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It's a Hoot, that's what this is
sonofhades4 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of the best episodes in the show. I'm not quite sure if it was simple sarcastic view on the Thanksgiving culture of the United States or just pure genius in the dialogue as the writers were able to put so much emotional value to the discussions held at the table and between the characters who we've come to love during the series.

Alan Shore had his powerful speech against racism, i.e. inequality. This is one of the reasons I've loved Boston Legal from the start. It takes a lot of effort to point out the faults of the American way of life in a show that's pretty much a fun comedy built around dysfunctional characters that have to interact with each other while practicing law. The show has addressed (among others) Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Tobacco, NRA, "Democracy" and even corporate racism in various shows with characters producing powerful speeches that we will never hear from any "elected" officials since they take money from the aforementioned partners in this system.

On the other hand, this episode was clearly a beginning for a closure for several of the characters. I especially loved the fact that Denny had become friends with Melvin who is one of the better "sidekicks" in the show. He is far more memorable than any of the other opposing lawyers you have seen in this show. If only they would have somehow managed to bring Betty White into the dinner table, then...
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One of the great episodes of TV programming
supermuch10 December 2019
That's all I have to say. We only found this show 10 years after it ended. What a great show... This episode is wonderful. funny and poignant.
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Shirley Schmitt Gets Annoyed By Everybody
DKosty1234 November 2009
Shirley invites everyone from the office to her place for Thanksgiving to avoid being alone with Carl. That seems to be the premise behind this episode. While it is a good episode, it gets rather stagnant and like a stage play at Shirley's house. Poole is back for his second episode & for some reason the annoying Texas lawyer is invited too.

I vote this show as having one of the worst singing sequences as three of the cast get together at the piano & prove that they can't sing a lick at one point. At least they seem to be having fun with it. For some reason I have a feeling if they had invited Betty White over to this party, it would have livened it up.

One thing that happens this show that is different, Alan is told to shut up more often than in any other episode. In a way this is Thanksgiving with the bickering & rather than be Thankful for most of the show, these folks are making major efforts to be civil to one another. Still, it is a good show, just not the best one.

It does start the bridge to the finale, which is soon to come.
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