Ford v Ferrari (2019) Poster

Ray McKinnon: Phil Remington


  • Phil Remington : [after Carroll steals two stopwatches from the Ferrari pit]  Nice stopwatch.

    Carroll Shelby : Want one? They're Italian.

  • [Shelby enters his office. Remington walks in] 

    Phil Remington : Hey, Shel. That guy, you know the one in the hat, he's ready to close on those two 427s. His and hers. Full freight. They, uh, flew in from Galveston.

    Carroll Shelby : Uh-huh.

    Phil Remington : Uh, I need you to come outside for maybe a minute.

    Carroll Shelby : And do what?

    Phil Remington : Be Carroll Shelby. Tell them a story, spin a few magic words.

    Carroll Shelby : What does that mean? 'Magic words'?

    Phil Remington : It means... come outside and say hello and make them feel good about their purchase.

    Carroll Shelby : They're getting the damn cars. That's what they get for their money, Phil. Now, either they want 'em or they don't. Am I some kind of a lounge act?

    Phil Remington : No.

    Carroll Shelby : Am I here to talk people into things?


    Phil Remington : It's been six months, Shel. Six months.

    [Shelby sighs as Remington walks away] 

    Phil Remington : Sometimes, they don't get out of the car.

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