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Sex & Nudity

  • Skimpy outfits throughout.
  • References of girls being enslaved to a 'Pleasure Tower'.

Violence & Gore

  • Gory violence throughout that includes decapitations, impalings, dismemberments, face melting, burnings, electrocutions, hearts being ripped out of bodies, and much more.
  • You have a choice at the beginning of the game to decided if you want to have the graphic violence or censor it. The censored choice removes all gory imagery and blood and could easily be at a T level.


  • Constants uses of swears like fuck, shit, ass, bitch, hell, damn, and more. Both the characters in the game and the licensed rock music use hard language.
  • You have a choice at the beginning of the game to decided if you want to have the foul language or censor it. The censor version bleeps all the language from the characters, including softer swears like hell and damn. However the choice to censor does not affect the music and the explicit tracks can be listen to in their uncut form, even with the censor selected, keeping the language still at an M even when the censor is activated.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Your character smokes occasionally.
  • Mild drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Extremely bloody and gory when uncensored but also very funny throughout, it's a really fun heavy metal style game full of nonstop action, blood, guts, gore, and laughs.
  • The villain Doviculus could be frightening to some people, especially with his creepy voice acting.
  • (uncensored): 15 and up
  • (censored): 13 and up

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