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coulda, woulda, shoulda been better
lioninoil3 July 2016
Good performances (with one exception*, noted below), good story, good staging, good photography, and good dialogue (again with one exception*, noted below), this could have been a 7/10 or 8/10 movie but for that one exception: *Marc Petey (as Aiden Magnusson) and his (lack) of dialogue.

It would be reasonable (I think) to expect Eric Petey to write some decent dialogue for Marc, and get him to deliver, but no. He mostly has none, and what he does have is mostly unremarkable. It's a shame, because that single performance (by the main character) drags down the entire movie.
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Save yourself the pain
tinatspoon3 June 2016
I like bad films. Films that are 'so bad it's good', but this? It's just bad. So awful that I stopped watching after 25 minutes and I can't remember ever doing that before. The acting is wooden, which I can overlook in films because they're entertainingly bad and have redeeming features, but this was just painful to watch. The main character is uninteresting, there are too many irrelevant characters and interactions, and it seems in this futuristic vision everyone is an *sshole. For a city sector that is crumbling the pavements are surprisingly clean, but this film is a mess. The UK DVD cover looks like it should be an action movie, the synopsis read like it had potential, so for £3 in ASDA I took a chance on it but it's going straight to the charity shop.
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Anything is better than spending time watching this!
millis-5709224 May 2016
This is truly an appalling movie: there is nothing to recommend or redeem it in the slightest. The acting is so wooden it makes Pinocchio look like an Oscar- winning character actor, the plot is so confusing that you don't know what the main character is doing, or why, and even understand how it ends and the scenes are basic to say the least. It's set in a future where a presumably dangerous city (devoid of any transport) is policed by unarmed cops, and all the criminals are equally unarmed. Characters appear and disappear throughout the 98 mins of cinematic torture without rhyme nor reason: distinctive clothing or characteristics make no difference to whether they stay or not and if they make any impact on the story. I've no idea how anyone can score it anything better than awful: it's certainly the worst movie I've actually sit through as opposed to walking out before the end, though I should have done to save my time.
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Bit of a mess where I think a good film was trying to come out....and failed
t-dooley-69-38691625 July 2016
This is set in the future where global warming has caused the seas to rise or something and in Canada the 'haves' now live in a fab city surrounded by a wall which keeps the 'have nots', riff raff out. Aaron is a 'second sector' cop who gets promoted to the city and real cop work. The whole of the city is run on a helix system of intel which solves crimes as fast as they are committed.

Aaron discovers that the system is not what it seems and then he gets framed for a crime he did not commit etc, etc.

Now there are some very good ideas here and the acting is OK to terrible. The sound levels vary and the direction is at best patchy. The sets are actually not too bad and the CGI is mostly very good, so what is the real problem? Well it just does not hang together, there is next to no chemistry for the 'love interest' and the plot is a bit all over the place and I am sure there is either been an editing mistake or there have been scenes cut. This has received a lot of panning and most of it is justified but this is far from being a terrible film it is just not a very good one – if in doubt go for an inexpensive rental or streaming option as you will not be wanting to see this twice.
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At 98 mins, it's about 97 mins too long. A little racist, plus: gay-porn. Ish
huh_oh_i_c15 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, this is as bad as everyone says. It starts with the main character who, besides being and playing an @whole, also looks unlikable, with his Daffy Duckish head. One simply doesn't care for him. Now, he seems to be the brother of the director and he does some producing too, so this explains his lead.

Not ALL actors are bad, but like 80-90%, which includes all main characters and the lead.

Also, if you're watching a film with no female nudity whatsoever, which studiously avoids it, but shows MALE nudity, there's a 90% guarantee this is some type of gay thing. This is a flic made by three brothers, of whom at least two could be gay, based on this movie. If this is an attempt to normalize gayness, or to represent, PLEASE STOP! You're not doing gaydom any favors, not that you should be held accountable for all gay people, but still. As an LBGT person, I say to you: you've hurt the cause. Try harder, or better yet, don't try at all.

And the story is fairly unimaginative: dystopian future, due to climate change (the film is also hurting that cause) with an overt elite (hello, Elysium) that institutes a police state to oppress an underclass with a Big Brotherish NSA-like computer-system. Then, there's the Hero with the Elitist-Turned-Activist parents, the unlikely yet Lovable Sidekick/Love Interest girl from Da Hoods, played by a minority to get that whole Cinderelle feeling going.

So, yes, it's chock-full of clichés, and NOT ONE thing is original, and the casting is a little throwback to the 50s, when White Males had 90% of all the movie roles. This is the same. Females are completely subservient to the story, as are the two minor black characters: one is a street thug with one scene.

oh well.

1/10 The Melancholic Alcholic.
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Everybodys always angry but why????
hobbitsis19 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
is it a spoiler to say that almost every character in this movies is just way too angry or was that just me?. character depth... the movie doesn't explain why either. is that just suppose to be how society evolved?

the beginning dialog is pretty weak. redo/add a few parts and this could actually be a decent movie... the characters say very little useful info if anything at all. congrats you made cops look really unintelligent and corrupt?

the beginning has lots of questions most don't get answered.. in the middle people start dying and the magic computer solves all the murders... at the end, the main character comes back after running away but then says he's not staying LOL.. oh and we never find out who's killing people and why. there were 2 scenes with some sonic pulse gun but i guess they don't give them to all the cops, or maybe it's just Wednesday's that they get them (there and gone - without a trace). IDK pretty weak probably should have changed those 2 scenes to mesh with the rest of the movie (knives only maybe? technology?).

i can't imagine this type of movie being easy to make without lots of money so props for that! the actors and actresses looked like they did the best they could with the weak-sauce lines they were fed (beginning was kinda rough). probably the main thing i didn't like was how as new characters were introduced each demonstrated 1 kind of personality(inpatient, bad at their job, and angry). there's just so many unanswered questions. The story is a little Skippy with a few pointless encounters. who was the bad guy? the story line needed just a little more thought or something to make it all fit/flow together..

pretty much only managed to watch the whole thing because of the cute Asian(Elfina Luk). she should be in all the movies, seriously why isn't she? tell me now...
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The system doesn't lie
nogodnomasters25 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The film takes place sometime in the near future. Technology has advanced and so has global warming, so much that it has devastated the city of Vancouver, now walled off into sectors. Aiden Magnusson (Mark Petey) a contractor cop from sector 2 apprehends a criminal and is now a quiet hero being promoted to sector 1.

Crimes are solved using DNA. They can spray a home and find out who was there from DNA traces. Everyone has their DNA on file since birth. Aiden detects there is something wrong with the system and causes issues.

The film moved slow. Action scenes lacked action. Mark Petey has no stage presence. They needed a real "hero" for that role, someone who could really fight. Eric Petey wrote and directed the film and by casting what I suspect is his brother into the lead, he killed his project.

Guide: f-word. Nudity (Lara Doucette, Mark Petey)
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Typical kind of indie
Leofwine_draca8 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
HELIX is a Canadian indie science fiction flick that seems to get its inspiration from many Hollywood flicks past and present, MINORITY REPORT being one of them. It's a slow moving and talky affair, as are so many indies, in which an ordinary guy's life spirals out of control when he gets framed for murder by a governmental computer. It's all chit-chat between actors making little effort with a few CGI backgrounds thrown in.
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Pretty good show
dbennington-4572031 December 2017
Just like most shows if you read the comments below where people stopped after 30 minutes or 1 episode that's dumb. Like everyone else I love game of thrones but even that takes a few episodes to get interesting. This show was no different. After about 2 episodes it picks up. It also has some good plot twists and isn't entirely predictable.
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