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a neo-noir/action flick treat for fans of Brubaker and Bell
Quinoa198418 August 2009
Ed Brubaker is a name to know in comics, but it should also be known in movies. Hopefully this will be a good calling card for him to get more work, or for more of his comics to reach the screen. While he's usually known for his spin on Captain America, he also has a series of hard-hitting hard-boiled comics called 'Criminal' (at the moment, I think, there's three volumes in all). Angel of Death follows along on the heels of those latter comics, and what he delivers here with this script is like an updating of a pulpy story that might have been found back in the 1950s put to film - only, of course, far less violent and expletive or on occasion trippy. It's like a Sin City yarn if it took itself not quite as much as a parody. And it works, mostly.

And another good thing about it, with its story about a hit-woman (Zoe Bell) who after getting a knife stabbed in her head and surviving- and becoming a loose cannon and seeing visions of a young girl she accidentally killed "telling her" to hit the entire mob organization around her- is that it leads on tough-movie dialog, kick-ass fight scenes and a really superb leading lady. Previously one could see Bell as a stunt-woman in Kill Bill or as herself, sorta, in Death Proof. But here she proves she can hold her own in dramatic scenes (maybe not quite her Uma Thurman counterpart but close enough) and seeing her fight is really extraordinary.

In fact, if you're just looking for a better-than-average direct-to-DVD action flick that chalks up a load of mob-movie/detective clichés, and don't know or care about Brubaker's name on the DVD, it's still worth watching. The fights are gritty and realistic, and the direction compliments these moments of torrid psycho-drama with Bell's knack for knocking someone's head in or any other kind of clever way of killing at a moment's notice. The film sometimes goes into a comic-book-panel kind of mis-en-scene, like if Zoe Bell's character is in a room walking around we'll see three different 'panels' of this. It's creative, if a little overused (and not so original if one's seen Ang Lee's Hulk). And, as a more obvious complaint, with the exception of Doug Jones and Lucy Lawless most of the cast is just 'meh', not terrible but nothing special.

But pick it up if you're roving around your video rental or if netflix gives the recommendation. You'll be surprised how much 78 minutes can go in delivering a hard-knock story of hard kills and harder consequences.
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Well Beyond My Expectations
tropicvibe27 July 2009
Some so called critics may give this flick a couple of stars but truth be told, I went in with low expectations and came out pleasantly surprised. Had never heard of the movie or even Zoe Bell for that matter but she was in fine form here and her acting was quite sufficient for the lead role. Except for being a story about a female assassin, this really has nothing in common with "La Femme Nikita". What it does have is dark humor, plenty of action, and very good fight scenes. Even martial arts fans like me won't be disappointed. I feel lucky enough to have watched it with a few friends (one of whom brought the movie to my attention), and we all enjoyed it. If I give out any kind of spoiler it might ruin the fun so go take a look, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
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Imitation "Alias"/"La Femme Nikita" vehicle for Zoe Bell
alanbobet14 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I have just seen the Unrated & (so called)Unedited DVD version of ANGEL OF DEATH starring stunt actress Zoe Bell in her first starring lead acting role, since Ms. Bell basically played "herself" in the Quintin Tarentino mini movie, DEATH PROOF, as part of the GRINDHOUSE double feature of 2007. While I consider Ms. Bell as the best stunt actress alive, her acting talents are still quite limited and is still a work in progress. The film which is really a compilation of mini episodes shown on the Internet based on a script by comic book writer, Ed Brubaker(Marvel Comic's Captain America)lacks a cohesive plot with credible and believable characters, especially the main female lead that remains as cyphers thruout the film, which really lasts only 78 minutes. The plot as it is, a combination of TV's ALIAS and LA FEMME NIKITA, has Bell as a hit woman working for a crime syndicate, who suffers an almost fatal blow in the head by a knife during a botched assassination attempt and then because of that blow, she suffers a change of heart in her profession and then decides to go after her bosses. The action scenes, especially with Ms Bell herself doing her own stunts & fight scenes, are quite good, but every time Ms Bell tries to act in the film with scripted dialogue, the film goes downhill, since she is obviously out of her league, especially acting with pros like Lucy Lawless(ZENA), Ted Raimi and Doug Jones(HELLBOY). Ms Bell here commits the same error as another favorite stunt actress/ martial artist Cynthia Rothrock,who is also great in her own fight scenes but can't act or deliver dialogue convincingly. It also streches credibility when the lead character suffers a knife blow to the skull with a seven inch knife, but suffers no serious motor trauma to the brain, except for some minor seizures. The film as directed as such, has a TV movie, made for video quality to it and doesn't work as a theatrical feature. The film just ends when it's reaching it's climax and leaves the door wide open for a sequel, but unlike Tarentino's KILL BILL, which this film unsuccessfully tries to emulate, the viewer doesn't have enough sympathy for Zoe Bell's character in the same way audiences felt for Uma Thurman's character or Anne Parillaud's character in NIKITA or Jennifer Garner's character in ALIAS. My sincere advice to Zoe Bell is to continue doing bit parts in film and TV to be able to fully develop her acting skills before trying another lead role in a film again or her career will end up just like Cynthia Rothrock and Mimi Lesseos doing Grade Z action flicks released straight to video.
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Don't mind the bad reviews
TobyVK29 August 2009
If you're looking for a new and original million dollar film that will sweep you away into a world of movie-magic- This isn't a movie for you. This is the kind of movie you rent when you just wanna get cozy in the couch watching some violence. This is not an exceptional movie, but it's a good and simple movie for anyone to watch when in the mood of something not too heavy.

It is indeed a grind-house B-style flick, and I can see how anyone who's not read-up on the genre might find it to be an awful movie. Truth told it is a great movie. The whole concept is simple as well - And the script being bad because the plot is too plain? It's the whole point. Anyone can watch this because it doesn't bind you to more than a few key events- Making it possible to summarize the entire movie in a sentence or two.
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Zoe Bell brings a good fight...that's it.
bbickley13-921-5866412 November 2014
I was expecting more when the synopsis of the movie mentioned that Lucy Lawless was also going to star with it along with Zoe Bell, but after the fact I realized that that makes little sense, cause outside of Xena warrior princess I've never seen Lawless do action and the chick who actually did her action on that show is starring in the film.

I thought this was an good starting Vehicle for Zoe Bell. It was a decent story about a emotionless hit man hunted by her victims after getting a knife to the head.

Zoe did her best, showing her capable acting skills, and most importantly, showing her fighting skills, which I felt were top notch. Bell's got the action down pack, her fight scenes were impressive. Lucky for her, to be an action star, there's not much more you need.

I did not see this as the original web series it was, I saw it as a full feature. From what I herd this is a better way to do it.
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Angel of Death
Scarecrow-8810 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I won't lie when I say that before DEATH PROOF I knew nothing of Zoë Bell . I can go on record now and say I love me some Zoë Bell! She's phenomenal in her fight scenes in ANGEL OF DEATH. Zoë Bell is someone I will look out for in the future no matter how crap the movies themselves are. She's physically marvelous and the way she moves through hired guns and assassins in ANGEL OF DEATH was a sight to behold. The film itself is utter sh#t, I'll get that point across immediately, and the plot is uninspired / derivative. Zoë Bell carries this flick on her shoulders, plain and simple..sure director Paul Etheredge toys around with a film style where scene to scene transfers often resemble those story blocks in comics, but the story and characters are weak and one-dimensional. I found the main villains hilarious..these siblings, spoiled brats, a brother and sister are bucking for the top position of their dying mob father's family. Well, the decision of which will gain control rests in the hands of an unlikely adversary..on of their own hit men, a woman named Eve(Zoë Bell).

Zoë Bell's this incredible assassin who gets a knife stuck in her head, literally, the handle is sticking out of her freakin' head! This happens during a routine hit where she's supposed to take out this rotund target, but during the process she accidentally shoots his 14 year old daughter. During the escape one of the target's goons stabs her in the head with a knife, and it affects her mentally..she sees the hallucinogenic image of the teenage girl she killed and is commanded by her to take out the mob family who had the 14 year old's pops assassinated. This sets in motion a whole series of unfortunate events for the Downes mob family for Eve will hunt each member(..and the hired goons paid to protect them), eliminating one after the other. That's pretty much it. Jake Abel is Cam(eron), the young man who wants to run the Downes family, but secretly his sister, Regina(Vail Bloom) is operating things..these kids are ruthless and the desire for power brings out the very worst in them. Cam loves using his straight razor to stab and slice people while Regina has the acting chops to manipulate her way out of dire situations where her life is in jeopardy. Justin Huen is Eve's boss(..and lover), Franklin, who is working in concert with the FBI. Franklin is in love with Eve, and vice versa, and is attempting to negotiate his ass out of major trouble when his best assassin begins murdering his employers. Lucy Lawless is Vera, Eve's Christian neighbor..she love snooping through Eve's clothes and this costs her dearly. I just want to make something perfectly clear..Ted Raimi fans should prepare for certain disappointment because he's in the film 10 seconds tops. Doug Jones is Eve's personal physician and Brian Poth is Franklin's other hit-man, Graham.

The action set pieces are often breathtaking as Zoë Bell shows her prowess in hand to hand combat against her foes, with plenty of punches and blows connecting in an unforgiving fashion. In particular is an amazing showdown between Eve and a made man(..who has a relationship with the Downes family) in the claustrophobic confines of a bathroom. How Eve settles a fight with an Asian martial artist(..a mobster's enforcer) by putting him through a window, the roof of a car breaking their fall, is quite impressive. The director shoots the more violent acts off screen, depending on sound effects(..probably a blade stabbing or slicing into melons)to add impact when the use of Cam's razor blade or Eve's hunting knife cut into victims. You could see how Etheredge wanted to emulate Tarantino, it blatantly shows throughout the film. Director Etheredge shamelessly leaves open the conclusion in cliffhanger fashion as Eve stares down her next conquest, a crowned mobster she plans to destroy.
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a great fun flick
Worldofgrim23 August 2009
I enjoyed this. I have the all i can rent blockbuster membership so i see A LOT of flicks. And many only the first chapter, then skip to last to see f/x or finale. This was thorughly enjoyable. Zoe did a kick booty job. She was hot, acted well, even the tough scenes, I never cringed at all. I sort of cringed in 'Death Proof' at the acting she did, which was non per Quentin's direction... but in this, she did it. she delivered her lines. Her acting, and her fight sequences were great. Hard, gritty, sexy but not SEXY ridiculous, but sexy hot gritty cool, you know what I mean. Her moves looked & felt real, like, oh yah, that's how a women can fight a big dude, like me, I'm buying it. gun play was excellent too, as in, no gunplay, just solid use of guns, knives, fists, mirrors, ground, ...great! story was simple, straightforward & well paced. direction was solid.

kudos to the Director of photo, i really liked the lighting, the contrasts, the light/shadow, the silhouettes, really done well. i think i'm buying this one. something i can enjoy watching every few years along with Leon/the professional, seagal's first 4 movies, bruce lee, streetfighter, old boy, & pink panther.
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Great stuff
cutshaw-225 July 2009
Brubaker does it again, this time in movie form. A violent, action-packed, compelling revenge/vigilante story with great performances and fun characters. I've seen others compare it to La Femme Nikita and Alias (odd, the only other female assassin stories that quickly come to mind. If there is a male assassin in a movie is it an imitation of The Mechanic? Or is that only if there is a female in the lead role?) but this film easily stands on it's own. Gratuitous and darkly humorous violence mixed with a engrossing story of a killer who develops a conscience. If you like this you should definitely check out Brubaker's crime comics like Criminal or Sleeper. The guy knows how to tell a story.
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Good Female Kick-BLEEP-Action.
cjp_allen26 August 2009
I guess I have to disagree with the comment that this is in league with but a few female warriors, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The fact is, this movie is in league with a great MANY other movies that I am reminded of including but not limited to the TV sensation Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Femme Fatale, Little Nikita, Elektra, Mr. & Mrs.Smith, Point of No Return-INDEED-, Aeon Flux (2005), Ultraviolet-BLAH-UNDELICIOUS-, Underworld, Just to name a couple. ;) Oh yeah, yikes, I almost forgot, KILL BILL VOL 1 & 2!!!!! The reason why there are so many of them is because women kicking serious be-hind is always a great theme especially when they come in the form of a Beatrix Kiddo - "Black Mamba." So my apologies for my eulogy, but as far as this movies goes I also believe that it is one of those gems that get tossed out because of a couple of bad scenes. Not that I haven't dismissed a great movie that had a crappy ending, but I felt that this movie should be viewed and enjoyed for the rest of its content, forgetting those bad scenes.
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Great movie. Kick ass from beginning to end
angellvr1231 October 2018
Zoe bell rocked the house in this movie. It parodies a lot of assassin turned good movies.

Worth watching. And I hope they make more Zoe Bell movies.
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Totally kickass
angellvr1231 October 2018
I love the story. Zoe Bell Rules. Great seeing Xena alumni and the fight scenes rocked

This movies parodies a lot of assassin turned good. I would recommend watching this. It's also like a comic book.
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Terrible acting & just plain bad script
D-Sligar28 July 2009
Ugh. This movie was pretty bad, but if you like B or grind-house-style movies then it might fit your taste. I don't mind the occasional B-flick, but grind-house/70's-era cheap pulp don't satisfy. The storyline of this movie was terrible and the acting was straight-up high school special! The way Eve carries out her hits is laughable and the fight choreography is wooden and contrived. Then there's the knife-scene... come on, really are you friggin kidding me?!?! Terrible and boring movie.

Save yourself the time, get a different movie from the bargain-bin this will be in and save yourself the time/$5. Also, ignore the 10-star ratings, they must have some kind of invested interest in the film or are stuck back in the cheap cinematography days. Note to self... If all of Ed Brubaker's films are this bad, I need to remember to pass on any films bearing his name.
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What a piece of Rubbish
bazzerk27 July 2009
I cannot believe the previous comments. This Movie, is rubbish. Although it has some good action and the Zoe Bell character Assassin has a fantastic figure. Each of these qualities deserve 1 star for each. Zoe Bell is apparently a busy stunt woman. This I can believe and she is great at doing this but her acting is terrible. It was like finger nails down a black board, a horrible hard Kiwi Accent & Lucy Lawless's character with the Southern accent, particularly painful. They should be taken out the back and shot. Looks like an el cheapo film made in the warehouse district of Auckland. Nice legs, shame about the...... But hell, looks like somebody thought it was great?
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Kick ASS Grindhouse Female Assassin delivers the goods
RodMorgan20 December 2009
A small-budget exercise in what can be accomplished in on-line video, "Angel of Death" is startlingly effective as a full-length product.

Starring near-legendary stunt performer Zoe Bell ("Kill Bill," "Death Proof" and others), this action adventure never pulls its punches. Every shot hits - and some very bloody hits they are. It creates some of the same energy and electricity as "Wanted," with mordant humor and wonderful guest performances from brilliant mime Doug Jones (who created Abe Sapien in "Hellboy," the Silver Surfer and others) and the woman for whom Bell doubled for years, Lucy "Zena" Lawless.

Terrific editing suits Ed Brubaker's potboiler plot, with camera angles and scene framing joyfully celebrating the story's hard core comic book feel. Darrel Herbert's music is derivative but effectively enhances the over-the-top approach of the action.

To paraphrase Ordell Robbie, "When you absolutely, positively want to watch a warrior woman take out every m*-f* in the room," check out Zoe Bell as Eve. "Angel of Death" delivers the goods.
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Knife to Head
artpf17 October 2013
A career assassin becomes haunted by one of her victims following a near fatal injury to her brain. Becoming a rogue assassin settling the score with her former mob employers, chaos and power struggles ensue.

I watched this on Crackle as a series of 7 or so minute clips that add up to the feature. It sucks. While the female lead may have a hot bod, she's got a severe butter face that really distracts you from the show.

Also it's filled with really bad driving music that is annoying as all hell.

I must say, however that the very first episode is worth watching for the ending when she gets the giant (and I mean GIGANTIC) knife in her head. How she walked thru this with a straight face is beyond me.

God this was such a bad show.
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A Fun movie in need of a real lead actor
joeywyss15 February 2014
You know from the beginning this is not Quentin Tarantino nor is it trying to be , it's just a fun popcorn movie, but the main thing that ruins the movie is choosing a stunt woman as a lead actor. She just doesn't have the chops to pull this off. Even the third stringers out-act her here. She's not horrible, but she definitely can't pull off an ensemble part , and doesn't have one redeemable character trait she can use to make her character even slightly real. The movie is over the top violent and ridiculous, with a fun twist, but any other real actress would have solidified the movie. It has all the cliché elements you need for this type of flick, and good production values, but when the extra on the phone in the elevator delivers her lines better than the lead, there's a problem.
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What's bad about modern comics is what's bad about this film
MBunge26 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was written by comic book scribe Ed Brubaker and it really does look and feel like a modern comic. Some of the surface elements like dialog, attitude and characterization are okay. The storytelling fundamentals that lie underneath all that, like plot, theme and story structure, are outright terrible. Angel of Death never gives you a reason to care about anything that happens in it and has so little to say that it starts repeating itself before it's half over.

Eve (Zoe Bell) is an assassin who murders a young girl and gets stabbed in the brain when an assignment goes wrong. She begins seeing visions of her young victim, commanding her to start killing bad people. Not all the bad people, though. Eve's lover/handler Prescott (Brian Poth) and Eve's nearly pre-pubescent assassin partner Franklin (Justin Huen) are never threatened by Eve's visions, even though they are just as evil as anyone else in the movie. Instead,s he sets her sights on a couple of generically undefined mob bosses and…well, it gets a bit hard to describe after that.

Not that Angel of Death is all that complex. It's simplistic on just about every level but there's less and less logic to the film as it goes along, in the sense of point A leading to point B leading to point C. Characters are introduced that serve no purpose. Other characters that are important don't show up until the film is halfway over. The plot so completely runs out of steam it has to manufacture three separate reasons for why Eve should want to kill out of revenge, even though the whole point of the story is that she isn't seeking personal revenge.

Now, an action movie can get by with a cruddy plot if it keeps cranking up the intensity as it goes along, but Angel of Death screws that up. The best action scene take place before the film is half over and nothing that comes after is even close to being as energetic or violent. Intensity-wise, this thing climaxes way too early and then lies flaccid on the screen till it peters out with a conclusion that seems to happen about 15 minutes before the story should actually finish. By that time, however, you're just glad it's over.

I knew this film was going to suck from the very start, when it tried to tart up Eve in sexy clothes and a wig. Zoe Bell is a somewhat handsome woman with a tough charisma, but she's no beauty and when she's glammed up, she look less like La Femme Nikita and more like a transsexual. Putting their lead actress on screen in a way that makes her look as bad as she can told me these filmmakers didn't know their ass from a hole in the ground. That assumption was only confirmed by the rest of the movie.

Like most modern super-hero comics, Angel of Death has an intriguing concept and some of the individual moments of the story are well pulled off, but the tale as a whole is a mess that goes nowhere with no aim. There's also no nudity, relatively little profanity and most of the violence is on the tame side. Leave this one alone.
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Implausible and kind of silly
JoeB1318 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The plot line of this movie is that a female assassin working for an organized crime group is stabbed in the head with a dagger and shoots a 14 year old girl. As a result, she develops a conscience, and decides to turn her skills towards ridding the world of this organized crime group, in the process sustaining several more crippling injuries she is able to shake off within hours.

Remarkably, this organized crime group is a Mafia with no Italians in it. You see, it's one of those political correct things, like terrorist groups with no Arabs, because we wouldn't want to offend anyone. But anyway....

Kind of fun to watch, if you put your sense of logic and credulity on the shelf...
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Neat revenge action flick
Woodyanders1 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Career assassin Eve (stuntwoman Zoe Bell in fine fierce form) inadvertently kills a young girl after suffering a near fatal knife injury to the head. Suffering from visions of her previous victims and consumed with guilt, Eve decides to take out her mob boss employers. Director Paul Etheridge, working from a crafty script by Ed Brubaker, relates the familiar, yet still effective and entertaining story at a swift pace, brings a snazzy and cinematic live action comic book style to the pulpy material, further spruces things up with an inspired sense of sharp sarcastic humor, and delivers plenty of startling moments of nasty violence. Bell makes for a strong female lead and gives her formidable proverbial all in the rough'n'tumble fight set pieces. Moreover, the cast overall are quite sturdy, with especially praiseworthy work by Jake Abel as ruthless mob capo Cameron Downes, Brian Poth as Eve's loyal boyfriend Graham, Vail Bloom as icy and treacherous bitch Regina, Justin Huen as eager novice Franklin, Doug Jones as low-rent sleazeball Dr. Rankin, and Lucy Lawless as lovably kooky neighbor Vera. A potent underlying theme about redemption gives the picture extra substance while the tight 78 minute running time ensures that it never gets dull or overstays its welcome. Carly Herse's slick cinematography provides a cool splashy look. Spot-on groovy-grinding bluesy rock score, too. A seriously gnarly item.
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Absolutely No Realism
Uriah4324 September 2012
I realize that the whole idea for this movie comes from a comic book. Even so, in order to follow this film it requires a person to turn off his brain and accept some totally ridiculous scenarios. For example, the main character is an assassin by the name of "Eve" (played by Zoe Bell) who has a 6-inch knife embedded in her skull during an assassination attempt. She manages to complete her mission and stumbles out to a waiting get-away car all the same. She is taken to a mob doctor who performs the very delicate surgery by simply pulling the knife out by hand. She then recuperates for a few days and within no time is falling from a high-rise building onto a car and, apparently because there was another body underneath her to absorb the shock, gets up and walks away. Not long afterward she is involved in several fights which include having her head slammed repeatedly on a floor. All of this just after having a knife pulled from her brain. Yeah, right. At any rate, while there is plenty of action I would have preferred less quantity and more plausible quality. The characters were established well enough but the acting left much to be desired. Essentially, this is a film that has no humor and absolutely no realism. Everything hinges on hand-to-hand combat and even the pauses in between are only there to set the stage for the next violent sequence. No doubt there are some who enjoy this kind of movie and probably can't wait for the inevitable sequel or television series. Personally, it doesn't matter that much to me.
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A succesful action film
ergunbul14 April 2020
Don't be involved in bad reviews. A good example of action films. Good fighting scenes like in many of Zoe Bell's films. Some can find a little bit rough but this is her style and makes the film more realistic.
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Big bad Zoe
lastliberal9 September 2009
Zoe Bell will never be the action star that Angelina Jolie is, but that shouldn't keep you from watching her in action.

She plays a mob hit-woman that has a change of heart after an on-the-job accident. She decides to get some justice for those she has wronged. I know, it sounds a little hokey, but no more that surviving a knife stuck in your skull.

There are a lot of fights here. Of course, Bell is the star and should win, but, come on, win a straight fight against someone twice her size> Well, that's what you pay your money to see, so that's what you get.

Will the Angel of Death return? They left the door open.
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Comic book style wannabe
Leofwine_draca20 May 2014
Despite the comic-book style editing and the way the film skips from one scene to the next with the aid of animated borders, ANGEL OF DEATH is really nothing more than yet another story about a female assassin out for revenge. It goes for a gritty, SIN CITY style moody look, but to be honest this has all been done so many times before that it feels rather passe.

ANGEL OF DEATH features stunt-woman turned actress Zoe Bell (DEATH PROOF) as a professional assassin who's out for revenge against the people who betrayed her. Along the way, she suffers the effects of a traumatic wound, as well as fighting her own conscience. The plot is light and the script lighter, as this is merely an excuse to string together a series of hard-hitting fight sequences.

The good news is that the fights are well staged, thankfully avoiding the dodgy shaky-cam work often used these days; they're also pleasingly violent. However, that's pretty much the only decent thing about ANGEL OF DEATH. The script is sub-par, the direction tries too hard to be atmospheric, and Bell just doesn't cut it as a leading actress. The producers win points for casting some B-movie favourites such as Lucy Lawless (SPARTACUS), Doug Jones (PAN'S LABYRINTH) and Ted Raimi (DARKMAN), but it's not enough to make this a good movie.
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Zoe Bell
reservoir_cats_198915 August 2009
i was looking for more action, and more sense, in short - more fun.

getting blade into a middle of one's brain makes no sense. following action is an implication of that lack of sense.

whoever directed that flick had no "fun" among the highest priorities. and it's too bad, since directors like that tend to fade to gray.

PS. Minimum comment length must be 10 lines?! Just in what cinematography class does one learn a BS like this?

oh, i forgot, they're self made IMDb men.

PS2. They are now grammar Nazis as well.

PS3. Will this PS3 be enough to post a comment?
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Zoe Bell is great, this movie is not
kjr1078 August 2019
Zoe Bell is great and i see good things in her future BUT starring in poor movies like this is not a harbinger of good things to come. She is a natural. She delivers evenly poorly written lines well. This movie, unfortunately, contains many poorly written lines. The screenwriters must have been about 12 years old as the dialogue is at that level of sophistication. Lots of swearing. No professionalism. They tried to emulate a lot of other movies and you can see it in the cinematography and soundtrack. A good showcase for Zoe's talent as she rises above the dreck. Watch it for her role as that is the only shining spot in this movie.
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