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Matthew Morrison: Will Schuester



  • Will Schuester : Listen, I gotta run. I've got an appointment to show my apartment.

    April Rhodes : What's this now.

    Will Schuester : Yeah, so... I need to rent out my apartment and find a smaller place to live... uh... because I'm getting a divorce.

    April Rhodes : Divorce! So you're free to date? And by "date," I mean sleep with people, and by "sleep with," I mean have sex with people - people like me! Kidding. Not really.

  • Will Schuester : I don't know what to say.

    April Rhodes : Just say congratulations. I took your advice. I went home, I told Buddy that if he wanted to keep me around, he had to ditch the old lady and give yours truly the top job. And then he died.

    [she snickers] 

    April Rhodes : One of his eyes went all funny and he had a stroke right in front of me.

    Will Schuester : Jeez, April, are you okay?

    April Rhodes : Okay? I'm rich. The old battle ax was afraid I'd go to the Lima Times, so she shut me up to the tune of $2 million. So I'm sobering up and I'm heading to the Broadway, Will. I haven't had a drink in forty-five minutes.

  • Will Schuester : Sue! We need to talk. The auditorium is padlocked!

    Sue Sylvester : Well, that's curious. Did you check the sign-up sheet?

    Will Schuester : What sign-up sheet?

    Sue Sylvester : [pulling it out]  Why, the one I keep right here in my waistband, William. Let's see. Yeah, I've got the entire week booked solid. Got a big magazine feature coming up. It's a little chilly for my girls to be praciticing outdoors.

    Will Schuester : Yeah? Well, let's see what Figgins has to say about this.

    Sue Sylvester : Oh, I'm sure Figgins will just mumble something nervously and then pretend to take a phone call. I happen to be blackmailing him.

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