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new format. same D.
losesxcontrol2 March 2008
D-tour was a great insight to tenacious d's undeniably clever and spontaneous approach to music during release of the Pick of Destiny. Gass and Black are able to bring out the laughs as well as show the hardships the D must face in order to survive and progress as a unit.

the documentary captures some rare moments between the band, their friends, family and fans that are fun to watch, and proves the duo is more than rock seeking prodigies, but normal people with feelings too! It was interesting to see how the media profiles the band with Black as the front man, and nearly 'black'ing out Gass completely. But what makes tenacious D so fun to listen to is the comedy in their music, the improvisation, and the lack of self-absorbing messages. the moment somebody replaces that atmosphere with anything else, the magic is gone.

the audience at the the world premier during Cinequest couldn't have responded better.
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Behind the Scenes of Metal's Funniest Band
sire-524 March 2008
D-Tour is a traditional-style tour documentary following Kyle Gass and Jack Black on tour in conjunction with the release of their film Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. This doc was largely filmed, produced and edited by Jack Black's assistant Jeremy Konner during the first half of 2007. The main focus is tension in the band - Pick of Destiny flops in theaters and Kyle is ignored by the media in favor of Jack.

This is an amazing opportunity to see all the hard work and genuine feelings that go into creating Tenacious D – a band that on the surface might appear to be a silly novelty act. Highlights include Kyle tutoring Jack Black on several D songs as they try to get their chops back for the tour, a hilarious "chariot" that's not exactly up to speed, some very dark moments for Kyle as he gets shoved aside in interviews and a lot of killer Tenacious D tunes – especially the improv by Jack & Kyle over the ending credits (worth the price of admission!) If you like the band, you'll love this doc. If you're into music docs, check this out for different look at an act that's often called "tired". The Tenacious shtick still has a lot of charm.
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Tense and Vulnerable, This is a Different Band Than What We Hear on the LPs
drqshadow-reviews23 February 2012
A straight documentary, trailing Tenacious D during the fall and winter of 2006 as they tour to support The Pick of Destiny. It's selfish to expect them to be "on" at all times, but given the happy-go-lucky buddy vibe they play up in both albums, that's what I was anticipating. And, in a few shining moments (particularly at the outset), it delivers. When the tour drags on, though, and grim box office returns for their feature film start to roll in, the mood turns sour and annoyances blossom into grudges. It's neither particularly funny nor especially revealing, and the audio on the frequent cuts to their live performances is surprisingly weak. The real draw is the random "who's going to turn up next" series of celebrity cameos, as the band seems too spent and overburdened to carry the show backstage all by themselves.
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