No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle (Video Game 2010) Poster

Robin Atkin Downes: Travis Touchdown


  • Travis Touchdown : Downward fucking dog!

  • Sylvia Christel : He's just the uh... newspaper delivery man. Taking the emergency exit is faster.

    Travis Touchdown : Hey... that's true. The paper boy's a genius.

  • Travis Touchdown : It's called being fashionably late, fuckface!

  • Travis Touchdown : Hey wait, you're the older brother? How do you know I didn't pop out first?

  • Travis Touchdown : When you see your brother in hell, tell him he's still a douche!

  • Travis Touchdown : Glory to the Soviet Union.

  • Travis Touchdown : Rich assassins pull the craziest shit.

  • Travis Touchdown : This isn't a battle anymore; it's a motherfucking war!

  • Travis Touchdown : [Shinobu tries to kiss him]  I can't. I feel like that pervy teacher in a porn!

  • Travis Touchdown : [Skelter Helter is waiting on a rooftop of a skyscraper. He waits for an elevator to reach the top floor, where he is. Just before the doors open, he shoots the elevator multiple times, believing Travis Touchdown to be inside. The doors open revealing only a robe. Travis appears behind Skelter Helter and holds his katana to Skelter Helter's neck]  It's called fashionably late, fuckface.

    Skelter Helter : [Skelter Helter leaps away from Travis]  Travis Touchdown... This place bring back any memories?

    Travis Touchdown : It's only where my last killing spree started. All those screwed up ranking fights... Now WHY would I remember that?

    Skelter Helter : It'll be your blood this time, when I avenge my brother! Draw!

    Travis Touchdown : ...Brother? Who?

    Skelter Helter : Don't you remember the man you fought here?

    Travis Touchdown : Um... No. Can't saw I do. Guess he didn't make an impression! Must have been crazy weak.

    Skelter Helter : You insensitive prick! You killed him and you dont even remember! You know how humiliating that is?

    Travis Touchdown : ...Sorry. I don't keep a death diary. And in case you're wondering, I'm even stronger now.

    Skelter Helter : YOU will lose! You've got no chance of winning this!

    [activates sword] 

    Travis Touchdown : [activates katana]  Uh HUH. You're something else. I haven't been so worked up in ages. When you see your bro in hell, tell him, HE'S STILL A DOUCHE!

  • Travis Touchdown : Everybody deals with grief differently, right? Some people fuck at funerals, I cut off heads.

  • Travis Touchdown : [after Travis kills Alice, Travis confronts Sylvia]  See that? Now THAT was a battle! Look at this blood! We humans are alive, even if we are assassins! Doesn't matter if it's a video game, movie, drama, anime, manga, WE'RE ALIVE! People shed blood and die! This isn't a game! You can't just selfishly use death as your tool! THIS is Alice's blood! I bet you've already forgotten she'd existed! Same way you would've forgotten about me! And THAT'S why I'm tearing down the UAA!

  • Travis Touchdown : [after knocking Kimmy unconscious]  Screw this, I can't kill a co-ed. Come see me again after you graduate, and I'll school you again.

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