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  • As dawn breaks over New York, President Taylor endures a game-changing setback as the threat of mass destruction looms. Meanwhile, President Hassan makes a shocking decision that surprises his loved ones. But before long, trusted confidantes will become enemies of the state, and it's only the beginning of the betrayals that are to come as the race against time ticks on.


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  • Open with Kanin still in bad shape and Brucker refusing to help him until they get the bomb. We are ten minutes from detonation of a bomb that could kill 58,000 people and President Taylor asks Weiss to find Kanin.

    Feeling guilty about his life potentially costing the death of so many, Hassan knocks Jack out, holds a gun on Walker and turns himself over to one of Brucker's men. Brucker's guy (Bishop) and Hassan get into an SUV. Bishop calls Brucker and tells him Hassan gave himself up willingly.

    Weiss and Brucker get Bishop on a call with Samir. Hassan gets the phone and tells Samir he's willing to give himself up. Samir tells him the transfer will be done on his terms and hangs up.

    Cut to Faroush waiting nervously with the bomb as the time counts down. With seven seconds left until detonation Samir calls him and tells him to stop the bomb.

    Jack tells Chloe what has happened and tells her no one can know until he speaks with President Taylor. Jack sends Kayla and Dalia on to the base with Walker. Chloe gets Jack a secure line and he has look at camera footage from the street to see where Hassan may have gone.

    Taylor wants Weiss to find Kanin immediately. Jack calls and he tells her Hassan is trying to hand himself over and that Brucker is betraying her. Jack needs to know where the exchange will take place and tells her to confront Brucker. Chloe tells Jack he got into an SUV and has a basic idea of the direction they were headed.

    Faroush calls Hassan. He has Hassan hand the phone to Bishop. Faroush has Bishop walk away from the car and directs him to keys for the van with the bomb, while getting into the car with Hassan and taking off.

    Taylor is told that Weiss has been in on it with Brucker.

    Bishop finds the bomb.

    Taylor has Weiss and Brucker detained by security. They show her that Kanin lying on the couch unconscious. Weiss refuses to tell Taylor where Hassan is located. He tells her was trying to protect New York while giving Taylor plausible deniability. She tells him he will be charged with treason if he doesn't tell her where Hassan, but at that moment he gets word that Hassan is out of their possession and the bomb has been secured.

    Hastings updates CTU about Hassan and the bomb. Arlo and Dana are charged with finding Hassan's SUV. Dana tries to leave the room and Chloe is getting suspicious.

    While the bomb is deactivated, Chloe calls Jack with Hassan's location about 30 blocks ahead of him. He instructs CTU to work on an ambush point and jumps in the car. Dana sneaks away and tries to call Faroush but has to hang up when Cole arrives. She tells him Prady "left."

    Faroush tells Hassan the plan is to put him on trial and execute him. Hassan says he wanted to find peace for Kamistan, but Faroush thinks he was selfish.

    Kanin is on his way to the hospital. Taylor greets Kayla and Dalia and informs them they are tracking Hassan. They watch with Taylor from the situation room.

    Jack is now 20 blocks behind Faroush and an ambush point has been located about eight minutes away. Dana makes up an excuse and leaves to check on something related to the system. Arlo follows her and catches her doing something shady with a map of Manhattan. He sits down to check her work and she looks ready to choke him with a cord. At the last minute his phone rings with Chloe saying Hastings wants him upstairs.

    Dana calls Faroush and lets him know he is almost at the ambush point. She finds her an exit two blocks before the point and says she's going to have to find a way to get out of CTU.

    Hassan realizes CTU is following them and tries to talk Faroush into giving himself up. Jack is now just behind Faroush and spots him ducking into a parking garage. Cole repositions the team to cover the lot and Jack pursues in his car. Now trapped inside the lot, Faroush heads for the roof. He drives past Jack and right off the roof. Jack races down to the vehicle and finds only Faroush inside. We see that Hassan is drugged and in the trunk of a blue car being driven by a woman with a blonde wig. Jack calls Walker and tells her someone in CTU must have been tipping Faroush off. They will be able to find out who once they analyze Faroush's cell phone. The car with Hassan in the trunk drives away from the lot.

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