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NeNe Leakes/Piers Morgan

TV personality Piers Morgan; guest co-hostess NeNe Leakes;


7 Jan. 2015
Gina Rodriguez/Diana Madison/Aarti Sequeira
Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin (2014)); gossip columnist Diana Madison. Also: chef Aarti Sequeira prepares roasted garlic and cilantro-stuffed shrimp.
9 Jan. 2015
Guest Co-Hostess Carnie Wilson/Jeffrey Tambor/Chef David Lefevre
Guest co-hostess Carnie Wilson; Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent (2014)). Also: chef David Lefevre prepares French toast with poached pears and bacon with rosemary and brown sugar chili gastrique.
12 Jan. 2015
Jamie Lee Curtis/Kevin Frazier/Chef Alisa Reynolds
Jamie Lee Curtis (Spare Parts (2015)); Kevin Frazier (Entertainment Tonight (1981)). Also: chef Alisa Reynolds serves fried chicken over braised greens with quinoa mac and cheese.
14 Jan. 2015
Betty White/Jessica Radloff/Chef Curtis Stone
Betty White (Hot in Cleveland (2010)); entertainment reporter Jessica Radloff. Also: chef Curtis Stone makes pomegranate cropo with arugula salad.
16 Jan. 2015
Jesse L. Martin/Chef Tom Colicchio
Jesse L. Martin (The Flash (2014)). Also: chef Tom Colicchio serves slow-roasted pork butt with chilies and clams braised Swiss chard.
16 Jan. 2015
George Lopez/Gavin DeGraw/Linda Perry
George Lopez (Spare Parts (2015)). Also: Gavin DeGraw performs. Linda Perry and "The Holy Coyotes" serve as the house band.
21 Jan. 2015
Ella Henderson/Noah Levy/David Tutera
Ella Henderson performs and discusses her album, "Chapter One". Also: entertainment editor Noah Levy; celebrity event planner David Tutera.
22 Jan. 2015
Guest Co-Hostess Carnie Wilson/Eddie Izzard/Big Boy/Molly Sims
Guest co-hostess Carnie Wilson; Eddie Izzard (Boychoir (2014)); radio personality Big Boy. Also: actress/model Molly Sims serves up a detox smoothie with quinoa and lentil salad.
26 Jan. 2015
Mary Steenburgen/Shelley Wade/Chef Art Smith
Mary Steenburgen (A Walk in the Woods (2015)); radio personality Shelley Wade. Also: chef Art Smith serves shirataki noodles stir fry with chicken.
27 Jan. 2015
Jeff Garlin/Paul Wesley/Chef Alejandra Schrader
Jeff Garlin (The Goldbergs (2013)); Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries (2009)). Also: chef Alejandra Schrader prepares Venezuelan arepas with shredded beef, purple slaw, and guasacaca sauce.
29 Jan. 2015
Simon Helberg/Jennifer Widerstrom
Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory (2007)); fitness trainer Jennifer Widerstrom. Also: Sara Gilbert's birthday is celebrated.
3 Feb. 2015
Marion Cotillard/Thea Andrews/Chef Duff Goldman
Marion Cotillard (Two Days, One Night (2014)); entertainment reporter Thea Andrews. Also: chef Duff Goldman prepares Persian herb stew and stuffed grape leaves with lamb.
4 Feb. 2015
Wayne Brady/Jessica Radloff/Chef Susan Feniger
Wayne Brady (Let's Make a Deal (2009)); entertainment reporter Jessica Radloff. Also: chef Susan Feniger serves ciudad chicken with pickled tomatoes.
5 Feb. 2015
Dame Edna/Ellen K/Fifth Harmony/Chef John Besh
Barry Humphries (aka Dame Edna); radio personality Ellen K. Also: Fifth Harmony perform; chef John Besh prepares New Orleans-themed recipes.
9 Feb. 2015
Kevin Franzier/Chi-Lan Lieu/Elvis Duran
Entertainment reporter Kevin Frazier; lifestyle expert Chi-Lan Lieu showcases the hottest Valentine's Day gifts. Also: radio personality Elvis Duran.
11 Feb. 2015
Taraji P. Henson/Lisa Ingrassia/Annie Lennox/Chef Greg Frey Jr.
Taraji P. Henson (Empire (2015)); entertainment reporter Lisa Ingrassia; Annie Lennox performs; chef Greg Frey Jr. prepares mojo marinated chicken breast grilled with honey-cilantro sweet-and-sour sauce.
12 Feb. 2015
Kunal Nayyar/Diana Madison/Chef Dean Sheremet
Kunal Nayyar (The Big Bang Theory (2007)); gossip columnist Diana Madison. Also: chef Dean Sheremet prepares "Take Your Love Around the World with Food" dishes.
16 Feb. 2015
Connie Britton/Shaun White/Chef Richard Blais
Connie Britton (Nashville (2012)); snowboarder Shaun White. Also: chef Richard Blais prepares Swedish meatballs with gravy, smoked mashed potatoes, and butterscotch pudding.
17 Feb. 2015
Guest Co-Host Jerry O'Connell/David Duchovny/Michael Yo/Chef Greg Frey Jr.
Guest co-host Jerry O'Connell; David Duchovny; "Top Talker" Michael Yo. Also: chef Greg Frey Jr. cooks mojo-marinated chicken breast, grilled with honey cilantro sweet-and-sour sauce.
18 Feb. 2015
Danny DeVito/Jenny Hutt/Chef Brooke Williamson
Danny DeVito; radio personality Jennifer Hutt (aka Jenny Hutt). Also: chef Brooke Williamson makes pasta with bacon, tomato and pecorino.
20 Feb. 2015
Guest Co-Host Adam Rodriguez/Karla Souza/Chi-Lan Lieu
Guest co-host Adam Rodriguez; Karla Souza (How to Get Away with Murder (2014)). Also: lifestyle expert Chi-Lan Lieu presents exclusive deals on award show swag.
3 Mar. 2015
Guest Co-Hostess Alyssa Milano/Adam Brody/Keltie Knight/Chef Ryan Scott
Guest co-hostess Alyssa Milano; Adam Brody ("Billy and Billie"); entertainment reporter Keltie Knight. Also: chef Ryan Scott serves up Asian tuna lettuce wraps with grain salad.