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Season 2

14 Apr. 2007
Hard vs. Soft! The Siblings Quarrel After the Long Separation
When Kensei Ma starts acting suspiciously, Kenichi decides to follow him and learn his secrets.
21 Apr. 2007
The Assault Commander Joins In! Restaurant Scuffle
The Shinpaku Alliance is weakened, surrounded, and outnumbered by the Ragnarok gang. When he learns of their plight, Kenichi drops everything to return home. But the young fighter worries if he can reach his friends in time.
28 Apr. 2007
What Fear, Seig! Prelude for Destruction
Niijima is captured while spying. Miu and a reluctant Kenichi rush to his resuce, but wonder if they're headed into a trap.
5 May 2007
The Results of Training! Align Forward Half!
As he and Miu try to save Niijima, Kenichi finds himself locked in a fierce battle with Siegfried, who has a reputation for being unbeatable.
12 May 2007
Honoka Will Help You!
Hermit returns for another round against Kenichi, but someone unexpected gets in his way.
19 May 2007
Honoka's in Danger! Loki's Plot!
Intense training nearly breaks Kenichi and he decides to run away. But when Hermit learns Honoka is Kenichi's sister, Loki takes the girl hostage and lures her brother into a deadly battle to save her.
2 Jun. 2007
Strike, Kenichi! Fists Do the Talking!
Honoka has been kidnapped, and Kenichi must take down Hermit to rescue her. Then he learns a dark secret from his enemy's past.
9 Jun. 2007
Don't Give In! The Words Left by a Loved One!
Kenichi's battle against Hermit comes to an abrupt halt when Loki puts a knife to Honoka's throat. With his sister's life on the line, Kenichi finds himself rendered helpless.
16 Jun. 2007
There's No One in Our Way! Now Is the Time to Settle the Fight!
Hermit can't abide Loki's threats against Honoka, and saves the girl by betraying Ragnarok. But nothing can stop his quest for revenge against Kenichi, and their battle rages anew.
23 Jun. 2007
Miu vs. renka! the love triangle creates a storm!
Kensei Ma's tough-as-nails daughter, Renka, arrives at the dojo. But when her feelings for Kenichi become apparent, Miu gets jealous.
30 Jun. 2007
Dangerous Trap! Let's Have Sumo Chanko Stew Together!
Kenichi learns about a Ragnarok's secret lair and, tired of waiting for the next attack from his enemies, decides to take matters into his own hands.
6 Jul. 2007
Cute Kitten! Hand-to-Hand Battle Against Women!
Kisara's soft spot for kittens may be her undoing as she teams with enemies to help a feline in need.
21 Jul. 2007
The Place the Promise Was Made! Everything Started Here!
Kenichi learns he and an enemy are connected by a shared past.
28 Jul. 2007
Terror of the Sphere of Control! A Dragon Descends!
Despite their common past, Odin refuses to let Kenichi escape without a fight. Meanwhile Niijima attempts to get Hermit into the Shinpaku Alliance.
4 Aug. 2007
Elder's Super Express! Do-or-die Secluded Tour in the Mountains!
The Elder agrees to train Kenichi personally if the young fighter can survive a treacherous test. Meanwhile Niijima receives unexpected help.
11 Aug. 2007
Limiter! invitation to the world of bloodshed!
When his training in the mountains puts him in peril, Kenichi is rescued by a mysterious stranger. He soon discovers this stranger may hold the key to his destiny.
18 Aug. 2007
Collapse of the Shinpaku Federation! The Crazy Fist Stealthily Approaches!
While Kenichi trains with the Elder, the Ragnarok leaders make a move back home.
25 Aug. 2007
The Decisive Attack! Kisara Dances!
Chaos reigns as simultaneous battles put everyone in danger. Niijima, Kisara, and Miu go to combat with their deadliest foes.
7 Sep. 2007
Farewell! A Determined Niijima Joins the Fray!
The Shinpaku Alliance is weakened, surrounded, and outnumbered by the Ragnarok gang. When he learns of their plight, Kenichi drops everything to return home. But the young fighter worries if he can reach his friends in time.
9 Sep. 2007
The Weakness of the Genius! Effort Surpasses Talent!
Kenichi arrives to help his friends. But before he can take on his biggest enemy, Hermit steps in.
16 Sep. 2007
Showdown Between the Leaders! The Man with the Legendary Spear!
It's the fight everyone has been waiting for: Kenichi versus Odin. But when the dojo's disciple starts to gain the upper hand, the First Fist of Ragnarok reveals an incredible and terrible power.
22 Sep. 2007
The Mightiest Transformation! The Ryozanpaku Rhythm!
Kenichi is defenseless now that Odin can predict his every move. So instead of fighting his way, Kenichi decides to imitate the styles of his masters. Can his clever imitations keep Odin at bay?
29 Sep. 2007
The Mightiest Disciple, Kenichi!
Kenichi's strategy is working against Odin, but then the Ragnarok leader turns to a new fearsome power that may destroy both of them.

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