Despicable Me 2 (2013) Poster

Miranda Cosgrove: Margo



  • [after Gru lied about his fear of dating] 

    Gru : Good night, Edith.

    [gives her a good night kiss and gently pulls the beanie over Edith's eyes] 

    Gru : Good night, Margo.

    [gives her a goodnight kiss, but returns in suspicion] 

    Gru : Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold the horses. Who are you texting?

    Margo : No one. Just my friend Avery.

    Gru : Avery...


    Gru : Avery? Is that a girl's name or a boy's name?

    Margo : Does it matter?

    Gru : No. No, it doesn't matter, unless it's a boy!

    Agnes : I know what makes you a boy.

    Gru : [concerned]  Uhh... Oooh... you... do?

    Agnes : Your bald head.

    Gru : [relieved]  Oh... yes.

    Agnes : It's really smooth. Sometimes I stare it, and imagine a little chick popping out.

    [imitating a chick] 

    Agnes : Peep-peep-peep.

    Gru : Good night, Agnes.

    [kisses her forehead] 

    Gru : Never get older.

  • Antonio : [suave]  And my dream is to one day play video games for a living.

    Margo : [romantically]  Wow.


    Margo : You're so complicated.

    Gru : Margo...

    [the tweens look up and, once seeing Gru, Margo gasps in astonisment] 

    Gru : [attempts a smile]  What is going on here?

    Margo : Oh, Gru. Se llama, Antonio. Me llamo, Margo.

    Gru : Me llamo-llama-ding dong.


    Gru : Who cares? Let's go.

  • Gru : I have accepted a new job.

    Margo : Whoa! Really?

    Gru : Yes, I have been recruited by a top secret agency to go undercover and save the world!

    Edith : You're gonna be a spy?

    Gru : *That's* right, baby! Gru's back in the game with gadgets and weapons and cool cars! The whole deal!

    Edith : [amazed]  Awesome!

    Agnes : Are you really gonna save the world?

    Gru : [coolly]  Yes.

    [puts on a pair of sunglasses] 

    Gru : Yes, I am.

    Dave : [copies him]  Mocha!

    Tim : [wearing an old Dutch beard and tie]  Cacao!

    Stuart : [dresses like Pippi Longstocking]  Papadum? Eh,


  • Margo : Hey, what celebrity do you look like?

    Gru : Uh, Bruce Willis.

    Margo : Mmm, no.

    Agnes : Humpty Dumpty!

    Edith : Ooh, Gollum!

  • Margo : [to Gru; glaring at Antonio]  I hate boys.

    Gru : Yes, they stink.

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