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11 Jan. 2014
The Goosefather
The local thugs love Mr. Ping's soup so much, the noodle shop becomes a villain hangout...with Mr. Ping as their unknowing crime boss!
26 Jan. 2014
Po Picks a Pocket
Po befriends a group of young (and adorable) orphans--who also happen to be stealing money and goods from the villagers. Will Po be able to reform the kids or fall into the clutches of their evil leader?
2 Feb. 2014
Croc You Like a Hurricane
Shifu grows tired of Po complaining and puts him in charge of training the Furious Five.
9 Feb. 2014
Crazy Little Ling Called Love
Po is suspicious when Shifu gets back together with his evil ex-girlfriend, Mei Ling.
16 Feb. 2014
Kung Fu Club
When Shifu sends Po to shut down an underground fight club, the panda disobeys his master and joins the club instead.
23 Feb. 2014
The Hunger Game
Po and the Five have to stop a famine by bringing a maniacal gang of food-thieving rats to justice. But, will Po's weakness for food alienate himself from his friends and the very villagers he is trying to help?
2 Mar. 2014
A Stitch in Time
Po discovers the seeds of Shuyong: magical items that can actually take the user back in time. After Po disobeys Shifu, evil Fenghuang steals one of the seeds, putting the entire world in danger.
8 Jun. 2014
Eternal Chord
Po's qi is out of balance, and Shifu and wise Master Lun attempt to re-harmonize the panda using the ancient tradition of musical kung fu. They better work fast, as only Po can stop the evil Yaoguai, who are intent on destroying the Eternal Chord and un-creating the universe.
15 Jun. 2014
Apocalypse Yao
Po must help Master Yao when Taotie and Bian Zao steal the secrets of kung fu.
22 Jun. 2014
The Real Dragon Warrior
Po and Monkey discover a small village and meet an impostor claiming to be the Dragon Warrior.

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