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  • A mysterious criminal rolls into a small town planning to knock off the local bank, assuming it will go off without a hitch. But when he encounters a retired poetry professor, his plans take an unlikely turn. With no place to stay, the professor generously welcomes him into his home. As the two men talk, a bond forms between these two polar opposites, and surprising moments of humor and compassion emerge. As they begin to understand each other more, they each examine the choices they've made in their lives, secretly longing to live the type of lifestyle the other man has lived, based on the desire to escape their own.

  • A mysterious and slightly dangerous looking man gets off the train in the small and quiet town of Orangeville. Upon their chance meeting, this man strikes up a acquaintanceship with an elderly well to do man, a retired poetry professor in whose long time well appointed family home the man ends up staying for his short time in town. Although the two men have little in common on the surface, they both have felt trapped in their lives leading to each being dissatisfied with that life. Each wants to be and have a little of what the other has or is. The professor has felt the need to stick to traditions, which has led to the non-ability to do anything spontaneous or reckless. The man from the train wants those strong traditions which would provide that needed focus in his life. In the lead up to the individual scheduled important appointment each has on Saturday morning, the question becomes how much each will be able to change the direction of the other's life during their short time together, especially in light of what could happen after Saturday morning based on what they are doing.



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  • Stangers meet, and get a look into the others lifestyle and begin to admire each other, while questioning they're own choices in life.

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