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  • Duplicity is based on a screenplay by American filmmaker Tony Gilroy, who also directed the movie. Edit

  • The guys fighting in the opening scene are Richard Garsik (Paul Giamatti) and Howard Tully (Tom Wilkinson), the CEOs of the two rival companies. The point of this scene is to show that these guys are irrationally obsessed with hating each other and will do anything to bring the other one down. The scene's wordless parallelism and bilateral symmetry—identical corporate jets, except for the paint jobs, parked opposite one another outside identical hangers, with each CEO being trailed by identical cadres of subordinates—also made the visual point that these were evenly matched, and indeed nearly fungible, corporate rivals. Edit

  • Garsik has a double so that he can avoid being followed when he goes to the industrial espionage headquarters where they are spying on Tully's company. He assumes that people from the other company are spying on him, too, and the double is to throw the spies off track. Edit

  • It's an old spy trick in which one spy can communicate with another. These signals can mean anything from "I need to talk to you" to "your mission is activated/deactivated" or even "I'm in the city." In this case, it was Ray (Clive Owen)'s way of getting Claire (Julia Roberts) to contact him. Edit

  • In the end Claire and Ray discovered they were used by Howard Tully so that he could humiliate his rival company, Equikrom. Unbeknownst to all, Pam (Kathleen Chalfant) was a mole for Burkett & Randle (shown at 1:49:32) and she probably found out that Claire and Ray were together and were planning a big con in the future. Using this knowledge, Howard Tully (Tom Wilkinson) created a story about a revolutionary product (which doesn't exist) in order to entice Claire into believing that this would be the product she and Ray were going to steal. With the trap set, Pam and an agent inside B&R (Tom McCarthy) planted evidence suggesting that B&R was creating a product in Ohio, hired Ronny Plaitz as bait and staged a break in all so Claire and Ray could steal the information and give it Equikrom's C.E.O., so that he could announce it at the shareholders' meeting and be destroyed. Edit

  • They are both Cessna Citation 650 models. Edit



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