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A show about 3D and all about 3D!
kevin-bar21 June 2011
Finally a show that showcases all the hottest stuff about 3D and all in 3D! unlike those old school popping out 3D i'm loving this new type of looking in to a window of 3D. I'm finally getting some use of my 3D TV other then looking at 3D blu-rays. Love the host too. Very hot and fun. I think she was a Maxim girl, but not sure. Before this show I didn't know there are so many things coming out in 3D, not just movies, but also games. Effects of 3D are amazing! I feel more productive cause I"m actually picking up what's happening with technology and not just goggling eye candy and explosions. It's like reading a Wired magazine on screen and IN 3D!!!
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In The Qube is different
acorya21 June 2011
In The Qube is different. There's a lot going on. I saw the first show and it had bunch of movie trailers in 3D. The "Thor" trailer was cool at the end of the show, and they had a really cool looking game footage from the video game "Dynasty Warriors" that was in 3D. The set looks amazing - there's these virtual walls that give the illusion of a cube - "In The Qube" - get it! The girl who hosts is pretty hot, too so definitely worth tuning in for that bonus.

I hope they do some "behind the scenes" movie stuff in upcoming episodes. That would be cool to see the making of 3D in 3D as a lot of people like to see how things are done.
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Finally a cool 3D show!!!
cindy-34616 June 2011
My husband and I spent a lot of money on a 3D TV only to get home and realize there wasn't much to watch. We even switched from Time Warner to Direct TV in the hopes that there would be a lot more on. Of the 3 channels available on Direct TV, 3Net is the best. "In the cube" is their best show. It takes viewers through an hour's worth of the coolest 3D content out there right now in music, movies and games. The first two episodes have been a lot of fun with everything from music performances to all the 3D movie trailers you have to pay big money to go to the theaters to see. They also seem to get great celebrity interviews. The worst thing about this show is that its monthly so you have to wait way too long between episodes. The shows design is really beautiful, easy on the eyes in 3D and unlike anything I've ever seen before. Lets hope a lot more shows like "In the cube" show up soon or at least that they start getting us weekly episodes. Nice work 3Net.
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Great 3D show!
mdallain18 June 2011
I love watching the movie trailers in 3D. It feels like I'm in the theater. I'm glad we can now have this technology at home. It's so cool that I can watch what video games are coming out in the future in full 3D. I can't get that on G4 or anywhere else.

The interview with Ryan Reynolds in episode 2 is cool and I love the green lantern footage. Looks like green lantern is the perfect vehicle for 3D and Reynolds is great casting (even if he's doubling down on super hero roles).

It's about time we have a 3D show that caters to the fanboy. Would definitely like to watch more tech in the future episodes. I can't wait for next month.
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