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It keeps you fascinated, even enthralled; elicits astonishment, even wonderment, and makes you grateful for the chance to meet someone remarkable.
Buck Brannaman, the subject of Cindy Meehl's engaging documentary profile Buck, has a warm presence and knows how to tame horses better than anyone else.
This film's effectively wrought communion between once-spooked man and animal is more than enough for any entertainment. It rides easily into your heart.
Perhaps Brannaman's art is too subtle and instinctive to be captured on camera, but it's a shame Meehl doesn't do a better job of capturing exactly what makes him, by all accounts, a miraculously successful trainer.
Boxoffice Magazine
What makes this movie truly special is that the source of Buck's uncanny gift is actually an acute childhood sorrow.
A quietly captivating portrait of an unlikely character, Buck is as modest as its subject and wins viewers over just as easily.
Village Voice
Meehl finds the real story in Brannaman's fractured past as a child celebrity trick-roper who, along with his older brother, Smokie, was systematically abused by his alcoholic father.
Orlando Sentinel
Taken on its own merits, this profile of "Buck" Brannaman is a pleasant and touching but somewhat superficial insight to the man and his methods.
Even if we can't live his cowboy life, Buck Brannaman's world is well worth visiting.
Life lessons abound in Buck, most of them tied to endlessly reiterated comparisons between man and horse.

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