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Sex & Nudity

  • The show contains large amounts of sexual related humour, women are constantly dressed scantily and sex is a huge theme within the show. Although no nudity is ever shown, there are occasional sex scenes and nearly every episode contains plenty of sexual references. One of the main characters Alex Moran is seen in bed with women nearly every episode.
  • In a few episodes we see men fully naked from the back (buttocks) and men are shirtless very often.

Violence & Gore

  • The violence is mild and normally played out for laughs. Plenty of football related violence. There are a few episodes where there are fist fights.
  • In one episode a goat is eaten by a badger. We do not see the actual goat being eaten, just the badger running toward the goat. The shot then cuts to two characters screaming while being sprayed with blood. This is played out for laughs.
  • A student is ran over by a vehicle. We later see that the students arm is broken severely. This is very fake and played out for laughs.
  • A student gets trapped under a barbell in one episode and proceeds to cut off his nipple to remove himself from the barbell. We do not see the actual nipple being cut off, we see the character grab a piece of broken glass and direct it towards his nipple, the camera then zooms on the characters face as he is screaming and we later see his shirt bloodied.
  • A man inserts a catheter into his urethra in one episode to insert clean urine to pass a drug test. We do not see the insertion but the reaction of the other teammates as the character inserts the catheter. This is more gross than it is violent but still humorous in nature.


  • In an episode of Season 3 a university called Buckingham is nicknamed "Fuckingham". This is said at least 3 or 4 times.
  • "Shit", "bitch", "ass", "dick", "asshole" and "pussy" are used throughout each episode.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drugs and alcohol are presented in a positive and encouraged sense in the show. There is drinking and drugs in almost every episode.
  • In one episode, each football player takes a unique drug and we later see the effects of the drugs on the players. One man smokes pot, another does acid, another is clearly high on cocaine etc.
  • One of the main characters seems to have a problem with cocaine, more near the beginning of the third season. We hear and see the character through flashbacks of him using large amounts of cocaine and being arrested later on.
  • A man injects himself with rabies and acts rabid and aggressively.
  • A man drinks an ancient drug that puts him on a "vision quest." He hallucinates throughout the entire episode.
  • A man grows a large field of marijuana and we see one of the characters smoke a marijuana joint later on, he laughs hysterically and is clearly largely affected by the marijuana.
  • One episode, the entire campus is drinking constantly for 24 hours. Every student is intoxicated.

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