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Outstanding show, great finale!
tedidoi23 May 2012
I'm speechless. At first, I honestly thought I'd be disappointed by a cheesy clichéd ending formula every show in the world uses. Instead, "Everybody Dies" was EXACTLY what a show finale is supposed to be. Congratulations David Shore- great idea, great coordination. Congratulations Hugh Laurie (my favorite, one of the best actors ever, very close to perfection). Congratulations for the entire team who worked on this brilliant show. So sorry the story ends, but this ending means hope above all. The whole serial put a thin thread between life and death, between real and unreal, between truth and mistake. What we get in the final act is a ray of positivity that wins the battle with the sarcasm.
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Everybody Dies
FanScribbles9 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This episode, the series finale, is directed by series creator David Shore. A nice bit of symmetry, as he also directed the series pilot. Where it begins, it also ends.

With this end, we see the return of Kutner, Amber, Stacy, Cameron, and nearly all other characters past. One notable exception is Cuddy. I tried to decide if that was a detriment to the episode or not, and I have come to no conclusion. What would a Cuddy hallucination provide that Stacy didn't? What would her presence at the funeral have provided that Stacy and Dominika didn't? I will say that given how many past characters came out of the woodwork for the funeral, it is strange that she wasn't there, her absence conspicuous, but it seems to have worked out anyway.

This episode leaves us with the most transformed House we have seen since his strides to be a better partner for Cuddy. Whether or not it was his plan all along, House uses the fire to fake his own death. As it stands, he faces the reality that he will be in prison for the last few months of Wilson's life. Instead, he gives up his life, his career, everything he owns, in order to be with Wilson during those last five months.

Until now, nothing was as important to House as his mind and his ability to solve the puzzle. Puzzles made life interesting, and thus worth living. During the hallucinations in the fire, House seems to be giving up until he proclaims that he can change—the ultimate contradiction to his long-held belief that people can't change—and that he actually wants to change. This gives us hope that perhaps he will survive Wilson's death rather than self-destruct.

To bring closure to the show, we hear kind professions from those in House's life as they speak at his funeral. He touched a great many lives, and though his touch wasn't always kind or soft, he changed the people around him, in many ways for the better. He taught them things about life and about themselves they maybe wouldn't have learned otherwise. This reality gives him value that will live on, even after the world believes him dead.

Adams and Park stay on the team, with Chase now at the helm—a natural and expected choice. Taub leaves, which he did before. He wanted to work for House, and seems to have no interest in the job with the man himself. But he seemed regretful in his final scene, and a part of me suspects he'll eventually reconnect with the team. He was good at the job, and good for the team. I like to believe he'll rejoin it.

The writers, directors, producers, and whoever else really stepped it up for the last few episodes of this series. If they had performed as well throughout season seven and all of season eight, perhaps House M.D. would have seen a season nine. The show itself was a wonderfully entertaining premise with great characters. It was over the top at times, as all medical dramas are, but it was different enough to be fun to watch.

It's sad to say goodbye. House has a way of burrowing into one's heart. He wasn't always easy to love or watch, but we did love him, and we will miss him. This isn't the ending I foresaw, but that's okay. It leaves room for each of us to imagine what happens next, and this way we can each believe in the ending we most want to see for House.
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Happy Ever After or Doom and Gloom
shotgunjohn12 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This episode, (the last of the series) has the unusual mix of "Happily Ever After" and "Doom & Gloom".

On one hand most everyone thinks House id dead. He'll never be able to see any of them again, not even his Mother and Step-Father without risking going back to jail. He'll never be able to practice Medicine again, the one thing in his life that brought him peace. One the other hand, he'll get to spend time with his dying best friend Wilson, who has six months to live. Even that is haunted by the promise that he will end Wilson's life before his pain becomes too much to bear.

As for the other cast members; Forman has reached a career goal, but is still alone; much like Chase who returns to head diagnostics, but is still alone and pining after his lost; love Cameron. Her appearance just serves to highlight his pain. Taub continues to struggle with the life of a single father. 13 is terminally ill from her long fight with her disease. Cuddy is so scared from her time with House, she cannot even return to NJ for his funeral.

Still with all this and more… life goes on.

Who knows, maybe we haven't seen the last of grumpy old House.

Maybe Forman and Chase will take a vacation to Mexico, where Forman falls ill. Only one clinic in this sleepy Mexican fishing village. Run by a half drunken, grumpy old Gringo Doctor the locals call… "Casa".
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Gregory House At The End Of His Rope?
yelsnebynot21 May 2012
It is hard to believe that for the past eight years, we have been treated to the goings on of Dr. Gregory House, MD and his ever-changing hired/fired/rehired medical team! An engrossingly, entertaining ride it has been, to say the least! On the one hour Swan Song retrospective that aired tonight, it was stated that out of all the characters, in order for the show to work, they had to get the Gregory House character nailed perfectly! I still laugh every time I read or hear about how the producer commented about how he was glad an "American" actor nailed the video audition, as he didn't have to worry about him (The very British Hugh Laurie!) not understanding the medical terms! Rather than give a long-winded review (I had to type the minimum 10 lines required by IMDb.com), I will simply state that this is one of the most truly bizarre, yet ultimately satisfying, and oddly endearing endings any series has ever had!
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Expected more, but it was still a pretty good end.
whifferrack22 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Where was the lupus?? I'll just start by saying that. Rating: 8.0-great Season Rating: 6.5-ok

Anyway, House is one of those shows that manages to be funny and moving at the same time. Greg House is one of my all time favorite characters on TV, and I definitely miss the days of House-Cameron-Foreman-Chase. Yes, the show got continually worse as the seasons went on (including the stupid season 7 finale), and I went into this season knowing it would be the last. The question is, did the writers end the story right?

I guess so. The ending scene was great (riding off into the sunset (or late afternoon) with Wilson), but I felt cheated by the whole "faked death" scene. No, House did not have to die-that would have made it worse. I just felt like the writers could've somehow done something more with this finale-don't ask me what, but something just felt off at the end, like everything was rushed. Everything was played safe, which I guess is more audience pleasing.

I will admit, though, that his actions were a nice turn for the character. House is a loner, and he accepted he would be one forever. However, he also gave up his old life all for Wilson. The funeral scene was nice, with Wilson finally breaking down over House's "death", just in a way that gives him closure.

As for the guest stars, I felt like they were unnecessary. Sure it's nice seeing Jennifer Morrison and Kal Penn again, but it felt like they were being brought out just so they could be brought out.

As for the last song, I wonder if any of you noticed that it was the same as the one Amber sang in House's earlier hallucination in "Under My Skin" (S5Ep23). It shows how House maybe shouldn't give up on what's true to him (he was trying to get rid of Amber), and in the end he didn't-he chose Wilson.

Final thoughts: While this episode didn't have the humor or the emotional resonance of some episodes, it was a great ending to a fantastic character and show. Congrats David Shore, Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, and the rest of the people who made the show what it is. You will be missed-and no, I don't know why Grey's Anatomy is still on. -Everybody Lies Series grade: 9/10-amazing
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MostAfAfA74 November 2018
This is how an unbiased writer who knows what this existential character's philosophy is, would write the ending.
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For anyone wanting to watch this show and are looking into the ending reviews to see if it is good.
LILYInDespair18 May 2020
You see the rating. You know the show is good and you liked it so far. You want and end fitting to House. And it is. It fills the character's development to a twist that will finally give the character rest (no spoilers intended in that sentence, just trying to say it will give the character a means to an end for his development and the show's end will make sense for everyone).

Now this is for the negative reviews this episode has, despite the overall high rating. Let me explain why that is: People want a grandiose finale of epic proportions that could fill stories for centuries to come. They want an epic prose that will be grandiose on every scale and they get disappointed when they get a twist that is something much more real and heartfelt than that. House's ending is for the thinking mind of the viewer and the thinking mind of the character. It brings them both peace of mind. People expect either a epic victory or a really sad tragedy, and when they get neither and instead get something entirely different (and ingenious), they don't understand why it is like it is and complain. It's like they didn't watch 8 seasons before. It's like the missed the entire being of existence that is House. So please do not listen to those people. They have an incompletely developed emotional intelligence, they are still stuck in the middle of their intellectual growth and therefore cannot accept an end like that one. It looks as if it is too small of a stage, when it's actually as large as life itself.

Please watch the show.
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overdue finale
gd43222 May 2012
First thing first, It really didn't live up to the expectation, It never does. Because It is heartbreaking to see such a breathtaking series coming to an end. But I have to say, to me the only thing mattered in this show was him, Gregory House. It has always been a pleasure watching him, how witty he was, how good at putting words, solving cases and in the end of the day regardless of how many lives he saves, he was the one suffering. Miserable he was. He was real, so real. Regarding the Finale, It should have happened already in the seventh season, that way It would have made more sense than what we got, or could get should I say. All in all, despite of the finale and Dr.Park, House was really fun to watch, by House I mean Gregory House.
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Fantastic Finale of a Fantastic Tale
soulkeeperbg3 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
House M.D. is my favorite show. Period. And it's not because I think it's the best, it's only because of the character Hugh Laurie has given life to. I don't think the House's the best we've ever seen either, there's just something so captivating about him, something I cannot explain and don't even want to try to understand, since it might take away from the magic. I just love him. And I think there couldn't have been a better ending for him. The theme of death is prevalent in this episode and I believe this is for the sole reason it's been prevalent in House's understanding of the world. Come to think of it, life has always been just avoiding death and having fun for as long as he could to House. But having Wilson's diagnosis pose an imminent problem that is also undefeatable by rationality caused him to really rethink his perspective on things. His cold rationality could not get him through this and he almost gave up. Yet House was forced to care for Wilson by this and I think he realised all that longevity and fun in life must have some meaning attached to it. This made him give up his life of cause-effect relationships and actions. Things became more than a puzzle to kill time with to him. And it occurs to me that this let him overcome his fear of death and that then his supposed death was the perfect new beginning for him. I am also happy with the positive outcomes of all other personal stories because I think the show has always been about teaching us hope and love, and all these happy things, so these endings are really fitting. I am eternally glad that I had the opportunity to be touched by this phenomenal work of art that has had so much love and care put into it. I hope many more people get to enjoy it and get something for themselves from it. Thank You, great showrunnes and actors, and especially the amazing Hugh Laurie!
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A bad House episode, except it's the series finale.
ericcartman4023 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I think most people can agree that after the writers' strike back in season 4, the show has had a different feel to it, and mostly in a bad way. Don't get me wrong, season 4 was still really good, with one of the best finales this series had. This means that even with at least six episodes cut short — where I'm sure they would have expanded on Amber's character — they managed to deliver an amazing two-parter.

This does not happen here: a full season of mixed episode quality (in which some would easily make a top 15 of the entire series, while others were annoyingly pointless). A full season to tie a knot, but in the forty four minutes of contrivance that is this finale, they kept just adding more ropes to tie.

This is one of those hallucination/what-the-hell-happened episodes, which are in fact mostly regarded highly. But it doesn't work here: none of House's subconscious characters have a point to make, none of them have a clue to his remembrance problem. I assume there are two reasons they are there: to inform the audience House wasn't sure of wanting to live — which could have been achieved through other means — and, mostly, I believe, to fit in as many characters that haven't been on screen that much lately.

Kutner may have been the only one with an actual connection to the situation here, he could've made the 'I can change' scene into an actual epiphany, House could understand how Kutner felt and decide on change, instead the plot convenience that it was.

The pacing was really off. The banter between House and his ghosts, along with the unnecessary montage at the end are examples of this: they even felt like padding at times. On the other hand, I can't say I believed for a second House wouldn't show up after the explosion: the funeral montage in particular felt rushed and just something they 'had' to put there.

Other than that — and excluding mention of plot holes (oh god, the plot holes) — the very last scene was incredibly off. A quick fix for this would be to take out House's clues that he's alive, take out his explanation on how he faked his death and just make the last scene be Wilson seeing him again. That would make a discussion on whether or not it was a hallucination way more poignant; all we would have for 'proof' would be Wilson's point of view.

On a positive note I can say that the directing and the acting was as good as always, but it left me wanting more physical acting than the subpar script we got. I also understand the need for a happy ending after all this time, but I do have to say it didn't feel as good as it should have.

In conclusion, it's just a bad episode that tries to use they could — the hallucinations, the tricks, the reappearing characters — but fails to make sense of it all. My guess is that it will serve only as a testament that the series had really run its course.
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Disappointing and out of the theme of the show
hardyt201526 November 2015
I'm a big fan of House. Of course I am, you get through eight seasons of hour long episodes and you have to be. And with that being said I just don't get what angle this episode is trying to play at. Everything we know about House, about the characters, it all just seems "Muddled" here. The episode itself is fine in the kind of overdramatic sense House has always been (Especially in the later seasons), but the part of the plot it weaves is just really disappointing. We all wanted to know how House as a character would end, and its as if hes been replaced by this different character. It has this weird "Live life in the moment" optimistic theme which is great for some random couch potato tuning in but seems like the show built up to something really impactive and then said "And everyone lived happily ever after".

It was just a shame I guess. House always felt like it wanted to be this intelligent show that doesn't beat around the bush on objects but then we get this (frankly) low brow cable-TV happy ending twist without any real depth to it.

All and all I feel like I've wasted time.
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Lame and Redundant. Just like the entire Season 8.
self-username22 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I don't even know why they didn't just end it at Season 7. Because that would have been just as good an ending as this - in that both leave gaping holes and almost none of the characters' plots gets any closure.

Even ignoring the obvious holes and the pathetic attempt at copying Sherlock by faking death, I mean Really ? Taub smiling with his kids ? Foreman smiling at an ID of house ? Chase as HoDM ? And a bike ride for House ? This could be just ANY ending of ANY house episode we've watched and loved. How is the ending special in ANY way ? It's the end of an awesome series. I mean you ruined the entire 8th season, but you could have at least had a decent ending.

I've been a house Fanatic till season 6, but season 7 started showing signs of sloppy writing, and 8 was just terrible. Not even one one-liner sticks out, no wit, absolutely dry and totally redundant.

Last impression - Nothing fresh or remotely entertaining here. I wouldn't have minded if I skipped this. Total waste of time. Just like the whole of Season 8. Wouldn't mind if I skipped the whole thing.
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Jim-Eadon23 May 2012
I must admit I have had a fascination with House over the last years and it has been generally superb. In this series 8 I felt that the team were not engaging, I did not care about the characters apart from House himself. Most of the fun of House was watching other character's reactions to the antics of House himself. But with his present team, I did not care whether they were shocked or not. And therein the magic went away. But House himself is iconic. Any episode where the plot did not focus on him was dull. There was no tension between Foreman and House, like there was with Cuddy, bad acting by foreman - no presence. Chase was indifferent and too old to be an acolyte, so was the short guy and the Chinese girl, who was actually pretty irritating and not in a love to hate her kind of way, but in a bad acting, no chemistry, kind of way. The short whiney doctor was tedious. It's a shame about series 8, but it was worth watching for the occasional moment of ingenious dialogue and crazy antics, all of them involving the lead character. The tension was gone though compared to previous years. In previous years there was the odd duff episode, but in this series there was the odd good episode in relative mediocrity. All in all though, seasons 1 to 6 were really entertaining, with the original team being the best, in terms of chemistry. For the finale, it was a failed attempt, with the presence of previous cast members reminding us that the show was well past its hey day. The best finale was the one with the bus, that was superb. And the finale of the first series, where House rips open a patient with a saw, - seeing the reaction of his team - priceless. There was nothing much here that moved me, intellectually or emotionally.
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Parting is such sweet sorrow
acedj28 May 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This is the end. Aptly entitled "Everybody Dies", death is the central theme to this episode. In it we see House trapped in a building that is ablaze and facing all of his inner demons. He must come to grips with all of his maxims, of which we are all familiar; "Everybody lies", and "People never change". Weighing heaviest on House's mind is the fact that his best friend, Wilson, has been diagnosed with cancer and has only around 5 months left to live. Can House survive without his anchor, or will it be his ultimate destruction? House is also facing a return to jail for parole violations and knows that that is where he will be when Wilson dies. Be it by design or not, House uses the fire to fake his own death and embraces the fact that he wants to change. There is a very touching funeral scene where many of the past stars come back to speak kind words about the hard man that shaped many of their lives. Then we get the final scene, House and Wilson riding off together. More on this in a bit.

This was a very solid send off to what is my favorite TV character of all time. House spoke to me on a real level and I related to him more than anyone real in my life, ever. As sad as I was to see this show end, I was more than satisfied with how they ended it. Throughout its run, the show had some amazing episodes and some not so amazing, but they were all great, this was just the most amazing of all those episodes. I remember watching it when it first aired and I was riveted to my TV.

Now, back to House and Wilson riding off into the sunset together. Perhaps, just perhaps this was the writers being coy, as we all know they can be on this show. Perhaps in an effort to provide us all with a semi happy ending, they engaged in some trickery. It is my thought that instead of us seeing House and Wilson ride off to spend the last months of Wilson's life together, we saw them after Wilson had already passed, at the beginning of their eternity together because House really did die in the fire. I could be wrong, but I think this a more eloquent and fitting end to the show that I held so dear.
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8 years in and we get this filth?
richenstony22 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This entire episode is without a doubt the worst episode of house I've ever seen , and no im not bitter because its ended and im actually glad it has its gone the way of the dodo season 8 as a whole was boring we barely saw any of the typical house we saw in the past seasons , a lot of the case's where boring and dull , heres a example?

Young teenage girl has a tick inside her vagina and house actually removes it in public?

And we get...

A guy who cant say no to anybody

Seriously all the cases sucked beyond belief , this episode as a whole was just stupid and very very predicable , just as a tear was about to shed from my eye at houses funeral i just knew he wasn't dead and i knew he had faked his death. I really don't have anything to say about the episode in general it was just poorly written and a 45 minutes of boredom.
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Worst Season Finale Ever
sonofhades18 November 2013
Seriously. I had high expectations for a show that had entertained our family for 8 seasons. Watching this episode was painful to say the least. Dialogue was awful, just long discussions that were not in the spirit of the series, but rather tiring to listen to.

The only House-like "twist" at the end was stolen from a dozen stupid action movies, including the special effects prior to it. As an episode it was probably 3 of 10, but as a season finale, 1 out of 10.

So many actors had to be written into the episode as a farewell to the series, but it only made the episode feel forced. Not spontaneous or even fun to watch, but as if I'd been slowly watching an episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful".

I think only final episode of LOST has let me down as badly as this episode.
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A nice twist for the ending
jojifrey20 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I think the whole episode was almost dead boring, especially the many talks House had with various past characters (I squeed when Jennifer Morrison/Cameron showed up), but after the funeral speech Wilson had, it turned to the better ending.

So I liked it, although I'm gonna rate this episode 2/10.

House is a great serial, much much better written and executed than most other TV serials (by this, yes, I mean especially you, Dexter!)

For the last season, I really enjoyed the performance from Chase and Park, they both were ridiculously funny, I also liked how being with House several years, Chase finally rise up to his position.

A good leader creates another leader, not a follower! (Except for Taub)
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