Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time Abridged (TV Movie 2011) Poster

Blake Swift: Jaden Yuki


  • Jaden Yuki : My name's Jaden Yuki, and I'm absolutely flawless.

    Yusei Fudo : Stop being happy.

    Jaden Yuki : Ain't no one in the world as fly as me.

    Yusei Fudo : I'm serious. Stop it.

    Jaden Yuki : Bitches line up just to get a glimpse at my sweet moves.

    Yusei Fudo : I'm going to tear the happy right out of your soul.

    Jaden Yuki : Come on homie, don't be a playa hater.

    Yusei Fudo : I'm not a player hater. I just hate you.

  • Paradox : Very well, Yu-Gi-Oh Pwotagonists! Let's see how you like things, in the Mawific World!

    Jaden Yuki : Actually, this isn't so bad!

    Yusei Fudo : It's actually kind of pretty here.

    Yami Yugi : Makes a nice change from the Shadow Realm, that's for sure.

    Paradox : Stop that! It is suppose to be thweatening!

    Yami Yugi : Look at all the pretty lights!

    Paradox : Stop being impwessed by the Mawific World!

  • Paradox : You stupid pwotagonist. I am not trying to destwoy the world, I am twying to save it.

    Yusei Fudo : Not if we can stop you-wait what?

    Paradox : In the future, the world as we know it has been destroyed. Humanity's ignorance has caused the planet to become... wavaged and wifeless.

    Yami Yugi : Wavaged and wifeless?

    Jaden Yuki : But how? Was it Global Warming?

    Yusei Fudo : Nuclear war?

    Paradox : No, none of those things happened. What destwoyed the world was... Caaaarrrrd Gaaaames...

    Yusei Fudo : What?

    Paradox : That is wight, Caaaarrrrd Gaaaames...

    Yusei Fudo : You're serious?

    Paradox : Yes, vewwwwwwy

    Yusei Fudo : How?

    Paradox : What?

    Yusei Fudo : How did card games destroy the world?

    Paradox : Well, I was not actually there. But I heard that somebody pwayed a card game. And then boom! End of the world. It totally happened. Just like I said. Just card game - Boom! Evewyone dead.

  • Jaden Yuki : Dang son! That is one awesome motorbike you have...

    Yusei Fudo : You're not riding it.

    Jaden Yuki : Worth a shot.

  • Jaden Yuki : Can I ride your bike?

    Yusei Fudo : I already told you, no!

    Jaden Yuki : Oh come on, it'll be fun!

    Yusei Fudo : I'll let you ride my bike if you can tell me one thing.

    Jaden Yuki : Sure, ask away.

    Yusei Fudo : Why are we in Venice?

    Jaden Yuki : [after a pause]  F**k it... you win!

    Yusei Fudo : Always do...

  • Yami Yugi : Huh... I think we may have just killed a man...

    Yusei Fudo : If anyone asks, Jaden did it.

    Jaden Yuki : Yeah- wait, what?

  • Jaden Yuki : Check it out, dawgs! My Neos card came back! It must be because we went back in time!

    Yusei Fudo : That is not how time travel works.

    Jaden Yuki : Well how else do you explain it?

    Yusei Fudo : Obviously this movie has its head up its own anus.

    Yugi Moto : Well that answers pretty much every question I had.

  • Jaden Yuki : Oh my God!

    Yusei Fudo : Is that woman doing what I think she's doing?

    Jaden Yuki : I forgot I bookmarked "2 Dark Magician Girls, 1 Pot of Greed".

  • Paradox : I am here for the one who destwoyed the futuwe.

    Jaden Yuki : Look there must be some kind of mistake. I'm Jaden Yuki.

    Paradox : Yes that is wight.

    Jaden Yuki : But I'm harmless! I couldn't destroy anything!

    Paradox : Cowwection! I think that you'll find that you destwoyed Yu-Gi-Oh's cwedibility!

  • Yugi Moto : That bastard! I can't forgive him. Not after he sent my grandpa to the Shadow Realm.

    Yusei Fudo : The what realm?

    Yugi Moto : You know. The Shadow Realm. The big purpley cloudy place that you go to when something really bad happens to you.

    Jaden Yuki : I think you're talking about Hell.

    Yugi Moto : No, it's the Shadow Realm. You know whenever people fall from a really tall building... or... they get stabbed in the chest, they go straight to the Shadow Realm. What? You guys don't have the Shadow Realm in the future?

    Yusei Fudo : I don't think that's a real thing.

    Yugi Moto : So wait. Is my Grandpa... really dead?

    Jaden Yuki : 'Fraid so, broseph.

    Yugi Moto : I thought this was supposed to be a kid's movie!

  • Jaden Yuki : I go to a kickass school that teaches us how to play trading cards! We get to sleep on warm comfortable beds and get served food whenever we want... awww it's a good life!

    Yusei Fudo : Well, just look at all the f**ks I give!

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