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Entertaining, and a touch of insightful.
joecoolbrad19 July 2011
Todd reviews pop songs.

This is an awesome concept for two reasons: 1. Pop music is part of a common experience that civilized human beings can usually share. 2. Pop music needs criticism, and badly.

So what sets Todd apart, besides being in the shadows? Todd begins every review with a piano cover of the song he's going to review. He then introduces the song, talks about individual elements, culminating in a final judgment, and a send-off. This is all filled with sight gags, puns, and zingers that makes the show very entertaining. That said, Todd can, from time to time, weave social commentary into his reviews, an inevitable element of reviewing popular culture, but one which would be so easy to mess up. Todd manages this element flawlessly, eschewing preachiness when necessary, and in general practicing restraint. The highlight of his shows are definitely his top tens, so if you're new to Todd, start there. One other thing to remember, however, is that he is a romanticist, namely he values emotion in artwork, especially music. Therefore, it follows that if you don't really agree, then his reviews may not suit you too well, but he usually does a good job of avoiding excluding anyone either. If you don't agree with him, then he can make you see things from a different point of view.

So, to conclude, watch this series, as it is quite entertaining, and you just might learn something.
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Review Brilliance
mmallon420 October 2014
Of the internet reviewers spawned from the satirical reviewing site That Guy With The Glasses, I consider Todd In The Shadows to be one of the very greatest productions the site offers. While other reviewers on TGWTG mostly focused on movies, video games and anime etc, Todd brought the much needed sector of reviewing popular music to the site.

Todd Nathanson began producing videos on YouTube and eventually was accepted onto and found new spread popularity on the site and I don't think this could have happened at a better time, due to this being the period when the likes of Lady Gaga, KehSa and The Black Eyed Peas where beginning or already had been dominating the top 40 pop charts. Pop music needed criticism and analyses more than ever, and that's where Todd comes in.

A standard episode of Todd's Pop Song Reviews involves an analyses of a recent U.S Billboard Top 40 pop song, a bad one of course. Each episode begins with piano cover of the song which about to be reviewed, followed by an introduction to the song and the artist behind it. The songs themselves are pulled part, with deep analyses of the lyrics (often pointing out how they don't make sense) and often comments on the music video itself, followed by a final conclusion of the song. Each episode is filled with jokes, gags and one liners mixed in with the review itself but is all perfected flawlessly making Todd's Pop Song Reviews both an hilarious and insightful look into the world of pop music. The guy is one hell of a comedy machine and you can get quite the music education from his show.

However I still have yet to mention possibly the most important aspect of the series. Like many other internet reviewers, Todd has gimmick. The simple genius that we don't know that he looks like due to wearing a hoodie and being unlit within the shadows he inhabits. I love the mystery of not knowing what his physical appearance is and it's also quite a romantic idea in itself. Todd has to communicate primarily through his voice and he certainly has a voice which does just that; clear and audible, pleasant to listen too, and strong enough to get his points across. Todd's Pop Song Reviews is one the finest review shows the internet has to offer. Todd Nathanson isn't a household name but I can call the guy one of my heroes.
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Better than ANYTHING on Cable/Broadcast Television
dingle-me-timbers8 January 2014
Todd in the Shadows is simply a fantastic, hilarious, insightful, and awesomely entertaining music review show. Todd (hidden in shadow) chooses songs from the current "Top 40" Pop charts and conducts an honest (and satirical) review of the song. Todd normally picks songs which are (considered by most) vapid, insulting, pathetic, and trashy though sometimes he showcases a song which he really likes. Each episode is between 10 and 20 minuets. Todd breaks down the lyrics and musical composition of the songs, discussing their meaning and quality. Todd is a talented Musician which helps him with his insights. Because Todd is a Musician I find his insights to be more credible than from someone who wasn't able to make music themselves. I gave up paying for & watching TV, so the Internet is where I now get my "fix" of visual entertainment. Todd In The Shadows is one of the best shows on the web. He is so funny, honest, and insightful and I look forward to each new episode.
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The next big thing on TGWTG
DirectorBlack11 November 2012
Nostalgia Critic has been called the best internet show ever and honestly, I couldn't agree more. But that's saved for another review. Sadly, Doug Walker has canceled the famous loud-mouth critic we love for Demo Reel which I'm not liking so far for reasons I don't know. So now we have Todd, a mysterious music critic who reviews modern pop music. Todd started out in 2009 but discovered just 37 minutes ago. But, I'm already hooked on him like I was with the Nostalgia Critic, he brings up great points, has good jokes and he s a fantastic piano player! There's not much I can say about him except I love this show and looking forward for more. Oh, and...start with his review of Kanye West's short film: Runaway. It's me...and you may disagree with him a lot, that's a warning.
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One of the Best Music Series of All Time
GravityLoudHouseLover111 August 2019
Todd's Pop Song Reviews is an unrated Internet series by Todd Nathanson where he looks at the top 40 hit songs on the Billboard Hot 100 & goes into detail about the hit songs he reviews. He has been doing this since October 2009 with another series of his being One hit Wonderland which debuted in April 2012. One Hit Wonderland is series where Todd looks at a Band/Artist & looks at there Biggest Hit Single and there other unknow Singles. ToddintheShaddow has been one of My Favorite music reviewer since July 2018. I love When talks about a Top 40 Pop Songs which he likes or hates. Some of My Favorite reviews is his review are on Justin Bieber's hit "Sorry" & Shawn Mendes's "Stiches' Anyway Todd's Pop Song Reviews is unrated gem of a series for People who like to learn about Top 40 Hit Pop Music 10/10
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