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  • You can find most of the songs identified at or Edit

  • No it is not, but Greendale Community College is based on Dan Harmon's experiences at similarly named Glendale Community College in Glendale, CA. Edit

  • In the center of the Greendale College campus quad is a statue of real-life actor Luis Guzmán. The statue is first unveiled in fifth episode of the first season, Advanced Criminal Law (2009). The joke is that Guzmán is the most famous person to have attended the school and the statue is a desperate attempt for prestige and recognition. In real life Luis Guzmán gave his permission to show creator Dan Harmon to use his likeness for the statute, and understanding the joke. Guzmán finally appeared on Community in season 3, episode 8, Documentary Filmmaking: Redux (2011), and his character was displeased with the statue. In real life Guzmán graduated from City College of New York. Edit

  • At the end of season three series creator Dan Harmon was fired as show runner, effectively ending all his direct creative input into the show. On season four he was replaced by David Guarascio and Moses Port. What exactly happened and why is hard to say without diving into too much rumor and conjecture (the main rumour was his handling of the feud between himself and Chevy Chase). Sony Television released press announcements which were curt and lacked reasons for the firing. Harmon has been outspoken on the firing but his various responses run the gamut, sometimes seeming to blame himself and sometimes seeming to blame the network. Either way Harmon said on Twitter that he was not sure he was fired until heard the news with the rest of the world.

    Harmon recently announced he has been re-hired on Community as showrunner for season 5. This is the first time in history a fired showrunner has been re-hired. Edit

  • Traditionally, community colleges have offered only associates degrees. However, as Jeff explains in one episode, many community colleges now offer some bachelors' degrees. Edit

  • NBC cancelled the show after season 5 had finished airing. However, the show was quickly resurrected by Yahoo! as a web series for 13 episodes. It has never been officially announced if this show was cancelled, but given that Yahoo! lost approximately 40 million dollars investing in all of its new web series, and shut down its "Yahoo Screen" feature, where all the new series were shown. Joel McHale has come out and said that Community is finished, but the possibility for the Community Movie still exists. Edit



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