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Sonic the Vadgehog

With the Sonic the Hedgehog movie racing into theaters this week, the Cinema Snob looks at the Wood Rocket porno spoof. They don't call her the fastest thing alive for nothing.

Season 11

2 Jan. 2017
Reefer Madness
If drugs seem to be a problem in today's society, it's small potatoes compared to what they were during the Great Depression. The Cinema Snob takes a gander at the infamous Reefer Madness, a delightful, hypocritical film that blames the use of marijuana on most, if not all, of society's ills. When he's done, the Snob will want to blaze a bowl...with this movie inside of it.
9 Jan. 2017
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan: Part 1
Misleading sequel titles strike again as the Cinema Snob looks at Friday the 13th Part VIII, in which Jason Takes Manhattan - eventually. In Part 1 of this two-part review, the Snob watches Jason's exploits aboard a cruise ship consisting of both our heroes and generic assholes set up to die. Jason Takes Manhattan? More like Jason Takes A Long-Ass Cruise.
12 Jan. 2017
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan: Part 2
Back to Friday the 13th Part VIII- We pick up where we left off: the survivors are finally off the ship and do will they actually make it to New York so the movie can begin proper? An impatient Cinema Snob watches as the gang makes it to "New York", and believe it or not, this is where the movie gets weird.
18 Jan. 2017
I'm Not Ashamed
The Cinema Snob is very ashamed to have to discuss today's movie, due to its very controversial nature. Pure Flix made a biopic on Columbine victim Rachel Joy Scott. What makes this film so unbearable for the Snob is that not only is it about somebody who was murdered in such a horrific tragedy, but that it suggests the killings had religious undertones.
23 Jan. 2017
Macho Man
If it's an '80s exploitation film with boxing and/or karate and sex, the Cinema Snob is on the job. This little kick to the groin comes to us from our friends in Germany, with subtitles included, so the Snob will have to sit on his fake subtitles gag. Mindless action, heedless romance and bland characters make this a must for that German boxing-sploitation fan in the family.
30 Jan. 2017
Glen or Glenda
It's a gender bender of a movie for the Snob today, coming straight from brilliant landmark filmmaker Ed Wood. Glen or Glenda is the somewhat biographical story of a woman trapped in a man's body having to live in a world of small-minded conservative people with prejudices against those who dare to be different. A tale as old as time.
6 Feb. 2017
The Beyond
The Snob kicks off February with Fulciary, a month dedicated to reviewing the films of famed Italian horror director Lucio Fulci. He's got a nasty one for today: a dark, disturbing gore-fest about an old hotel that is said to be built on one of the 7 gateways to Hell. The new owners of this damned establishment must endure the evil within while battling zombies and possessions, while keeping an eye out for anything really strange.
13 Feb. 2017
Manhattan Baby
Fulciary continues with another Fulci classic simply known as Manhattan Baby. If you ever wanted to see an Italian rip-off of The Exorcist, this one would certainly fit the bill. An evil eye medallion causes a little girl's soul to be possessed by a sinister entity. Just your basic ancient Egyptian curse. To add insult to injury, the Cinema Snob's favorite character from House by the Cemetery makes a comeback.
20 Feb. 2017
City of the Living Dead
The Cinema Snob reviews the first entry of Fulci's unofficial Gates of Hell trilogy for today's entry into Fulciary, which for those of you not keeping up, is a month dedicated to reviewing Lucio Fulci's library of bizarre, grotesque, cheesy, eye-popping horror films. And City of the Living Dead is an outstanding film in its own right. It's bizarre, grotesque, cheesy, and eye-popping horror. With zombies.
27 Feb. 2017
As February draws to a close, so does Fulciary. But not before the Snob looks at one more masterpiece from the master himself. It's Conquest, where Fulci takes a break from violent, bloody horror to give us violent, bloody fantasy adventure epic. Voted for by the Snob's Patreon sponsors, he sees how the Italian auteur known for obligatory eye-gouges fares in a different genre.
6 Mar. 2017
King Dong
To celebrate the latest King Kong movie hitting the big screen, the Cinema Snob looks at a Kong porno spoof on the small screen. A horny couple is shipwrecked on an island inhabited by dinosaurs, apes and tribal savages. Undoubtedly the kinkiest porn the Snob has ever seen...this week.
13 Mar. 2017
Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla
What happens when Count Dracula meets King Kong? Probably something better than what this movie has to offer. The Cinema Snob peels back the layers of this rancid, rotting banana, starring a poor-man's version of Martin and Lewis, along with poor Mr. Lugosi, in a topsy-turvy movie about two entertainers lost on an island with tribal women and a diabolical doctor who experiments on apes.
20 Mar. 2017
Mighty Muffin Pounder Rangers
While the child in all of us is excited for the new Power Rangers, there are others whose inner child is a major pervert, which is why the Power Rangers needed to have a porno spoof. The Cinema Snob morphs into...himself, and reviews it for those who want to see how the people who messed up porn parodies of Pokemon and Ninja Turtles did the same thing to 5 popular rainbow-colored, technological kung-fu artists.
27 Mar. 2017
God's Club
Cookie-cutter religious films end up on the Snob's list once again, as he takes a look at a Stephen Baldwin (post Bio-Dome) vehicle in which a widowed high school teacher sets up an after school Bible club, to help get the kids back on the right path. And because this is a whitebred Christian film, it's set in a world run by atheists who set out to thwart the intentions of this innocent club.
3 Apr. 2017
The Smuffs
If ever there was a literal interpretation of cinematic blue-balls,this is it. Since the Smurfs are making their return to the big screen, and since he has a porno spoof for every day of the week, the Cinema Snob reviews one that is Smurf-related. If you ever wanted to see the Smurfs get their Smurf on, then you're one Smurfed up Smurf.
10 Apr. 2017
Zombies on Broadway
It's B-movie time again. That's B for Bela Lugosi. The poor Dracula star is made to appear in another cheesy horror movie with another cheesy comedy duo knock-off. This time it's Brown and Carney (Alan, not Art) trying to find a real zombie for their nightclub act, as their actor wearing zombieface was not credible, like the rest of the movie. Also, Doug Walker is in it...somehow. The filmmakers must have looked into the future and became Nostalgia Critic fans.
17 Apr. 2017
God's Not Dead 2
The Cinema Snob reviews the highly anticipated, highly demanded follow-up to God's Not Dead. Old friends and new friends join forces, because this time they have to bring their case of God's existence all the way to the Supreme Court. Is it the accusation contrived? Is the court case totally removed from reality? Does the Cinema Snob wear glasses?
24 Apr. 2017
Another Son of Sam
Apparently Sam had another son, who he rarely talked about, and by another son, we mean an in-name-only, unrelated sequel that was titled purely to capitalize on a real-life tragedy. That and some really bad editing makes this movie prime Cinema Snob territory.
1 May 2017
Gnardians of the Galaxy
Recovering from a nasty cold, the Cinema Snob decides laughter is the best medicine, but unfortunately, there's very little to laugh at in today's porno spoof. Whenever there's a blockbuster movie on the big screens, a lackluster porno spoof on the small screen is never far away. This one of Guardians of the Galaxy and is so cheesy, you'll shut it off faster than you can say "I am groot." So this is a job for Snoblord.
8 May 2017
Unidentified Flying Oddball
It's Medieval Madness as the Cinema Snob reviews a very oddball movie that Disney has hopefully buried deep in the back of their vault. It's about a man who builds robots for NASA accidentally getting shot into space and somehow winding up back in time in King Arthur's court. Fear not, Sir Snobsalot will slay this shit-spewing dragon.
15 May 2017
Windy City
To tie-in with Alien: Covenant hitting theaters this week, the Snob asked his Patreon sponsors to vote on an alien-themed rip-off movie to review this week. The choice was obvious: Windy City. Much like Independence Day and the 1983 in-name-only drab-ass rom-com chosen last year, the Cinema Snob must grin and bare what his semi-loyal sponsors have chosen for him. He finds that Windy City really blows, and is so very, very boring.
22 May 2017
There's a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie on the horizon and you know what that means right? It means that the Snob has to review a Pirates-themed porno spoof. And sure enough, there's the epic porno film called simply Pirates.
29 May 2017
Erotic Nights of the Living Dead
To celebrate the Cinema's Snob ten years on the job and his 400th episode, he decides to do a ten-episode marathon, featuring ten reviews of ten movies he's covered over the past ten years. First up on the chopping block, a sequel to Porno Holocaust. There's sex, gore and bad acting galore.
29 May 2017
Night of the Seagulls
The Snob reviews a long-requested zombie horror film that follows Horror of the Zombies, which he reviewed way back in Season 2 in his dark basement. It's your typical, run-of-the-mill living dead movie about a doctor and his wife relocating to a secluded village that has a few sinister secrets up its sleeves, including human sacrifice and ghoulish wacky characters to boot.
29 May 2017
The Other Deep Throat II
In 1974, Deep Throat got a sequel. Then, in 1987, it got another sequel, except this was also a Part II. Why isn't it called Deep Throat III or Deep Throat II: Part 2? A chronologically confused Cinema Snob watches this unnecessary direct-to-video "sequel" to determine why it's considered number 2, aside from just being crap.
29 May 2017
Cannibal Holocaust II
The Cinema Snob watches the sequel to Cannibal Holocaust, because y'know, the first one was so much fun, we needed to see more gore and animal cruelty, right? Fortunately, this one isn't a direct sequel to the legendary 1980 found-footage pioneer. This one follows 4 film students to the Amazon in search of a missing professor. Same premise, but toned down dramatically and with swapped character roles. The Snob probably wishes he could swap roles with someone not watching this movie.
29 May 2017
That Nazty Nuisance
The Cinema Snob's tenth anniversary spectacular wouldn't be complete without a little Nazi-sploitation. Remember when he reviewed The Devil with Hitler? Yeah, neither does he, but he did. And wouldn't you know, that movie had a sequel. Because why not? So join the Snob as he looks back to see what those wacky Nazis are up to this time.
29 May 2017
Crackerjack 2: Hostage Train
Ready for more Jack? After forgetting to follow up on the follow-up to Crackerjack, the Cinema Snob decides to rectify this oversight and review the sequel, which was his reason for wanting to review the original in the first place. That may sound confusing, but then so does replacing Thomas Ian Griffith with Judge Reinhold.
29 May 2017
Return to Boggy Creek
The Snob returns to Boggy Creek, and discovers that much has changed. This time, instead of a faux docu-drama on a bigfoot-like creature lurking in the woods, it's a movie set in a cliched backwoods village with a bigfoot-like creature lurking in the woods.
29 May 2017
Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit, Part 2
Because the gripping, edge-of-your-seat thrill ride that was Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit just demanded a sequel, it got one. In true porno spoof tradition, it has nothing to do with the film it's supposed to be spoofing, so there is no animated patty-cake. The Cinema Snob prepares to be bored to tears yet again as he's lowered into this steaming kettle of dip.
29 May 2017
Slumber Party Massacre III
The first film was a straight-up slasher movie, the second was more of a psychological thriller, so what will the third installment of the Slumber Party Massacre series have in store for our hard-working Cinema Snob, who just survived 10 horrible sequels to 10 horrible films he's reviewed over the past 10 years? One thing's for sure, Slumber Party Massacre III wouldn't be 10 even if Bo Derek showed up.
19 Jun. 2017
The Little Cars in the Great Race
With Cars 3 burning rubber at the box office, the Cinema Snob burns brain cells with its Brazilian knock-off. As with everything else made with good quality, it has a poorly made counterpart. Picture Cars if it were poorly made, had no effort and a non-discernible and uninteresting story-line. Like Cars 2.
26 Jun. 2017
The Cinema Snob looks to see what else Video Brinquedo has to offer. After their pitiful Cars knockoff last week, he finds one of Transformers, because they made another one of those movies too. But to VB's credit, they managed to make a fight between two giant gladiator robots boring as hell.
3 Jul. 2017
The Snob's porno sense is more ways than one. With Spider-Man: Homecoming web-slinging its way to theaters, the Cinema Snob reviews a porno spoof that gives a whole new meaning to "home coming." Like all the other XXX parodies, it was too lazy to create a decent title (and plot, and acting, and movie, etc.), so like with the Smuffs, this Spidey porno is getting a Snobbier title.
10 Jul. 2017
Playmate of the Apes
War for the Planet of the Apes is swinging to theaters this week, while the Cinema Snob fights the war for the planet of the porno spoofs. A couple of lesbian astronauts crash-land on a planet inhabited by people in shoddy ape costumes, as well as any other costume they could get their hands on.
17 Jul. 2017
Sex and the City
At the behest of the Snob's new roommate, Jay Sherman, he reluctantly agrees to review the 2008 Sex and the City movie, based on the cable series of the same name. As expected, every place the series shined, the movie failed miserably.
23 Jul. 2017
Christian Mingle: The Movie
The Cinema Snob gets back on the Christian movie bandwagon with another bland film about bland people doing bland things. This one is based on a Christian dating web site. What could possibly go wrong? Well, it's no Social Network, but it's better than The Internship. However, the Snob would rather wait around for a movie about Porn Hub.
31 Jul. 2017
Sex and the City 2
Because the first film was so much fun, the Cinema Snob decided to come back for seconds. It's A Very City Sequel as the script and characters get even dumber than before, with lots of cliches, one-liners, failed gags, unmemorable characters, and female traits clearly written by a man, it's all you could expect from a Sex and the City movie sequel.
14 Aug. 2017
The Snob uses his voice to talk his extreme displeasure with Voiceless: a religious, anti-abortion movie made by true experts of the subject: men.
21 Aug. 2017
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot
Remember the time Schwarzenegger got the better of Stallone? Arnie tricked Sly into being in this shoddy, action/comedy about an undercover cop and his overbearing mother. The Cinema Snob learns fact is stranger than fiction as he reviews this infamous pile. And we thought Rocky V was the low point of Sly's career.
11 Sep. 2017
Song of the South
Snob-a-dee-doo-dah, Snob-a-dee-ay, what's old Brad gonna review today? Snob-a-dee-doo-dah, Snob-a-dee-ay, Musical March in September is well underway. Today he's reviewing Song of the South. Is it racist? Outdated? Or art that should be celebrated? Snob-a-dee-doo-dah, Snob-a-dee-ay, a jolly good time may be coming his way.
25 Sep. 2017
My Little Pony: The Movie
Musical March (in September) takes its last dance of 2017, and you wouldn't believe what the Cinema Snob has saved for the occasion. Based on a popular toy franchise in the early '80s and followed by a popular cartoon, as well as a notorious reboot in 2010, it's My Little Pony: The Movie.
2 Oct. 2017
Halloween H20
What better way to celebrate Halloween than Halloween, and so the Cinema Snob returns to Haddon - er, California for the 1998 reboot of the Halloween series. We rejoin Laurie Strode who is once again stalked by Michael Myers after he'd mysteriously disappeared 20 years earlier. This one ignores Parts 4-6, so no Thorn Cult crap, but what this one does have is jump scares up the ass, Scream-style cliches and characters you can barely remember, but it has a good climax, which they ruin horribly in the is tradition.