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  • It's sure to be a fast-paced two hours as the second week of competition on "Dancing with the Stars" challenges the couples to do either a jive or quickstep.

    We right to the action.

    Hope & Maks: Hope's week started with a soccer match in Portland, where she was honored for playing her 100th game with the U.S. national team. Maks tries to encourage her to practice hard in rehearsal by telling her they're going to get eliminated in Week 3 if she doesn't. They do a jive with a soccer theme. Head judge Len Goodman says it was crisp, sharp and, unfortunately she lost her timing a little during some intricate kicks and flicks. Bruno Tonioli says that all of Hope's power is lost if she isn't precise and accurate. He tells her to apply herself and take more time to learn the intricacies. Carrie Ann Inaba says it was fun and flirty, but agrees that she does have to work more on the details. Scores: 6, 7, 6. Total: 19

    Kristin & Mark: After impressing the judges a bit, but not coming out of her shell enough, Kristin is setting out to show some attitude. Her goal is to "hit" every beat and movement. She does an old, Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe-inspired glam performance to "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." Bruno loves it, but notes that she has to hold her frames longer. Carrie Ann says, "Last week, nervous; this week, stunning!" She calls it "gorgeous." Len says Kristin looks fantastic, but "it wasn't as good as you look." He says the footwork could have been cleaner, the hold could've been stronger," and he notes that they broke hold. But says that it was, overall, a great improvement from last week. Scores: 8, 7, 7. Total: 22

    David & Kym: David's nerves threw him off last week, but this week's dance, the jive, is a lot like him. He says, "It's a little silly, but it's complicated, as well." He thinks in rehearsal that he nearly got it down, but Kym tells him it was "terrible." Carrie Ann says there was "incredible enthusiasm," but ... he was "a little too loose." She tells him to stop dancing from his shoulders. Len says he's almost speechless and that "any connection that had with the jive was a coincidence -- the technique wasn't there." He liked the enthusiasm, but "it was just a little bit wild and frantic." Bruno says David followed directions after they told him not to hold back. But he says it's good that David's starting to find his persona and gain confidence. Scores: 6, 6, 6. Total: 18

    Elisabetta & Val: After landing in second-to-last place last week, Val says "there's absolutely no room for error." This statement seems to contradict his choice in eyewear. Elisabetta has trouble picking up the routine, and she and Val fight in rehearsal. They dance a quickstep. Len says, "It's not great, but it was better than last week." Bruno says Elisabetta is "back on track." He tells her to keep working and it's great to see her bounce back. Carrie Ann says she "totally came back" and that the quickstep is her dance. Scores: 7, 7, 7. Total: 21

    Rob & Cheryl: Rob played it a little too safe, according to the judges, last week. This week, he's "scared as hell" with the jive. He's worried that his "man boobs" and stomach are going to be bouncing around. He gets genuinely self-conscious. His jive gets a roaring ovation. Bruno says Rob is starting to blossom and find his own voice and his timing was excellent. Carrie Ann announces, "It's official! Rob Kardashian is a better dancer than Kim Kardashian!" Len agrees it was a great improvement. Scores: 7, 7, 7. Total: 21

    Carson & Anna: Carson has to get beyond the personality and great costumes. He's worried that now he really has to show he can dance. He wants to take advantage of a chance to show some fancy footwork with his quickstep. He winds up laying on the judges' table. Carrie Ann says she "saw improvement." She says Carson was "a little wobbly" and she says there's not a great balance of energy in Carson's partnership with Anna. Someone in the crowd shouts something at this. Len says that if he held his knife and fork like Carson held Anna, "I would starve to death." Len laments that the dancers who are the most fun to watch this season are the worst ones. Bruno says it's great entertainment. Scores: 6, 6, 6. Total: 18

    Ricki & Derek: After an impressive first week, the jive brings a whole new challenge. When Derek explains some of the moves Ricki needs to do, she doesn't think there's any way she'll be able to do them. The crowd goes wild. Len isn't totally sure why he didn't like it. He liked the fun, exuberance and such, but he wanted more jive content. Bruno praises Ricki for being the first performer of the night to do the kicks and flicks correctly. Carrie Ann agrees, calling it the "best jive of the night, so far!" Scores: 8, 7, 8. Total: 23

    Chaz & Lacey: Chaz is having some knee trouble after a week's worth of dancing, and he's struggling through some rehearsal. He feels bad but the quickstep is having some of the more challenging aspects removed. Bruno says it's cute and "like watching a little Ewok dance with Princess Leia. He says the dance requires faster step than what was there. Carrie Ann agrees and says Chaz handled the pain well but the dance suffered. Len says he admires the grit and determination, but "it's a quickstep, and I move faster through the car wash." He says it needed more speed. Scores: 6, 5, 6. Total: 17

    Chynna & Tony: Ecstatic after sharing first place last week, Chynna is determined to stay on top. She has a little trouble with the jive steps in rehearsals, she gives in to cursing (using something worthy of a bleep after a series of "fudges" until then). Carrie Ann says she genuinely enjoys watching Chynna dance, but she feels like Chynna played it a little safe. Len says the show is about expectations, and she raised them after last week. "It was good, but it wasn't great, really," he says. He adds that it was a "polite jive." Bruno tells her there's a sexiness that's trying to come out. "Everything was there, but it was a little bit lacking," he says. Scores: 7, 7, 7. Total: 21

    Nancy & Tristan: The judges dropped the hammer of justice on Nancy a bit last week, and Nancy fully shut down during rehearsal. She simply stopped practicing, so Tristan left. She later tearfully apologized to Tristan, and now she's ready to bring it. Len says, "How refreshing." He praises them for maintaining hold, despite lacking "flash" and "raz-matazz." Bruno says it was "a bit top heavy," but it's great to see her taking over the dance floor. Carrie Ann says she's saw some improvement and even though she likes more raz-matazz," she likes the chemistry they're developing. Scores: 6, 8, 7. Total: 21

    J.R. & Karina: A Viennese waltz earned J.R. a spot at the top of the leader board, but he thinks he needs to work harder to stick around because he's not as well known as others on the show. The crowd loves it and Bruno says J.R. has a feel for the music that comes from within him. He calls it "the most satisfying overall performance of the night." Carrie Ann is upset because it was great, but there was a lift that she has to penalize them for. Len says that as good as it was, it wasn't a jive. "It was too much Lindy," he says. Scores: 7, 7, 8. Total: 22


    Ricki & Derek: 23

    Kristin & Mark: 22

    J.R. & Karina: 22

    Elisabetta & Val: 21

    Rob & Cheryl: 21

    Chynna & Tony: 21

    Nancy & Len: 21

    Hope & Maks: 19

    David & Kym: 18

    Carson & Anna: 18

    Chaz & Lacey: 17

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