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Night Shift Nurses 

Yakin byôtô (original title)
An evil and perverted gynecologist manipulates the nurses of a prestigious hospital and forces them to do aberrant sex acts. However, many events will take everyone by surprise.






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Sabro Gohno Sabro Gohno ...  Dr. Ryuji Hirasaka unknown episodes


An evil and perverted gynecologist manipulates the nurses of a prestigious hospital and forces them to do aberrant sex acts. However, many events will take everyone by surprise.

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The most SHOCKING erotic anime EVER!


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[first lines]
Dr. Ryuji Hirasaka: [scared voice over] How could this have happened?
Dr. Ryuji Hirasaka: [voice over] That day, I truly understood what my desires were. That day, I enslaved a woman. That day, I acquired the best specimen I could for my experiments. So I thought...
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Alternate Versions

Central Park Media removed about 13 minutes of footage from the first three episodes. This was released as a bonus feature on the second DVD. The following was cut:
  • Episode 1: Four scenes were cut, totaling about 3 minutes. The second scene didn't need to be cut, as it only related to defecation, and didn't involve it. The third scene could have been cut far less if they only removed about 20 seconds worth of the urination footage, but, what should we expect from the US release...? This episode did lose the least amount of footage, but it's far from getting things off to a good start, believe me. Also of note, is that at one point, Central Park Media actually -adds- footage, when compared to the initial pressing Region 2 DVD! The scene where Hirasaka and Ren wait for the elevator in the Japanese disc is pretty much stationary and silent. In the CPM release, Hikaru (the brown haired, pig tailed, very genki nurse from episode 4) rushes past, chasing after a few kids, telling them to slow down. The scene is sort of funny really, but it's not on the Japanese DVD... So, I really don't know where it's from. I've yet to see any additional footage in Episode 2 and 3, however, and it doesn't actually affect the runtime any.
  • The first scene is when Hirasaka brings Ren to orgasm by inserting his finger in to her anus. She then has an orgasm, and evidently from being busy all day, is unable to hold her bladder. She urinates all over both his hand and the chair, and after chuckling about what a vulgar bitch Ren is, he licks his finger, and then throws her to the floor. Of special note is that they actually use the soundtrack from some of this cut footage, and re-translate his line about it being "Good and salty" to make it seem like he's simply licking up her vaginal secretions. Quite a bit of Hirasaka calling Ren a 'nasty whore' and the like is lost in this process, and his little pun about how she gave him a flower, so he'll take hers in return, is also sadly absent.
  • The second scene was the start of Hirasaka's experiment. He tells her that he's convinced her anus is her most sensitive area, and fills her bowels with water with a shower hose. Her stomach balloons up, and it cuts back to Hirasaka putting Ren on the chair, her stomach still somewhat bloated. (This scene was cut because it relates to a very brief image in the third edit of some brown liquid seeping from her anus. A needless cut, in other words.)
  • The third scene is edited almost seamlessly, unlike the rest of the cuts. I didn't even notice it the first time I watched it, despite the soundtrack seeming unfamiliar. After Naoya sees Ren impaled on Hirasaka, there are several shots of Ren releasing the still clear water he had sprayed inside her intestines. Besides this, her vagina also leaks lots of secretions on to the floor. The enema water is transparent, it doesn't at all appear to have any fecal matter in it. The soundtrack is, as is to be expected by now, flopped around so the music has to do as little skipping as possible. The CPM version cuts back in to when the speculum falls out of Ren's vagina.
  • The fourth edit is pretty much an entire scene missing. Once Ren turns around, and is obviously starting to enjoy her rape, she starts to buck up and down on Hirasaka. As the series will have a habit of doing, they'll get a freeze frame, screw with the soundtrack for a while, and then fade to the credits. The scene is supposed to continue, Ren leaking a little urine here and there, and after a lengthy, noisy anal sex scene, she urinates as she climaxes. Hirasaka then leaves her to sit in her own urine, as some oddly colored fluid seeps from what appears to be her anus. Naoya stands, now untied, and walks to her, looking mortified. He tries to put his hand on hers, and she pulls away, starting to cry, saying she's been harmed too badly. Naoya just watches as the girl curls up in to a fetal position and cries, Hirasaka smirking the whole while.
  • Episode 2: The final scene from this episode was cut completely, meaning that about 4 minutes of footage was lost. However, the rest of the scenes weren't edited at all, which is a plus. This is one of those times where I'll admit, cuts were almost guaranteed for a US release, no matter who released it. However, I can't help but feel that CPM was begin very lazy, as enema torture is a pretty common theme in a few shows released by NuTech Digital, including Seek of Cool Devices fame, and both Shusaku and the sequel Shusaku Replay. If the actually sequences of urination and defecation were removed (only about 35-45 seconds worth, tops), or maybe replaced with other shots and the sound left intact, there should have been no problems on the legal front. CPM chose to cut the scene entirely, however, and thus not only is Hirasaka not nearly as sadistic or frightening, but it makes Remi's character seem a lot more willing to be Hirasaka's personal toy than she ought to be.
  • The scene, in brief, goes something like this; after Hirasaka tells her they're going to perform an experiment, he pulls the woman in to the next room by the ropes, and hands Remi an enema syringe. She begs him to stop, and he reminds her that a murdering nurse has no right to judge him. She puts the plastic tubing up her anus, and crying, very graphically injects herself. Hirasaka grabs a bucket, and a fish tank filter motor, and continues pumping water in to her belly that way, watching her stomach bloat. He then urinates in to the bucket, and laughs at her while she whimpers and cries. He then croons on about how she wants to suck him, and though she denies it, she performs oral sex on him anyway. Once Hirasaka ejaculates in her mouth, he tells her to go, and screaming for the toilet, Remi dashes for it, but her anus gives out half way there. She defecates diarrhea all over the floor, and hiding her face, whimpering, Hirasaka appears behind her, and smirks, wondering aloud what the next experiment should be. (Again, this scene could have been left in, if only the actually urination and defecation footage was removed. It's a shame CPM decided to cut so much of it, as this scene is really a great insist in to Hirasaka's twisted psyche, and is giving us a taste as to the nasty deeds he's more than willing to perform in Fujisawa Ako next episode. The scene of Hirasaka urinating is brief, and could have easily been removed, and it would have been easy to use alternate footage of Remi and Hirasaka's faces' to hint at what obviously must be going on.)
  • Episode 3: This episode was the most edited one thus far, but if CPM gets the rights to episode's 4, 5, 5.5 and 6, I'm sure they'll break this record as well. About 6 and a half to 7 minutes (!) of footage was removed from this episode, and contrary to popular belief, not all of it has to do with bodily waste. Nor did the first episode's cut, but... There were a total of 2 scenes heavily edited, and one basically removed entirely.
  • The first scene to be edited is the footage of Hirasaka and Ren in the fountain at night. (Reporters note: This is one of my favorite scenes in any hentai, in that it managed to be beautifully romantic and wonderfully sick at the same time.) Footage of Hirasaka using a garden hose to administer an enema, Ren drinking Hirasaka's urine and performing oral sex on him while he urinates, Hirasaka having anal sex with Ren as she urinates, and lots of simple straight sex, often involving urine in one way or another was cut. It's also much of the same animation cut from episode 1 with a new color scheme, at that! All in all, about 2 minutes of sex was removed. When Hirasaka questions Ren, CPM used different shots and overdubbed the footage - poorly, as we'd expect by now. Hirasaka was actually supposed to speak in this scene, and then reward Ren with a golden shower. (Okay, Ren is urinating a lot in this scene, and watching her drink urine is just nasty, even by my usually liberal standards. That still doesn't mean a lot of the only vaguely graphic sex scenes couldn't have been kept, and I'm sure that several shots of Hirasaka and Ren having standing sex could have been kept if they zoomed away from Ren's genitals to her breasts and face. Regardless, we nearly lost it all. A pity.)
  • The second scene to be edited occurs after Ako is tied to the chair. This scene was HEAVILY edited, so please, bear with me as I try to explain; after she wakes up, she's supposed to ask him what the heck he's doing, and he replies he's giving her a checkup. He finds her to be having her period, and while she's disgusted, Hirasaka removes her tampon, sighing about how she must not be a virgin. She tells him that she is, it's just the heavy work load makes sanitary napkins a bother. He chuckles, and sticks the tampon up her nose. Here's where CPM's footage cuts back in, though we don't know why she's crying in pain, or what she wants him to 'take out'. The audio no longer matches up with the video at all, and several shots of Ako's face are edited to hide that she had her tampon in her nose, including her shocked expression as he ejaculates on her face. Finally, he inserts a marble in to her vagina, and the CPM version cuts back in, with an altered subtitle track to cover up the marble bit. Also, much of her crying, particularly for her parents towards the end of the scene, are lost. (So much for it being strictly legal reasons... This scene, disgusting as it is, is one of the more important scenes in the series in terms of showing what a bastard Hirasaka is. Here's a poor virgin he utterly humiliates and viciously rapes, while she's on the rag, no less. This material is certainly offensive, but that's, what, we're here for! Cutting the marble scene was to be expected, though, as it relates to the final scene that CPM cut entirely. All in all, I was very disappointed to see CPM cut footage that is not illegal, simply to avoid controversy. This sort of menstrual humiliation isn't all that uncommon in Japanese pornography, and the cutting they did to it just makes Ako sounds like a slut in the edited version, wanting nothing more than Hirasaka inside her, rather than an innocent girl who's begging to be rescued from this perverse madman. Almost all of her struggling and crying ends up being cut, and with no explanation of her period because of the tampon issue, we don't see why she's bleeding even before he penetrates her. All in all, a pathetic hack job of a scene that could have been left alone.)
  • The final scene from episode 3 is removed entirely, and it's perhaps the most infamous scene this series can claim to have, even topping the later 'boiled egg torture' in future episodes. Where in the CPM version Hirasaka hisses to himself about 'What a naive girl she is', the original version has him ask about the marble. She, embarrassed, admits she can't get it out. He takes her to the next room, and acting very kind and gentle about the whole thing, has her kneel on the bench. Using a speculum, he puts more marbles in rather than takes them out, and he inserts several in to her anus as well. She tries to escape, and he ties her hands together, laughing at her as he puts her on the ground, and has sex with her dog style, the marbles still in her. At her protest, he administers an enema, and once he's ejaculated inside her, he ties her to his office chair with red tape, and continues pumping her anus full of water. Erect again, he has sex with her as he pumps water in her, and unable to do much else, she finally admits it's starting to feel good. Hirasaka has sex with her until he once again has an orgasm, and he kicks the chair, and Ako in the process, to the floor. She shoots brown water and marbles several feet in the air, and she lies there, crying. Hirasaka says it's beautiful as the marbles fall to the floor. (The sobbing you hear at the end credits on CPM's release is from the final moment, after Hirasaka's impressed compliment.)
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Followed by Night Shift Nurses: Experiment (2005) See more »

User Reviews

Great show
3 January 2014 | by wander-vonSee all my reviews

I'm not going to sit here and give you a long winded explanation about why this show is great. If you needed that, you most likely wouldn't be here looking at a review in the first place.

Animation 10/10 this show looks awesome, especially for a hentai, and even more so for when it was created (1989) Soundtrack 10/10 very creepy, very in between, very appropriate, and very sincere when it needs to be Voice overs 10/10 for Japanese, 5/10 for English, the Japanese voice actors do a great job at sounding believable, and you come to really recognize each voice even if you don't speak a word of the language.

--One thing I really like to point out is that this series avoids the wailing banshee like screaming that is too often the case in Asian porn --On the other hand, the English dub isn't believable at all, and DOES have the banshee wailing that I just can't stand Story 10/10 this is the one that really is a stand-out. The writing in this show is actually damn good, with some pretty deep psychology being played out, and one of the best pieces about Stockholm syndrome I've ever seen, ever. I don't think I've ever been so divided, or had my ethical standards tested as much as when I watched this show.

Last but not least, the poontang. Well, if you need me to talk about this, you haven't seen it, but a word of warning to those who are curious.

This is the heavyweight champion of kinky, defiling, deflowering, brutal, and dark porn ever conceived. It isn't just the really, really raunchy sex that marks this one as a milestone, its the fact that it combines that with deep psychology to really make you understand why the characters are doing what they do, and why they act the way they act.

Make no mistake, this show sets out from the get-go to be incredibly dark and raunchy, and it succeeds at just that perfectly with flying colors. When you read these other reviews, they are coming from people who rated it lowly because it did perfectly what it promised to do from the start.

As a porn this show is damn hardcore, as a psycho-TV series, this show is damn good as well. Together, this is actually a pretty good piece of film.

TL;DR this is the Cthulu of porn. Dark, insane, and shouldn't exist. But you may just find yourself worshiping it despite your better judgment.

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