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3 Nov. 2010
Nature Knows Best
Explore the wonders of the natural world and look at inventions inspired by Mother Nature.
10 Nov. 2010
Reach for the Sky
Inventors include: a man trying to build a rocket that can reach orbit with little fuel (the fuel of which is made of used tires); a woman trying to design the space suit of the future, which is lighter and allows more maneuverability; an inventor trying to use the Magnus effect to draw power out of the air; the tale of a late inventor who made flying designs with his bicycle included; I man trying to perfect the human jet pack.
24 Nov. 2010
Come to Your Senses
In this episode Wallace and Gromit experience the world through the five senses, exploring the fact and fiction behind invisibility cloaks, bomb detecting bees and the top sensory inventions. In London, scientists are creating prototype invisibility cloaks using metamaterials to bend light around objects, and we discover the science behind new technology allowing the blind to 'see' through taste using hi-tech sunglasses. In Kentucky, USA we visit the small town where a local farmer invented wireless telephones over 100 years ago. Or did he? Finally in Tasmania, ...
1 Dec. 2010
Better Safe Than Sorry
Look at how other Inventors have taken safety into their own hands.
8 Dec. 2010
From A to B
Discover Incredible transportation inventions from around the Globe.

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