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Joel Courtney: Joe Lamb



  • Joe Lamb : I know bad things happen. Bad things happen. But you can still live. You can still live.

  • Alice Dainard : I Know I don't know you at all. Even though it sort of feels like I do. Do you not feel like that?

    Joe Lamb : No, no, I totally do. I'm just kind of in shock at this entire conversation.

  • Joe Lamb : She used to look at me... this way, like really look... and I just knew I was there... that I existed.

  • Jackson Lamb : I hope we're clear on that.

    Joe Lamb : We're not clear!

    Jackson Lamb : [turns around]  What'd you say?

    Joe Lamb : We're not clear! You and I aren't clear about anything! We couldn't be less clear!

  • Joe Lamb : I'm just doing the best I can to save you.

  • Louis Dainard : I've seen it... nobody believes me...

    Joe Lamb : I believe you.

  • [as the water tower transforms into a spaceship] 

    Cary : What's he doing?

    Joe Lamb : He's making a model.

  • Alice Dainard : What was that necklace? The one you were holding at the train crash. Was it your mom's?

    Joe Lamb : My dad gave it to her the day I was born. She wears it all the time. Well, used to. And... It was bad how she died and... But my dad got it back.

  • Alice Dainard : I know he wishes he'd been the one who died, sometimes I wish it too.

    Joe Lamb : Don't say that. He's your dad.

  • Joe Lamb : [old home movies of Joe's late mother playing]  It's... It's so weird. Watching her like this. Like she's still here. She used to look at me this way, like really look, and I just knew I was there, that I existed.

    Alice Dainard : He drank that morning, My dad. He missed his shift.

    [Alice begins to cry] 

    Alice Dainard : Your mom took it for him, the day of the accident,

    [long pauses. Fighting back tears] 

    Alice Dainard : He... He, um... He... He wishes... I know he wishes it was him instead of her. And sometimes I do, too.

    Joe Lamb : Don't... Don't say that. He's your dad.

    [home movie ends] 

  • Alice Dainard : So how am I supposed to be a zombie?

    Joe Lamb : Oh, um... Pretty much be a lifeless ghoul, with no soul. Dead eyes. Scary. Did you ever have Mrs. Mullin?

    Alice Dainard : For English? Yeah.

    Joe Lamb : Yeah. Kind of like her, but hungry for human flesh. Like she wants to turn somebody into a zombie. 'Cause that's kind of what zombies do.

    [Alice practices being a zombie. Soft music playing] 

    Joe Lamb : Oh, my God, yeah. Thats really good.

    [Alice slowly approaches Joe. She reaches out for him, clasps his neck and gives him a kiss on the neck and laughs] 

    Joe Lamb : Not bad.

    Alice Dainard : Really?

    Joe Lamb : Really.

    [Joe's eyes widen unsure what to think of what just happened. Charles notices the kiss... ] 

  • Joe Lamb : Just because mom died, doesn't mean you know anything about me, you don't. And you don't know anything about Alice either, she's kind.

    Jackson Lamb : No listen.

    Joe Lamb : She's nice to me!

    Jackson Lamb : I don't care what she is! Her father's an irresponsible selfish son of a bitch.

  • Joe Lamb : Have you seen Lucy?

    Jackson Lamb : No. I'm sure she's around here somewhere. I left you two slices in the fridge.

    Deputy Tally : Oh, I ate those. Sorry, kid...

  • Joe Lamb : [shooting Charles' movie]  I wouldn't have given you this information if we hadn't served together in Vietnam.

    Preston : Those were bad times.

    Joe Lamb : I'd rather not talk about it.

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