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As a mystery, Trash is compelling enough though its milieu and the outstanding performances at the centre of the movie are what set it apart.
Another winner from Daldry, this is an unexpectedly gritty crime drama set in the teeming favelas and grimy backstreets of Rio. A cracking script from Richard Curtis, with roughly 80 per cent of the dialogue in street patois, is brilliantly served by the three leads.
Time Out London
Some people will hate Trash for being not grittily real enough, but Daldry’s point – a hope-against-hope optimistic one – is that the energy of young people can change Brazil.
The sheer joy and energy of the boys propels Trash and keeps us rooting for good over evil despite the contrived ending.
Comparisons to “Slumdog Millionaire” are inevitable, but the kinetic Trash has a rhythm all its own.
At best, Trash works as a vibrant, occasionally suspenseful postcard-portrait of a place that’s always great to see on the big screen.
Trash works in large part thanks to the infectious energy and sheer pleasure in comradeship exuded by the three young teen boys.
But while once upon a time Daldry made a very good movie like "Billy Elliot", here he lets what should’ve been an efficient little thriller get stymied by an excess of style, and the weight of self-importance.
Having your heart in the right place isn’t much use, if you’ve forgotten your head somewhere up Sugarloaf Mountain.
Slant Magazine
Director Stephen Daldry, working from an exploitative script by Richard Curtis, opts for a full-on Slumdog Millionaire imitation.

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