these events.
4 Apr. 2016
Best Friends in Rom Coms Are All Alcoholics
The best way to fuel your addiction is to prey on the broken hearted.
6 Apr. 2016
The Paleo Diet for Cavemen
Fad diets have been around since the dawn of time.
13 Apr. 2016
Oh No. Why Is THIS Trending?!
In this game show, contestants guess why certain tweets are trending.