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  • Malcolm Ingram introduces us to gay men who dig big dudes who are stockier and hairier than the airbrushed ideal served by up lifestyle magazines and underwear ads. From 'bear runs' - the circuit parties of the ursine - to men proudly accepting their own bodies (and the beer bellies the want to cuddle), Bear Nation proves love really does come in all shapes and sizes.


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  • Based on what I saw of this film, it had a decent introduction showing different kinds of "bears", but shortly settles down into a series of interviews with "twinkies" and other non-bears, discussing THEIR feelings, preferences, and attitudes about bears. I was under the impression that the interviewees were friends of the writer/director. After getting bored with the interviews, my husband and I began fast-forwarding to see where the tiresome "twink" interviews ended and the bear footage began again. It didn't. We were very disappointed.

    In short, this has to be one of the laziest excuses for a "documentary" that I have ever seen. He could have EASILY found actual bears of different "types" to interview, or taken footage of bears at bear events, or any number of other things that would have required actual EFFORT, which was apparently more than he was willing to do.

    It was like watching a documentary about Aliens by interviewing UFO abductees. The difference is that BEARS ACTUALLY EXIST, and should have been interviewed.

    I found this film astonishingly disappointing after "Small Town Gay Bar". Clearly the writer/director is capable of doing good work. This is not an example of it.

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