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Morning Meme: Fran Drescher Is "Happily Divorced," Gay Homeless Youth Need Your Help, and Scissor Sisters "Wow!"

Fran Drescher and her gay ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson’s sitcom, Happily Divorced is about to be picked up by TV Land to series. It’s about a woman who finds out her husband is gay after years of marriage and reenters the dating pool. We’re looking into the details.

I thought it was cool that the Japanese were set to launch a giant metal net into space to deal with orbital debris. But Nasa has a spare 5Kw laser lying around not doing anything, and they think they can just shoot the junk out of a stable orbit. Laser > net.

In a horrible incident, thugs stomped a teen’s head in at a party thrown by gay men in NYC. They yelled anti-gay slurs while doing it. And the dead teen was straight.

Soapbox moment: Governor Cuomo is proposing balancing the New York budget by cutting all funding to homeless youth.
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Could Jake Gyllenhaal Get Any Cuter?

Could Jake Gyllenhaal Get Any Cuter?
Jake Gyllenhaal has many talents. Hiding things may not be one of them.

The "Source Code" star made a guest appearance on "Shalom Sesame," a version of Sesame Street produced to introduce Hebrew and Jewish culture to Jewish children. He was explaining to viewers about the Afikoman -- the piece of matzoh hidden for children on Passover.

Turns out he's not so "super" at hiding things. But that's for the kids to revel in finding out.

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Gyllenhaal, Applegate Keep It Kosher With Grover

All we can say is mazel tov! Jake Gyllenhaal, Christina Applegate, Ben Stiller and Debra Messing are among a host of celebrities joining forces with Grover and the rest of the Muppet gang for Shalom Sesame, a Jewish-themed version of Sesame Street aimed at teaching Jewish-American preschoolers about their culture and heritage. Per published reports, the 12-part series will follow our lovable furry blue hero as he and his A-list pals film educational segments with children in the U.S. and travel to Israel to visit some of Judaism's most prominent sites, among them the Western Wall. Other stars aboard Shalom Sesame include Greg Kinnear, Cedric the Entertainer and Anneliese van der Pol from Disney's...
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