The Walking Dead (TV Series 2010– ) Poster

(2010– )

Steven Yeun: Glenn Rhee



  • Daryl Dixon : You got some balls for a Chinaman.

    Glenn Rhee : I'm Korean.

    Daryl Dixon : Whatever.

  • Glenn Rhee : [first lines to Rick]  Hey, you. Dumbass.

  • Carol Peletier : [to Daryl, as they all sit around a campfire with T-Dog keeping watch and Rick patrolling the area]  We're not safe with him. Keeping something like that from us. Why do you need him? He's just gonna pull you down.

    Daryl Dixon : Nah. Rick's done all right by me.

    Carol Peletier : You're his henchman... and I'm a burden. We deserve better.

    Daryl Dixon : What do you want?

    Carol Peletier : A man of honor.

    Daryl Dixon : Rick has honor.

    Maggie Greene : [to Glenn after hearing Carol]  I think we should take our chances.

    Hershel Greene : Don't be foolish. There's no food, no fuel, no ammo.

    Beth Greene : [Hearing a sound nearby]  What was that?

    Daryl Dixon : [as they all stand up]  Could be anything. A raccoon, a possum...

    Glenn Rhee : ...A walker.

    Carol Peletier : We need to leave. I mean, what are we waiting for?

    Theodore 'T-Dog' Douglas : Which way?

    Maggie Greene : It came from over there.

    Beth Greene : Back from where we came.

    Maggie Greene : Yeah.

    Rick Grimes : The last thing we need is for everyone to go running off in the dark. We don't have the vehicles. No one's traveling on foot.

    Hershel Greene : Don't panic.

    Maggie Greene : I'm not. I'm not sitting here waiting for another herd to blow through. We need to move now.

    Rick Grimes : No one's going anywhere.

    [Everyone begins to stare at Rick, silently questioning him] 

    Carol Peletier : Do something.

    Rick Grimes : I AM DOING SOMETHING! I'm keeping this group together, ALIVE! I've been doing that all along, no matter what! I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS! I KILLED MY BEST FRIEND FOR YOU PEOPLE, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!

    [They all stare at him in disbelief and shock] 

    Rick Grimes : You saw what he was like... how he pushed me... how he compromised us... how he threatened us. He staged the whole Randall thing, led me out to put a bullet in my back. He gave me no CHOICE! He was my friend, but he came after me.

    [Carl hugs Lori and begins crying into her shoulder] 

    Rick Grimes : My hands are clean.

    [They still stand there in shock and disbelief] 

    Rick Grimes : Maybe you people are better off without me. Go ahead... I say there's a place for us, but maybe, maybe it's just another pipe dream. May... Maybe I'm fooling myself again. What? Why don't... Why don't you go on and find out yourself! Send me a postcard!

    [Nobody does or says anything] 

    Rick Grimes : Go on, there's the door. Think you can do better? Let's see how far you get.

    [They continue to remain silent] 

    Rick Grimes : No takers? Fine. We get one thing straight: You're staying. This isn't a democracy anymore.

    [He walks off to continue patrolling the area, as everyone stands there, still in silence as the camera pans over the trees and focuses on the prison off in the distance] 

  • Rick Grimes : [Cocks gun]  We're not leaving.

    Hershel Greene : We can't stay here.

    Maggie Greene : What if there's another snaprel? Wood pallet won't stop another one of those rounds.

    Beth Greene : We can't even go outside.

    Carol Peletier : Within the daylight.

    Glenn Rhee : If Rick says we're not running, we're not running!

    Merle Dixon : [Locked behind a cell]  No? Better to live like rats.

    Rick Grimes : You got a better idea?

    Merle Dixon : Yeah, we should've slid outta here last night, live to fight another day. But we lost that window, didn't we? Now, I'm sure he's got scouts on every road out of this place by now.

    Daryl Dixon : We ain't scared of that prick.

    Merle Dixon : Y'all should be. That truck-through-the-fence thing? That's just him ringing the doorbell. We might have some thick walls to hide behind, but he's got the guns and the numbers. And if he takes the high ground around this place, shoot, he could just starve us out if he wanted to.

    Maggie Greene : Let's put him in the other cell block!

    Daryl Dixon : No. He's gotta point.

    Maggie Greene : [to Merle]  THIS IS ALL YOU! YOU STARTED THIS!

    Beth Greene : What's the difference whose fault it is? What do we do?

    Hershel Greene : I said we should leave. Now, Axel's dead. We can't just sit here.

    [Rick turns to leave the cell block, walking out on the conversation] 

    Hershel Greene : GET BACK HERE!

    [Rick stops in his tracks, as Hershel, on his crutches, walks over to Rick] 

    Hershel Greene : You're slipping, Rick. We've all seen it, we understand why. But now is not the time! You once said this isn't a democracy. Now you have to own up to that. I put my family's life in your hands. So, get your head clear and do something.

    Rick Grimes : [Opening the door to a loading dock and looks out; Carl then comes out]  You shouldn't be out here.

    Carl Grimes : I'm a good shot.

    Rick Grimes : Yes, you are.

    Carl Grimes : Hey, Dad?

    Rick Grimes : Yeah?

    Carl Grimes : If I say something, will you promise not to be mad?

    Rick Grimes : I won't get mad.

    Carl Grimes : You should stop.

    Rick Grimes : Stop what?

    Carl Grimes : Being the leader.

    [Rick turns to look at him] 

    Carl Grimes : Have Hershel and Daryl handle things. You deserve a rest.

    [He continues to look at Carl, as Carl walks away] 

  • Rick Grimes : [Hugging Lori]  What happened to you?

    Lori Grimes : I was in a car accident.

    Rick Grimes : Accident? How?

    Lori Grimes : I went looking for you.

    Shane Walsh : Snuck out on her own. I brought her back.

    Rick Grimes : Are you crazy? You could-...

    Theodore 'T-Dog' Douglas : Who the Hell is that?

    [Seeing Randall in the backseat of the car, tied up and blindfolded] 

    Glenn Rhee : That's Randall.

    Rick Grimes : [Back inside the house]  We couldn't just leave him behind. He would've bled out... if he lived that long.

    Glenn Rhee : It's gotten bad in town.

    Andrea Harrison : What do we do with him?

    Hershel Greene : I repaired his calf muscle as best I can, but he'll probably have nerve damage. He won't be on his feet for, at least, a week.

    Rick Grimes : When he is, we give him a canteen, take him out to the main roads, send him on his way.

    Andrea Harrison : Isn't that the same as leaving him for the walkers?

    Rick Grimes : He'll have a fighting chance.

    Shane Walsh : Just gonna let him go? He knows where we are.

    Rick Grimes : He was blindfolded the whole way here. He's not a threat.

    Shane Walsh : Not a threat. How many more of them were there? You killed 3 of there men, you took one of them hostage, but they just ain't gonna come looking for him.

    Rick Grimes : They left him for dead! No one is looking!

    Theodore 'T-Dog' Douglas : We should still post a guard.

    Hershel Greene : He's out cold right now. Will be for hours.

    Shane Walsh : [Sarcastically]  You know, I'm gonna get him some flowers and candy.

    [He starts to walk away] 

    Shane Walsh : Look at this folks, we're back in Fantasy Land!

    [Continues walking away] 

    Hershel Greene : You know, we haven't even dealt with what you did at my barn, yet! Let me make this perfectly clear once and for all. This is my farm and I wanted you gone. Rick talked me out of it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. So, do us both a favor: Keep your mouth shut!

    [Shane walks away, storms out the front door] 

    Rick Grimes : [to Hershel]  Look, we're not gonna do anything about today. Let's just cool off.

  • Glenn Rhee : [as Lori, Glenn, Carol, Maggie, & Beth keep watch over an unconscious Hershel, Carl comes in with supplies]  I thought you were organizing the food?

    Carl Grimes : Even better. Check it out.

    Lori Grimes : [Gasps]  Where did you get this?

    Carl Grimes : Found the infirmary. Wasn't much left, but I cleared it out.

    Lori Grimes : You went by yourself?

    Carl Grimes : Yeah.

    Lori Grimes : [Shocked]  Are you crazy?

    Carl Grimes : No big deal. I killed two walkers.

    Lori Grimes : [Looking back and forth between Carl and Hershel]  You - -All right, do you see this? This was with the whole group.

    Carl Grimes : We needed supplies, so I got them.

    Lori Grimes : I appreciate that, but - -!

    Carl Grimes : - -THEN GET OFF MY BACK!

    Beth Greene : Carl! She's your Mother, you can't talk to her like that.

    Lori Grimes : Listen, I think it's great that you want to help, but - -

    [Carl runs off, feeling insulted and unappreciated] 

  • Rosita Espinosa : [Frustrated, Abraham walks back over to the group and violently grabs Eugene by the arm and forcefully walks back to the truck, trying to get their mission on track]  Abraham!

    Glenn Rhee : Hey!

    Rosita Espinosa : What are you doing! Stop!

    Glenn Rhee : Let go of him!

    Rosita Espinosa : I'm not gonna let you do this!

    Sgt. Abraham Ford : [Continuing to walk]  Yes, you are.

    Tara Chambler : [Stepping in front of Abraham, trying to stop him]  Hey! Hey!

    [He pushes Tara away] 

    Glenn Rhee : [Runs over to Abraham, and tries to stop him the same way]  YOU'RE DONE!

    Sgt. Abraham Ford : [while still gripping onto Eugene's arm with one hand, he fights off Glenn with his other hand]  DO NOT! DO NOT! I TOLD YOU! YOU DO NOT TOUCH ME!

    [They continue to shout at Abraham as he knocks down both Glenn and Rosita; Glenn gets back and continues to verbally and physically fight with Abraham] 


    [Everyone goes silent in severe shock over Eugene's statement] 

    Eugene Porter : I lied! I'm not a scientist.

    [Everyone stands around, shocked] 

    Eugene Porter : I don't know how to stop it! I'm not a scientist.

    [Abraham begins to fall into a depression; Eugene continues to stand there with everyone silently judging him] 

    Rosita Espinosa : [Finally making it back up to her feet]  You are a scientists. I've seen the things that you can do.

    Eugene Porter : I just know things.

    Glenn Rhee : You just know things?

    Eugene Porter : I know I'm smarter than most people. I know I'm a very good liar and I know I needed to get to D.C.

    Maggie Greene : Why?

    Eugene Porter : Because I do believe that locale holds the strongest possibility for survival. And I wanted to survive. If I could cheat some people into taking me there, well, I'd just reason them, and I'd be doing them a solid, too, considering the perilous state of the city of Houston, and the state of everything.

    [Abraham, feeling even worse, crouches down to the ground, trying to wrap his around everything] 

    Rosita Espinosa : [Crushed]  People died trying to get you here.

    Eugene Porter : I'm aware of that. Stephanie, Warren, Pam, Rex, Roger, Josiah, Dirk, and Josephine. And Bob. You see, I lost my nerve as we grew closer for I'm a coward and the reality of getting to our destination and disclosing the truth of the matter became a truly frightening shit. I took it upon myself to slow our role... find time to finesse things, so then when we got there... but at this moment, I fully realize there are no longer any agreeable options. I was screwed either way. I also lied about T. Brooks Ellis liking my hair. I do not know a T. Brooks Ellis. I did read one of his books and he seemed like the type of guy that wouldn't blink twice at a Tennessee Top Hat.

    [Turning to Abraham] 

    Eugene Porter : Again, I am smarter than you and you may want to leave me here - -

    [Abraham jumps to his feet and violently punches Eugene, twice, in the face] 

    Tara Chambler : [Tara and Glenn grab Abraham as best they can to pull him off of Eugene]  Hey! Hey! Hey!

    Glenn Rhee : COME ON!

    Tara Chambler : GET OFF OF HIM!

    [Abraham violently breaks Glenn and Tara's grips and punches Eugene in the face a third time, knocking Eugene out completely, leaving Eugene to fall to the ground, and bang his head onto the concrete] 

    Glenn Rhee : [Abraham tries to advance on Eugene again]  Don't.

    [Rosita steps right in front of Abraham, with her hand on her gun; Abraham, processing what went down, looks at his bloodied hand, then walks past the group, and falls to his knees] 

    Maggie Greene : [Tending to Eugene]  Oh, my God.

    Tara Chambler : God. Eugene, are you there? Eugene!

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