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Absolutely Brilliant!
trophonix2 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
After my first couple of watches, I thought this was just a generally good episode. The inclusion of Jack Black seemed a little odd, but overall it didn't take anything away.

Then today, I finally realized just how great this episode really is. I might just be reading too deep into this, but I believe that Buddy is meant to be a subtle representation of us, the audience. He's quirky and can be a little forward sometimes, but most notably, he wants to be a part of the group. He wants this so badly, in fact, that he basically just comes out of nowhere and demands entrance.

I think this episode serves two purposes. One purpose is to show that *while the group isn't perfect (see next paragraph)*, it doesn't need to change to be like what we think it should be. After all, the reason we started watching it in the first place was because of what the show is on its own.

The other purpose it serves is showing and breaking down the characters from the perspective of a viewer equal. Showing that they aren't perfect, that they have some problems. Yet, in showing these problems, you also get to see their lovable sides. Most importantly, you get to see that they HAVE, indeed, progressed since the beginning of the show, but also that there's more to come.

A very good episode of a very good show.
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In honor of "Community"- a review of every episode. (S1;E13- "Investigative Journalism")
MaximumMadness4 June 2016
(This is the thirteenth part in an ongoing series, in which I am writing brief reviews of each and every episode of Dan Harmon's beloved cult- comedy "Community." Originally conceived as a response to NBC's cancellation of the series before it was revived for its final season on Yahoo.)

Honestly, this is one of those episodes that just throws me for a loop as I sit here ticking out a review. Because it's thoroughly entertaining in its own right. But also thoroughly uninteresting to slog through upon revisiting the show.

Don't take that to mean it's a bad episode. Just that it's probably one of the lesser Season One outings.

It's an episode that's only really memorable thanks to a few gags and a few surprising guest-roles. Most notably of course being a supporting role played by none other than Jack Black. (Who had previously worked with creator Dan Harmon on the criminally underrated pilot "Heat Vision and Jack"... check it out!) Black's boisterous charm is infectious in the episode, even if his character Buddy can be a bit overbearing on the proceedings.

Returning from Winter Break, the study group finds that Buddy has more-or-less inserted himself into their tight-knit group. Opinions very and the characters have to decide whether or not to make Buddy a permanent member. At the same time, Jeff (Joel McHale) is made editor of the school newspaper and Annie (Alison Brie) investigates some interesting finds about the school.

Honestly, for me the big issue is that while perfectly funny on its own right, I couldn't remember a darned thing about this episode before re-watching it, outside of course for Black's guest-role. And upon re-watching it the other day... I already have more-or- less forgotten much of the episode. It's filler through-and- through.

Thankfully though, even filler is good when it comes to "Community" and I would still recommend the episode to hardcore fans. But if you're just casually viewing a few episodes here and there for fun and aren't serious about seeing every one... it's one you can skip.

A decent 7 out of 10.
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