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19 Jul. 2012
Pilot: Last, Best & Final
Steve Sullivan, a successful attorney, brings his girlfriend Ashley home for his father's 60th birthday. There, he learn that his father is planning to sell the family business...and decides to intervene.
19 Jul. 2012
The Bribe
Now that Steve owns the bar he needs to set boundaries with his parents. When the health inspector shows up Ok Cha wants to pay him off, but Steve refuses and the bar is shut down for the first time ever. Without the bar, everyone seems lost except for Owen who discovers surprisingly productive ways to spend his time.
26 Jul. 2012
The Bar Birthday
The bar is celebrating its 50th year in business and throwing a party. They have invited former and current customers which brings an evening of memories of how it all began.
2 Aug. 2012
Who's Your Daddy
Steve is upset that his father wants to enter a father-and-son tournament with Owen rather than him. Owen decides he wants to know who his real father is, but Carol cannot remember anything about his conception.
9 Aug. 2012
The Punch
Owen and Ahmed start selling their sperm to make money. Melanie punches a neighbor who, she claims, steals her underwear. He wants to sue Melanie for assault or will drop the suit if she apologizes. Carol and Hank discuss dating techniques.
16 Aug. 2012
Creepy Love Songs
An old comic book of Steve's turns out to be a classic worth a lot of money. The guys try to find a buyer but their dealings backfire on them. Carol and Owen decide to be the entertainment at the bar.
23 Aug. 2012
The Fifth Musketeer
Steve's mother set up his profile on a dating service without telling Steve. When a beautiful woman comes for the first date, it gives the other guys in the bar the idea to set up their own profile for a dating service.
30 Aug. 2012
How Carol Got Her Groove Back
Carol starts going through menopause and does not take it well.
6 Sep. 2012
The Prodigal Sister
The family is surprised when Steve's aunt comes to visit.
13 Sep. 2012
Hank Speech
A coworker of Hank's files a complaint against Hank for comments he made. Hank hires Steve to defend him. Susan and her mother try to build their relationship.

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