Brütal Legend (Video Game 2009) Poster

(2009 Video Game)

Jack Black: Eddie Riggs


  • Eddie Riggs : [after Eddie kills Diviculous]  *Decapitation!*

  • Eddie Riggs : Wait, how do I get fire tributes again?

    The Guardian of Metal : Please the Fucking gods of metal, man.

    Eddie Riggs : Ok, I'll be back covered in metal god love

    The Guardian of Metal : Oh God!

  • Eddie Riggs : I shall now teach you of French Kissing!

    Ophelia : What's French Kissing?

  • Eddie Riggs : I'm supposed to think you're a nun but I know you're really some kind of big ugly demon, so lets have it.

    [demon turns around and roars] 

    Eddie Riggs : Ah ha! I knew it, big ugly demon... kind of sexy though in a weird way.

  • Eddie Riggs : Silence, groundwalker!

  • Eddie Riggs : [Eddie points]  Everything in that general direction must die!

  • Eddie Riggs : [Eddie points to ground]  This is your new home, kill all trespassers.

  • Eddie Riggs : [while fighting a giant worm]  Ugh! It smells like a whale... ate some cabbage... and died in your mouth... like a year ago!

  • Eddie Riggs : You're a demon aren't supposed to try and kill us or something?

    Fletus : Nah, that's the tainted coil. I aint a part of that outfit, I'm too ugly.

    Eddie Riggs : And slow! Don't forget slow!

    Fletus : I'm beginning to see why they hate you guys though!

  • Eddie Riggs : How about this? How about you take off your fucking diaper, lay down your little baby foofoo, get in the bus and go do your fucking job!

    Mangus : Dude, not cool! I wear this thing so I don't have to stop the bus to take a leak.

  • [from trailer] 

    Eddie Riggs : Ass kickers unite!

  • Eddie Riggs : I want you to get around me like a rock sphincter.

  • Eddie Riggs : [ordering his units to follow him]  I'm a weiner and you're the bun. So come on over and let's have fun.

  • Eddie Riggs : [after playing the "Facemelter" riff]  Now I bet you wished you'd worn a bib 'cause you've got face all over your shirt!

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