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Season 12

1 Jan. 2018
The Buttercream Gang in Secret of Treasure Mountain
Buttercreamy goodness is back as the Cinema Snob reviews the highly-demanded sequel to the original 1992 Buttercream Gang flick.
5 Feb. 2018
Remember the time Matt LeBlanc from Friends starred in a movie about a chimp who plays baseball? The Cinema Snob is among those less fortunate who still remember it, and in light of "Friendsuary", the Snob will look at several big-screen flops from the stars of '90s mega-hit Friends. First up, Ed - a chimp plays baseball. Hijinks ensue.
11 Mar. 2018
Have you ever wanted to see a Rugrats porno spoof? Well, then you've got issues, mister. Because Wood Rocket has no shame whatsoever, they also made a porn parody of Rugrats, in which the babies grow up to be adults with "Adult Baby Syndrome" - among other problems. The Cinema Snob will feel anything but 'norman' after watching this repressed psychological issue of a motion picture.
31 Mar. 2018
Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure
Because someone wanted to see a live action Baby Huey special, this got lit - and tragically, not on fire. The Cinema Snob delivers a special Easter episode that was made by several alumni of Animal House, so hopefully this is all a big fraternity prank.
9 Apr. 2018
Jason X
The Snob reviews Jason X (2001).
16 Apr. 2018
Sex and the City 3
Wait, Sex and the City 3? It had been said this sequel was canceled, and even if it wasn't, who would still be expected to give a shit after all these years? The Cinema Snob, of course. And, fittingly enough, this is not a sequel, but a porno spoof. Could a porno spoof be better than the official movies? What the Snob discovers will shock you.
30 Apr. 2018
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
The Cinema Snob reviews the 1988 film A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.
14 May 2018
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare
The Cinema Snob reviews Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare.
21 May 2018
Wes Craven's New Nightmare
The Cinema Snob reviews Wes Craven's New Nightmare.
28 May 2018
Star Babe
With a whole galaxy of Star Wars porn parodies, where did it all start? The Cinema Snob travels back a long time ago to a perverted galaxy that is thankfully far, far away to look at Star Babe, the original Star Wars porno that came out (pun intended) the same year as the first movie.
13 Jun. 2018
The Illusionauts
Have you ever wanted to watch a foreign CGI travesty in which a mish-mosh of classic characters of literature have to be rescued by a mish-mosh of children superhero movies? Of course you haven't, which is why the Cinema Snob is happy to watch it for you.
9 Jul. 2018
Freddy vs. Jason
The Cinema Snob reviews Freddy vs. Jason.
15 Jul. 2018
The Cinema Snob Movie: Part 1
The Snob reviews a movie that chronicles the tragic, yet inspirational tale of Craig Golightly.
22 Jul. 2018
The Cinema Snob Movie: Part 2
The Snob continues his look at the adventurous tale of that stalwart star of adult films, Craig Golightly.
6 Aug. 2018
Hillary's America
The Cinema Snob reviews a shoddy "documentary" that features a conservative's biased and outdated views on the Democratic Party.
27 Aug. 2018
Mobsters and Mormons
What happens when a mob family under Witness Protection has to relocate to a Mormon neighborhood? Wacky and improbable hijinks, so sayeth the Snob.
3 Sep. 2018
Rock Around the Clock
Musical March (in September) 2018 is ready to rock and/or roll. First up is a little number from Bill Haley and the Comets.
1 Oct. 2018
Rob Zombie's Halloween
The Halloween season begins as the Snob reviews Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007). Haven't you always wanted to see the classic characters from the original be white trash Maury Povich rejects?
8 Oct. 2018
The Cinema Snob is going wacko after reviewing Rob Zombie's Halloween, and knows he'll inevitably have to do the worse sequel later on, so he feels it's a good time to stop and review something goofy. Wacko is a horror movie spoof that came out before horror movie spoofs were done to death. So, what is Wacko, besides the fact it was made? Nobody knows.
15 Oct. 2018
Rob Zombie's Halloween II
Rob Zombie's Halloween-like it or hate it-did well enough to spawn a sequel, and if you thought Halloween 6, and Resurrection, were the worst films of the series, brother, you ain't seen nothing yet. This makes Halloween (2007) look like Halloween (1978). The Cinema Snob steps up to review the incestuous, depraved, tasteless, guileless, witless, vapid, arid, white trash Halloween II.
22 Oct. 2018
The Day After Halloween
A week before Halloween, the Cinema Snob reviews The Day After Halloween, which has nothing to do with Halloween (1978), or the season of Halloween. What's it about? What ISN'T it about - besides Halloween.
5 Nov. 2018
The Town That Dreaded Sundown
This is the story of the Snob who dreaded his fan voting for him to review The Town That Dreaded Sundown, a movie he's long since referenced, but never reviewed. Was it worth the wait?
12 Nov. 2018
The Puppet Inside Me
The Cinema Snob reviews another puppet porno, because - he hasn't filled his quota of strange pornos for the month. So, if you wanna see puppets screw, then - get help.
19 Nov. 2018
Spongeknob Squarenuts
Ohhh, who stars in a porno under the sea? Spongeknob Squarenuts. Who makes a porn spoof that no one should see? Spongeknob Squarenuts. What is the Snob reviewing today? Spongeknob Squarenuts. It's a Spongebob porno, make it go away. Spongeknob Squarenuts.
26 Nov. 2018
Santa Visits the Magic Land of Mother Goose
No better way to ring in the Christmas season than the Cinema Snob reviewing yet another warped piece of cinematic tripe that people actually thought children in the 1960s would enjoy, right up there with Fun in Balloon Land, Magic Christmas Tree and Santa's Elf Calvin. Yule have nightmares.
3 Dec. 2018
A Christmas Kiss II
The Cinema Snob hangs up a sprig of dead mistletoe in the form of A Christmas Kiss II: Second Base.
10 Dec. 2018
A Little Piece of Heaven
The Cinema Snob revisits an old friend from years past: Kirk Cameron. Before he saved Christmas in 2014, he played a morally bankrupt man who kidnapped children to play with his mentally handicapped sister. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night, my ass.
17 Dec. 2018
A Christmas Puppy
From the people who brought you A Halloween Puppy comes another bout of false advertising. The Cinema Snob reviews a movie that's hardly about Christmas and barely has a puppy in it. He discovers a very dishonest, yet shrewd marketing gimmick where if you put "Christmas Puppy" as the title of your movie, it's a guaranteed sale.
23 Dec. 2018
To All a Goodnight
On this festive Christmas Eve, the Cinema Snob reaches into his magic sack - of gifts, you perverts, and presents us with another Christmas slasher movie. What do you get when you take a group of naive girls, stick them at a lonely female finishing school over a weekend and have them be stalked by a maniac in a costume? A porn, or a cheap horror movie? Luckily for the Snob, it's pretty much both.

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