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The Best Show on Television
flambeurfilms6 March 2013
What What Happens Live is delightful! Inspired by Andy Cohen's experiences in the green room as a producer at CBS, and with a set inspired by his own home den, this show is unlike any other late night talk show. WWHL is fun, spontaneous, and engaging. The eclectic pairings ensure that you see guests in a brand new light. For example, one episode pairs John Mayer with Dan Rather. You would expect these guys to be like oil and water, but the show was the most endearing appearance I've seen from either guest, and the unexpected chemistry was thoroughly entertaining.

Watching new guests Plead the Fifth, a game where they are asked three difficult questions and can abstain from answering only one, never gets old. Seeing Scott Baio reluctantly participate in a game called "Andy Loves Crotchy" (and then enjoying the ensuing twitter fallout with Baio's angry wife after the photo of a formal girlfriend was included) is pure gold. Some guests, like Baio, do not embrace the vibe of the show and these episodes are fun in an "I cannot look away from this tension" way. When you have guests embracing the show, like when Jenny McCarthy let Donnie Wahlberg draw a mustache on her face in permanent marker, it's a real riot. Expect the unexpected.

A previous reviewer,, referred to Andy as a misogynist, and this label could not be further from the truth. Bravo has been built on the Real Housewives franchises (grabbing the baton from the Queer Eye success, running with it, and never stopping for a breath). If you are familiar with the Real Housewives, you know these shows to be real life soap operas. The divas allegedly exploited by Andy Cohen love the spotlight and use it as a platform to further their own personal endeavors. Andy asks proactive questions at reunion shows and on the set of WWHL, never to hurt, always to peel back the layers and dig deeper into what we have seen. Be skeptical if you cannot help it, but Andy's career in journalism is the key to what makes him an amazing host, interviewer, and behind the scenes producer. It's also important to note that Andy is in Bravo's EVP, Original Programming and Development.

The show is very interactive. Andy takes live calls for questions from viewers, asks questions tweeted to the show, and conducts online live polls. When done watching WWHL on your TV, be sure to watch the WWHL After Show at for more must-see moments.

Admittedly, this show is even better if you watch Bravo regularly because the guests are often "Bravolebrities," but it's not absolutely necessary. Some nights you may not like the guests, so watch a few episodes before forming to your final opinion. If you give WWHL a chance, you'll love it. Walk away after just one episode and you're right up there with tonight's jackhole.

Watch What Happens Live is late night by Bravo, and it's a truly unique experience.
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Andy is a slime ball
Fixer-1325722 September 2019
While I do love a guilty pleasure, like the reality tv Bravo airs (Real Housewives, Southern Charm, Vanderpump Rules) - WWHL is completely unwatchable trash. And that's saying something considering it's company.

How Andy gets away with being completely inappropriate to every male on his show is beyond me. Like a cliche drunk creepy man at a bar, he salivates over the male guests, to the point that is uncomfortable to watch. While Andy drools like a "jackhole", he asks guests completely inappropriate questions with no shame as if being gay gives him the green light to be as inappropriate as straight men are to women (but get arrested for it).

Andy borders sexual harassment, if not, fully crossing the line and yet gets away with it because he's openly gay. His ego is pathetic and unwarranted. His personality is toxic and it's painful to watch.

An embarrassment to our LGBTQ community, Andy and this show is full of cringe from a man who should know better. He's just a total slime ball. Anyone else need a shower?
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He's Bad for Humanity!
Sylviastel17 July 2012
Let's face it, Andy Cohen, should not be on television. He is the antithesis of good television. He promotes bad behavior, bullying, and terrorizing his reality show guest stars. Andy Cohen is an indirect bully who allows to promote his misogynistic agenda in the Real Housewives series. His guests often play up to him because he's the unmistakable king of Bravo network at the moment. I find his behavior and reactions as offensive and disturbing at times. There is no sense of remorse, compassion, or sensitivity to his guests on screen or off screen. So why watch this train wreck after a reality show to get a response from it's participants. I can't stand Andy Cohen and I won't watch his show. He's not open-minded at all and has no compassion for his actions or for allowing misbehavior on television especially the housewives. He loves them but yet he exploits them for profit and entertainment. There is something sick about watching him get pleasure from others fighting or acting bad on screen. Still, this show should be canceled.
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Best 30 min talk show EVER
CLP24727 December 2018
Andy Cohen may be the most likeable host on Television! His show is real, funny, unscripted and a breath of fresh air.
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Love love love me some Andy!
lsroyce2 December 2018
I love the show. I record it so that I never miss it. The person that said he should not be on tv must take everything too seriously loosen up have some fun ! Andy is just a hoot and I look forward to watching his show before I go to sleep. It's on my bucket list to ever be able to be on his show or in the audience I know I would have a ball. I say thank you Andy for making me laugh and for all the incredible guests that you get on your show. If they didn't like you and you didn't have so many friends you wouldn't be able to have a guest list as good as you do. Keep it rolling . Aunt Linda from Akron Ohio will be watching
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