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16 Jan. 2012
In with the Old
When the Furious 5 are all out of town and the Jade Palace is attacked, Po only has his dad and two old people to help him.
31 Mar. 2012
Has-Been Hero
Po's kung fu hero comes to town for an exhibition match. But the hero is all washed up and asks Po to throw a fight to make him famous again.
2 Apr. 2012
Love Stings
Po sets up his father, Mr. Ping, on a series of unsuccessful dates, only to find out Mr. Ping already has a girlfriend. Po's happiness for his dad is short lived when he finds out the mystery lady's identity.
3 Apr. 2012
Hall of Lame
Po needs to find an awesome Dragon Warrior trophy for the Hall of Heroes or be humiliated in front of the entire village at the upcoming Warrior Festival.
4 Apr. 2012
Father Crime
When Shifu's con-man father comes back into town, Po finds himself in the middle.
5 Apr. 2012
Monkey in the Middle
A rash of thefts in the Valley of Peace has the villagers in uproar and things only get worse when the culprit appears to be....Monkey?
6 Apr. 2012
Kung Fu Day Care
Tigress is forced to babysit a small child who has been separated from his parents.
26 Sep. 2012
Royal Pain
Po takes on the challenge of training a lovable but klutzy member of the Emperor's family. However, will Po's training be enough to protect them both from the evil designs of a traitor in their midst?
13 Oct. 2012
The Most Dangerous Po
Po is sent to visit a famous general, only to find him engaged in an insane hobby.
27 Oct. 2012
The Po Who Cried Ghost
Halloween Episode: Po's worse childhood fears come true when he comes face to face with Hopping Ghosts!
3 Nov. 2012
Kung Shoes
In an attempt to get out of training, Po buys some enchanted shoes that heighten his kung fu abilities. Unfortunately for Po, the magical shoes are evil and will soon put him and all those around him in great danger.
10 Nov. 2012
Bosom Enemies
After dealing Taotie yet another humiliating defeat, Po is horrified to learn that the villainous warthog has had a full on nervous breakdown. Po is determined to heal his spirit and Taotie is eager to change his evil ways.
12 Nov. 2012
Enter the Dragon
Po and the Furious Five meet their greatest challenge yet: a supernatural creature who is invincible to the powers of kung fu.
24 Nov. 2012
Master and the Panda
When Po's friend Peng returns to the Valley of Peace, everyone is excited...except for Po. What no one else knows is that Peng is actually Tai Lung's nephew. Now Po has to admit to Peng that he skadooshed his uncle.
8 Dec. 2012
Present Tense
As the annual Winter Festival approaches, Po doesn't have enough money to buy his dad the awesome present he deserves, so he takes a job as a bounty hunter to capture a dangerous escaped convict for the reward.

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