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Andrew Lincoln: Rick Grimes, Radio Personality



  • Rick Grimes : You're a man of God. Have some faith.

    Hershel Greene : I can't profess to understand God's plan. Christ promised the resurrection of the dead. I just thought he had something a little different in mind.

  • Rick Grimes : [uncensored version]  They are fucking with the wrong people.

  • The Governor : I thought you were a cop, not a lawyer.

    Rick Grimes : Either way, I don't pretend to be a governor.

    The Governor : I told you, I'm their leader.

    Rick Grimes : You're the town drunk who knocked over my fence and ripped up my yard, nothing more.

    The Governor : Didn't you ever misjudge someone? Hm? Andrea told me about your baby. That it might be your partner's. But you're caring for her and I admire that. Restitution for your own lack of insight. For failing to see the devil beside you.

    Rick Grimes : Oh, I see him all right.

  • Rick Grimes : [when he kills Shane]  Damn you for making me do this, Shane! This was you, not me! YOU did this to us! This was you! Not me! Not me!

  • Rick Grimes : So this is where you plan to do it?

    Shane Walsh : As good a place as any.

    Rick Grimes : At least have the balls to call this what it is: murder. You really believe if you walk back onto that farm alone, no me, no Randall...

    Shane Walsh : Why don't you hush up?

    Rick Grimes : You really believe they're gonna buy whatever bullshit story you cook up?

    Shane Walsh : That's just it, it ain't no story. I saw that prisoner shoot you down. I ran after him, I snapped his neck. It ain't gonna be easy, but Lori and Carl, they'll get over you. They done it before. They just gonna have to.

    [raises gun] 

    Rick Grimes : Why? Why now? I thought we worked this all out.

    Shane Walsh : [chuckling]  We tried to kill each other, man. What you think, we were just gonna forget about it? Oh, we gonna ride off into the sunset together?

    Rick Grimes : You're gonna kill me in cold blood? Screw my wife? Have my children, *my* children, call you "daddy"? Is that what you want? That life won't be worth a damn. I know you. You won't be able to live with this.

    Shane Walsh : What you know 'bout what I can live with? You got no idea what I can live with, what I live with! You wanna talk about what I can do, Rick? How 'bout what you can do.

    [holsters weapon] 

    Shane Walsh : Here I am. Come on, man, raise your gun.

    Rick Grimes : No. No, I will not.

    Shane Walsh : What happened, Rick? I thought you weren't the good guy anymore; ain't that what you said? Even right here, right now, you ain't gonna fight for 'em? I'm a better father than you, Rick! I'm better for Lori than you, man! It's because I'm a better man than you, Rick, 'cause I can be here and I'll fight for it. But you come back here and you just *destroy* everything!... You got a broken woman. Y-you got a weak boy. You ain't got the first clue on how to fix it.

    [points gun at Rick] 

    Shane Walsh : Raise your gun.

    Rick Grimes : You're gonna have to kill an unarmed man.

  • Rick Grimes : [fed up with everyone questioning his leadership]  Maybe you people are better off without me. Go ahead. I say there's a place for us, but maybe it's just another pipe dream. Maybe I'm fooling myself again. Why don't you go find out yourself? Send me a postcard! Go on, there's the door. You can do better, let's see how far you get.

    [no one moves or says anything] 

    Rick Grimes : No takers? Fine, but get one thing straight. If you're staying, this isn't a democracy anymore.

  • [recurring line] 

    Rick Grimes : CARL!

  • Shane Walsh : THESE THINGS AIN'T SICK! They're not people! They're dead! Ain't got to feel nothin' 'cause all they do, they KILL! These things right here, they're the things that killed Amy! They killed Otis! And they'll kill all of us!

    Rick Grimes : Shane, enough!

    Shane Walsh : Hey you're right, man. That is enough.

    [shoots one of the walkers] 

  • Carol Peletier : [to Daryl, as they all sit around a campfire with T-Dog keeping watch and Rick patrolling the area]  We're not safe with him. Keeping something like that from us. Why do you need him? He's just gonna pull you down.

    Daryl Dixon : Nah. Rick's done all right by me.

    Carol Peletier : You're his henchman... and I'm a burden. We deserve better.

    Daryl Dixon : What do you want?

    Carol Peletier : A man of honor.

    Daryl Dixon : Rick has honor.

    Maggie Greene : [to Glenn after hearing Carol]  I think we should take our chances.

    Hershel Greene : Don't be foolish. There's no food, no fuel, no ammo.

    Beth Greene : [Hearing a sound nearby]  What was that?

    Daryl Dixon : [as they all stand up]  Could be anything. A raccoon, a possum...

    Glenn Rhee : ...A walker.

    Carol Peletier : We need to leave. I mean, what are we waiting for?

    Theodore 'T-Dog' Douglas : Which way?

    Maggie Greene : It came from over there.

    Beth Greene : Back from where we came.

    Maggie Greene : Yeah.

    Rick Grimes : The last thing we need is for everyone to go running off in the dark. We don't have the vehicles. No one's traveling on foot.

    Hershel Greene : Don't panic.

    Maggie Greene : I'm not. I'm not sitting here waiting for another herd to blow through. We need to move now.

    Rick Grimes : No one's going anywhere.

    [Everyone begins to stare at Rick, silently questioning him] 

    Carol Peletier : Do something.

    Rick Grimes : I AM DOING SOMETHING! I'm keeping this group together, ALIVE! I've been doing that all along, no matter what! I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS! I KILLED MY BEST FRIEND FOR YOU PEOPLE, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!

    [They all stare at him in disbelief and shock] 

    Rick Grimes : You saw what he was like... how he pushed me... how he compromised us... how he threatened us. He staged the whole Randall thing, led me out to put a bullet in my back. He gave me no CHOICE! He was my friend, but he came after me.

    [Carl hugs Lori and begins crying into her shoulder] 

    Rick Grimes : My hands are clean.

    [They still stand there in shock and disbelief] 

    Rick Grimes : Maybe you people are better off without me. Go ahead... I say there's a place for us, but maybe, maybe it's just another pipe dream. May... Maybe I'm fooling myself again. What? Why don't... Why don't you go on and find out yourself! Send me a postcard!

    [Nobody does or says anything] 

    Rick Grimes : Go on, there's the door. Think you can do better? Let's see how far you get.

    [They continue to remain silent] 

    Rick Grimes : No takers? Fine. We get one thing straight: You're staying. This isn't a democracy anymore.

    [He walks off to continue patrolling the area, as everyone stands there, still in silence as the camera pans over the trees and focuses on the prison off in the distance] 

  • Rick Grimes : [to an unconscious Carl, who is lying in bed, recovering after having his right eye being shot out]  I was wrong. I thought after living behind these walls for so long that... maybe they couldn't learn. But today, I saw what they could do, what 'we' could do. If we work together, we'll rebuild the walls. We'll expand the walls. There'll be more, there's got to be more. Everything Deanna was talking about... is possible. It's all possible, I see that now. When I was out there... with them... when it was over... when I knew we had this place again, I had this feeling... it took me a while to remember what it was...

    [Rick begins to cry a little] 

    Rick Grimes : ... because I hadn't felt it since before I woke up in that hospital.

    [Crying even more] 

    Rick Grimes : I wanna show you the new world, Carl. I want to make it a reality for you. Please, Carl... let me show you.

    [Carl's hand hold's onto Rick's] 

  • Carol Peletier : [Approaches Carl, who is standing over Sophia's grave]  You know, we'll see Sophia again in Heaven, someday.

    [Carl doesn't respond] 

    Carol Peletier : She's in a better place.

    Carl Grimes : No, she's not. Heaven is just another lie. And if you believe it, you're an idiot.

    [He walks off, leaving Carol shocked and insulted] 

    Carol Peletier : [Turns around and approaches Lori and Rick]  You need to control that boy!

    Rick Grimes : Carl? What happened?

    Carol Peletier : He's disrespectful.

    Rick Grimes : Did he say something?

    Carol Peletier : Something cruel about Sophia!

    Lori Grimes : We'll figure it out. It's okay.

    Carol Peletier : It's not okay!

    Rick Grimes : I'll have... I'll have, I'll have a talk with him.

    [He walks away, going over to talk with Carl, leaving Carol and Lori] 

    Lori Grimes : See? We'll, we'll... we'll deal with it. If you can calm down, so that I can-...

    Carol Peletier : Don't tell me to calm down!

    Lori Grimes : No, I, I don't-...

    Carol Peletier : I don't need you to patronize me! Everyone either avoids me or they treat me like I'm crazy. I lost my daughter, I didn't lose my mind!

    [She storms off] 

    Rick Grimes : [Rick catches up with Carl]  Carl! Did you talk back to Carol?

    Carl Grimes : No.

    Rick Grimes : She says you did.

    Carl Grimes : I said it was stupid to believe in Heaven 'cause it is.

    Rick Grimes : Well, just think about that for a minute. She just lost her daughter, she wants to believe she's still alive in some way.

    Carl Grimes : But she-...

    Rick Grimes : Don't. Don't talk, think. It's a good rule of thumb for life.

    Carl Grimes : Mom always wants you to talk more.

    Rick Grimes : Don't change the subject, you owe Carol an apology. You made a mistake. Fix it.

    Carl Grimes : Is that why you're gonna kill that guy? Fixing your mistake?

    Rick Grimes : That's different.

    Carl Grimes : How are you gonna do it? Are you gonna hang him in the barn?

    Rick Grimes : You just think about how you're gonna make things right with Carol. Don't talk. Think.

  • Negan : [Rick chases Negan; He fires his gun at Negan, but misses, while Negan hides behind a tree; Rick catches up to Negan and the two begin to physically fight each other, with Negan gaining the upper hand and kicking Rick to the ground, leaving Negan to grab "Lucille"]  Just so you know, that "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe"? That was bullshit. I made a choice. I just didn't want to kill a kid's Dad in front of him. Turns out, that would've been the best thing I could've done. And I'd have done it if the kid might still be alive.

    [Rick reaches up and punches Negan, knocking him off of his feet; they both remain on the ground, then turn to look at each other] 

    Rick Grimes : You're beat. Your people are down.

    Negan : [Struggling to his feet]  I'll get out of it. I always do.

    [He makes it to his feet] 

    Negan : It's just you and me, Rick. And you? You are torn open. I am bigger. I am badder. And I got a bat.

    Rick Grimes : We could have a future.

    Negan : I know I will.

    Rick Grimes : [Begins struggling to his feet]  Just give me... give me 10 seconds. I could tell you how.

    Negan : No.

    Rick Grimes : [Making it to his feet]  Just give us 10 seconds for Carl.

    Negan : 10... 9...

    Rick Grimes : Carl said it don't have to be... it don't have to be fighting anymore.

    Negan : Kid was wrong. 8...

    Rick Grimes : No. He was right.

    [Negan begins crying, letting his guard down; Rick then slashes Negan's throat, with Negan falling to his knees, holding his wounded throat] 

    Negan : Look what you did. Carl... didn't know a damn thing.

    [He falls over] 

    Rick Grimes : [Rick stands over Negan, reminiscing of time when Carl was little, with he and Rick walking down a farm road; Rick then drops to the ground the shard of glass he used to slash Negan's throat; Rick turns around to find the rest of his militia, with the remaining Saviors as prisoners, watching him; He then approaches them]  Save him.

    [Siddiq heads on over to begin treating Negan's wound] 

    Maggie Greene : NO!

    Michonne : Maggie! Maggie!

    [Michonne begins holding Maggie back] 

    Maggie Greene : NO! HE CAN'T! NO! NO, HE KILLED GLENN!

    Rick Grimes : We have to.


    Michonne : [Still holding Maggie back]  It's alright. It's alright. It's over.


    [Maggie continues crying] 

    Rick Grimes : What happened, what we did, what we lost, there's gotta be something there. All this, all this is just what was. There's gotta be something after.

    [He walks away] 

    Rosita Espinosa : [Rosita looks over at Eugene, who sabotaged the Saviors' guns, switch back to Rick's side]  What happened to their guns? Was that you?

    Eugene Porter : It was. I introduced the sabotaging aspect of the manufacturing process unbeknownst to my colleagues inspired by Gabriel's purposeful ineptitude. Needed a few things you imparted to me before I vomited on you. Ergo, I created a modicum of Phooey for a focal blue it.

    Rosita Espinosa : [She turns to walk away, forgiving him for his betrayal, then stops, looks at him, then punches him across the jaw for having puked on her]  It's for the puke.

    [She walks away] 

    Eugene Porter : [Agreeing and accepting]  Very ploy.

  • Rick Grimes : [Cocks gun]  We're not leaving.

    Hershel Greene : We can't stay here.

    Maggie Greene : What if there's another snaprel? Wood pallet won't stop another one of those rounds.

    Beth Greene : We can't even go outside.

    Carol Peletier : Within the daylight.

    Glenn Rhee : If Rick says we're not running, we're not running!

    Merle Dixon : [Locked behind a cell]  No? Better to live like rats.

    Rick Grimes : You got a better idea?

    Merle Dixon : Yeah, we should've slid outta here last night, live to fight another day. But we lost that window, didn't we? Now, I'm sure he's got scouts on every road out of this place by now.

    Daryl Dixon : We ain't scared of that prick.

    Merle Dixon : Y'all should be. That truck-through-the-fence thing? That's just him ringing the doorbell. We might have some thick walls to hide behind, but he's got the guns and the numbers. And if he takes the high ground around this place, shoot, he could just starve us out if he wanted to.

    Maggie Greene : Let's put him in the other cell block!

    Daryl Dixon : No. He's gotta point.

    Maggie Greene : [to Merle]  THIS IS ALL YOU! YOU STARTED THIS!

    Beth Greene : What's the difference whose fault it is? What do we do?

    Hershel Greene : I said we should leave. Now, Axel's dead. We can't just sit here.

    [Rick turns to leave the cell block, walking out on the conversation] 

    Hershel Greene : GET BACK HERE!

    [Rick stops in his tracks, as Hershel, on his crutches, walks over to Rick] 

    Hershel Greene : You're slipping, Rick. We've all seen it, we understand why. But now is not the time! You once said this isn't a democracy. Now you have to own up to that. I put my family's life in your hands. So, get your head clear and do something.

    Rick Grimes : [Opening the door to a loading dock and looks out; Carl then comes out]  You shouldn't be out here.

    Carl Grimes : I'm a good shot.

    Rick Grimes : Yes, you are.

    Carl Grimes : Hey, Dad?

    Rick Grimes : Yeah?

    Carl Grimes : If I say something, will you promise not to be mad?

    Rick Grimes : I won't get mad.

    Carl Grimes : You should stop.

    Rick Grimes : Stop what?

    Carl Grimes : Being the leader.

    [Rick turns to look at him] 

    Carl Grimes : Have Hershel and Daryl handle things. You deserve a rest.

    [He continues to look at Carl, as Carl walks away] 

  • Rick Grimes : [while sitting in their squad car, eating burgers and fries together]  What's the difference between men and women?

    Shane Walsh : This a joke?

    Rick Grimes : No. Serious.

    Shane Walsh : Never met a woman who knew how to turn off a light. Born thinking the switch only goes one way: on. They're struck blind the second they leave the room. I mean, every woman I ever let have a key, I swear to God, it's like... come home, house all lit up. And my job is, apparently, because... because my chromosomes happen to be different, 'cause I gotta walk through that house, turn off every single light this chick left on.

    Rick Grimes : Is that right?

    Shane Walsh : Yeah, baby, mmm. Oh, Reverend Shane's a-preachin' to ya now, boy.

    [They laugh] 

    Shane Walsh : Then, this same chick, mind ya, she'll bitch about Global Warming. See this...

    [Shane laughs] 

    Shane Walsh : This is when Reverend Shane wants to quote from the "Guy" gospel and say, "Um, Darlin', maybe you and every other pair of boobs on this planet just figure out that the light switch, see, goes both ways, maybe we wouldn't have so much Global Warming".

    Rick Grimes : You say that?

    Shane Walsh : Well, a, uh, polite version.


    Shane Walsh : Still, man, that, that earns me this, this look of loathing you would not believe. And that's when "The Exorcist" voice pops out: "YOU SOUND JUST LIKE MY DAMN FATHER ALWAYS, ALWAYS YELLING ABOUT THE POWER BILL, TELLING ME TO TURN OFF THE DAMN LIGHTS!"

    Rick Grimes : And what do you say to that?

    Shane Walsh : Know what I want to say. I want to say, "Bitch, you mean to tell me you've been hearing this your entire life and you are too damn stupid to learn how to turn off the switch?"

    [Shane and Rick laugh more] 

    Shane Walsh : You know I...

    [They continue laughing] 

    Shane Walsh : ... I don't actually say that, though.

    Rick Grimes : [Still laughing]  That would be bad.

    Shane Walsh : Yeah. Yeah. I'd go with the, uh, go with the polite version there, too.

    Rick Grimes : Very wise!

    Shane Walsh : Yes, sir.


    Rick Grimes : Mm-hmm.

    Shane Walsh : [Few moments of silence]  So, how's it with Lori, man?

    Rick Grimes : She's good. She's good at turning off lights. Really good. I'm the one who, sometimes, forgets.

    Shane Walsh : What a man.

    Rick Grimes : We didn't have a great night.

    Shane Walsh : Hey, look, man, I may have, uh, a phantom muse with mu sermon, but I did try. Least you could do is speak.

    Rick Grimes : That's, that's what she always says. "Speak". "Speak". Think I was the most closed-mouth son-of-bitch ever to hear her talk.

    Shane Walsh : Do you express your thoughts? Do you share your feelings? That kind of stuff?

    Rick Grimes : Thing is... lately, whenever I try, everything I say makes her... impatient, like she didn't want to hear it after all. It's like she's... pissed at me all the time and I don't know why.

    Shane Walsh : Look, man, that's just shit that couples' go through. Yeah, it's a, it's a phase.

    Rick Grimes : [laughs a little]  Last thing she said this morning: "Sometimes, I wonder if you even care about us at all". She said that in front of our kid. Imagine going to school with that in your head. The difference between men and women? I would never say something that cruel to her and certainly not in front of Carl.

  • Michonne : [after Rick opens the door to find Milton lying on the floor, dead, and Andrea propped up against the wall]  Andrea!

    [Michonne runs over to Andrea] 

    Andrea Harrison : [They enter the room]  I tried to stop him.

    Michonne : You're burning up.

    Andrea Harrison : [She pulls her coat back to reveal a bloody Walker bite, with Rick visibly upset]  Judith, Carl, the rest of them...

    Rick Grimes : Us. The rest... of us.

    Andrea Harrison : Are they alive?

    Rick Grimes : Yeah. They're alive.

    Andrea Harrison : [Looks to Michonne]  It's good you found them.

    [Michonne nods in agreement, while crying] 

    Andrea Harrison : No one can make it alone now.

    Daryl Dixon : They never could.

    Andrea Harrison : [to Rick]  I just didn't want anyone to die.

    [Sitting up a little] 

    Andrea Harrison : I can do it myself.

    Michonne : No!

    Andrea Harrison : I have to... while I still can.

    [Turns back to Rick] 

    Andrea Harrison : Please.

    [Rick is saddened] 

    Andrea Harrison : I know how the safety works.

    [He hands Andrea his gun, respecting her wishes] 

    Michonne : Well, I'm not going anywhere.

    Andrea Harrison : [Looks up at Daryl, with Daryl, also, visibly saddened, then looks back at Rick]  I tried.

    Rick Grimes : Yeah, you did. You did.

    [Rick and Daryl leave the room, leaving Andrea the privacy she needs, as Michonne sits with Andrea during her final moments; Rick, Daryl, and Tyreese are outside the door, saddened as the gun goes off, ending Andrea's life] 

  • Rick Grimes : [Hugging Lori]  What happened to you?

    Lori Grimes : I was in a car accident.

    Rick Grimes : Accident? How?

    Lori Grimes : I went looking for you.

    Shane Walsh : Snuck out on her own. I brought her back.

    Rick Grimes : Are you crazy? You could-...

    Theodore 'T-Dog' Douglas : Who the Hell is that?

    [Seeing Randall in the backseat of the car, tied up and blindfolded] 

    Glenn Rhee : That's Randall.

    Rick Grimes : [Back inside the house]  We couldn't just leave him behind. He would've bled out... if he lived that long.

    Glenn Rhee : It's gotten bad in town.

    Andrea Harrison : What do we do with him?

    Hershel Greene : I repaired his calf muscle as best I can, but he'll probably have nerve damage. He won't be on his feet for, at least, a week.

    Rick Grimes : When he is, we give him a canteen, take him out to the main roads, send him on his way.

    Andrea Harrison : Isn't that the same as leaving him for the walkers?

    Rick Grimes : He'll have a fighting chance.

    Shane Walsh : Just gonna let him go? He knows where we are.

    Rick Grimes : He was blindfolded the whole way here. He's not a threat.

    Shane Walsh : Not a threat. How many more of them were there? You killed 3 of there men, you took one of them hostage, but they just ain't gonna come looking for him.

    Rick Grimes : They left him for dead! No one is looking!

    Theodore 'T-Dog' Douglas : We should still post a guard.

    Hershel Greene : He's out cold right now. Will be for hours.

    Shane Walsh : [Sarcastically]  You know, I'm gonna get him some flowers and candy.

    [He starts to walk away] 

    Shane Walsh : Look at this folks, we're back in Fantasy Land!

    [Continues walking away] 

    Hershel Greene : You know, we haven't even dealt with what you did at my barn, yet! Let me make this perfectly clear once and for all. This is my farm and I wanted you gone. Rick talked me out of it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. So, do us both a favor: Keep your mouth shut!

    [Shane walks away, storms out the front door] 

    Rick Grimes : [to Hershel]  Look, we're not gonna do anything about today. Let's just cool off.

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