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shniab200724 August 2018
His unintellible speech needs to go away from everything, TV, all channels, Radio, any that he may be on. Can't stand muting him, listening to radio instead of tv broadcasts. GO AWAY STRAHAN.
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Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels you have to mean right now!!!!
Ed-Shullivan1 December 2016
I cannot believe that as astute as the NFL owners are in putting together a winning product on the gridiron field, they continue to have blabber mouth Chris Collinsworth and his 72 year old sidekick Al Michaels broadcasting the weekly Thursday night NFL games. I can only watch the game for a maximum of 10 minutes and then my blood starts boiling with the nonsense spewing out of Chris Collinsworth's raspy mouth that I pick up my remote just so I can mute the irritating sound emanating from his mouth. After watching the game for a few minutes in absolute golden silence without the sound when I do put the audio back on, it drives me even crazier when I hear that Collinsworth is still rambling on about the same thing he was when I muted the sound 10 minutes earlier. In fact, a lot of his rambling is not even related to a play on the field, or a probability of what is to come in the form of the next series of downs. No, oh no, Collinsworth can be heard talking about personal stuff non related to the game on the field. Even worse, Al Michaels will turn to Chris and ask him to elaborate even more on the personal stuff.

I love watching all NFL games, but I must say that if the NFL doesn't can Collinsworth and Michaels very soon and replace them with better sports commentators like maybe Terry Bradshaw, John Gruden and/or coach Tony Dungy, I guess i will just have to continue to mute the sound. Hey, here is a novel idea, there is a great female sports broadcaster named Kathryn Humphreys (CITY TV Toronto) here in Toronto Canada, who retired very early and in her prime just so she could take full time care of her twin boys. I am sure if the producers of NFL Thursday Night caught a few of Ms. Humphreys on air interviews/broadcasts from the CITY TV archives they would recognize her skill in caring for little (athlete and fellow broadcaster) boys like Collinsworth and Michaels. Because Thursday Night NFL certainly needs some semblance of maturity and enlightenment to raise those poor TV ratings.

I have to believe that the corporate sponsors must realize that their number of viewers are not as high as they should be on Thursday night games because of these two bozos. To add salt to an open wound NBC also has these two bores hosting the NFL Sunday Night Game of the Week. On their Sunday Dec 18, 2016 broadcast Al Michaels reminisced with Chris Collinsworth back in 2008 when the one week that John Madden was not available to broadcast the Sunday night game of the week between Seattle and Tampa Bay the producers brought in Chris Collinsworth and the result was NBC's LOWEST rated Sunday Night game in NFL history. But yet the NBC producers did not learn anything from their lousy historical TV viewer ratings.

Please get rid of Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels sooner rather than later or at least consider adding semi-retired Toronto CITY TV sports broadcaster Kathryn Humphreys to the mix to breathe some fresh life and enthusiasm into this dog tired tandem of Collinsworth and Michaels.
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Horribly Bad Hosts Need to Go
Johnny_West22 November 2019
The NFL needs to get rid of Chris Collinsworth, who is a cringing and pathetic suck-up to every NFL rule and policy. He spends every game justifying the most insane penalty calls. He sounds like an old woman. The NFL needs to find a real man to take over.

Terry Bradshaw and Michael Strahan are a couple of clowns. Strahan has no credibility anymore, as sometimes it sounds like he has not seen a football game in years. Strahan is not interested in football, he just wants to be on every show, and to push himself as an expert on everything.

Ancient Terry Bradshaw and his hillbilly clown routine are annoying. It would be nice if they put him away and gave the job to somebody that has played football in the last 50 years. Terry Bradshaw reminds me of Beano Cook, who was on ESPN forever, and would start every college football show with his memories of the 1933 Boston College game that was his first professional announcer job.
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The NFL can suck it
utahclark19 October 2018
I refuse to watch the NFL anymore. No respecting players especially hat no name looser quarterback from San Fran with the big hair.
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IMBD you're not qualified to rate Thursday night football 😂😂😂
qcrow-2638021 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
😂😂😂 so funny that IMBD has a rating for Football
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mm-3912 July 2011
Blah! The National Football League starts the football week early by creating Thursday night games. Thursday games start the N F L betting week, if you are not betting on the game you will notice the game is just N F L television time filler. The games are usual blah which consist of non playoff contention teams, blow out of the week games, and teams no one has interest in like the Carolina Panthers. One never see the Colts or Patriots on Thursday games! Even the broadcast team is the C team and the halftime show is forgettable. I will maybe watch a quarter of the game before I lose interest. The games remind me of the boring U S F L games I would see back in the 1980s. Oh well, once in a while they will have an interesting team playing. I give Thursday Night Football a 6 out of 10.
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